Days 3 & 4

Still at Language Camp. It has been okay. We have one girl who really needs to shower and change her clothes, but besides that (and the crummy food) it is good!

The kids have seen Castle in the Sky and Castle of Cagloistro (with Lupin III). They are both anime and good to watch. Very different from eachother though! Hey, I just realized I get PBSE points for those...sweet. (I'll worry about those later.)

Anyways, off to other Language Camp things. It's a fun time, glad it's only a week, but it is still fun.


Seems I have more time.


Friday night I went with everyone (Shannon, Chris, Jenette, Michelle, Amber, Aaron) to the show in Lawrence. I saw the Famed, Stuck on Broadway, and Ludo. Sadly, since we didn't get any pics we me or us with the band members, no PBSE points. But I did go to Pochi with everyone but Amber and Aaron. So, Mission #43: Get Tea Bubbles, is accomplished. I got a passion fruit smoothie and then a...something else...but I can't remember what it was! I promise I got two drinks though! So +350 points!

Total Thus Far: 4600

Language Camp Days 1 and 2

Going fine so far. We have 7 kids, 4 boys and 3 girls. 3 of the boys were here last year. The other counsoler (sp?) is much better than last year. Not annoying and not flirting with the girl campers. Very much better. Right now my campers are downstairs dancing, and well, I should be there too! So off I go and maybe tomorrow I'll get some pictures?

Have a great day! Mata ashita!


Yesterday Had...

Chipotle. Yummy
Disc Golf. I didn't do very well
Cold Stone. Mint with choco shavings
Jimmy Johns. Just chillin'

Today will have...
Free State. Yummy
Concert. The Famed, Stuck on Broadway, Ludo
Sleep. Iew

Tomorrow will have...
Salina. At 9am
Language Camp Prep. All day

So I had nothing to say yesterday, not much to say today, and will be gone for a week so probably not much for a while. Hope you all have a great week!


PBSE points continue to sprinkle

Mission ##100: Cook a new food +50 points
Mission #98: Watch a movie + 50 points
This time I cooked Romano Chicken. It was pretty good. It was much more normal than the chicken I made a few days ago, but good. It tasted like the breaded chicken my mom used to make, only stuffed with cheese and ham.
I watched Startup.com. Shannon likes the movie. It's a documentary on govworks.com. Kind of interesting.

Total Thus Far: 4250


A Great Way to View Photos

I have a bunch of wallet sized pictures from the years. Many senior pictures with heartfelt messages on the back. Some smeared, some without a date. And I want to save and protect them. So I put them in a photo album. But then you can't read the back. Bummer.

Then it hit me, baseball cards! I went to Wal-mart and bought a package of the plastic pages used to hold trading cards. It works great! You can see all the pictures and the backs and they are protected. The only thing is, some are smaller and so you can see the picture behind it. But really, it is muy better than fingerprinted pictures in a ziploc baggie. I am very proud of myself for the idea and feel free to use it!

Holographic Movies Show Promise For Medical, Military Applications

Holographic Movies Show Promise For Medical, Military Applications

"'I predict that by the year 2020, that being the year of 'perfect vision,' we will have Holo TV in our homes,' said Dr. Michael Huebschman, a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Garner's lab and one of the developers of the technology."

Well that is pretty cool. While looking through random blogs I stumbled upon My Daily News Choice. That is where I found a post for the article. The article has a link to Dr. Skip's web-page which has some muy fancy pictures on it. But really, 2020 is only 15 years away. I'm only gonna be thirty some and my kids are only gonna be about 10. That is crazy to think about.


My Second Banner of the Day

Today I also finished my zombie banner. I painted the zombies about a year ago, but the banner I just finished today. The 'story' behind it...
Lahmanian forces fought in a large battle against an army of High Elves. The Elves brought with their first unit of Elven spearmen. The Vampire's zombies attached the Elves and fought long and hard until eventually only one man stood. That man was a zombie with a greenish-blue hue to his skin. As celebration, the zombie took the Elven banner and used it as a warning to all other armies.

And that is why it is based on a High Elf banner of Shannon's with some new zombie-y art work.
20 Zombie Banner

Dinner and PBSE

For dinner I made Southwestern Grilled Chicken with Lime Butter. It was good. The sauce for it was so dark! Between the cinnamon, chile powder, and balsamic vinegar, it war really dark. The flavor was different from other foods I cook, but the lime butter sauce really made it taste great. The serrano chile's weren't too hot, but they provided a little bit of heat. It was good and I will probably make it again. I didn't use white onion, I used purple and I used boneless-skinless chicken breasts. Both are only because that is what I had at home. Good stuff. You should try it.

For PBSE...
Mission #100: Cook a new food +50 points
Mission #98: Watch a movie + 50 points
I watched Reign of Fire while painting. It is okay. Not a great movie, but not bad. The idea is new (to me at least) and pretty entertaining. It was worth 7$.

Total Thus Far: 4150

Stupid Loans

I have been thinking about my student loans a bunch lately. I have to start paying mine back (not a problem). But I'm unsure of how to consolidate them. Oh, and I have to worry about my health insurance. Stupid growing up and having to deal with more stuff like this. Sheesh. It'll work out. It usually does.


And Done

Well, I still have to matte them, but Aaron's Dark Elves are done. All together, there were 8 spearmen and 8 bowmen. I painted a banner and am pretty pleased with it. It isn't great, but it is pretty good. You can't see it very good in the picture.
Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.
And that's that. In Flickr, click the pic above. Then go to all sizes and you can see it bigger. Next is 10 Grave Gaurd for my Vampire Counts. All of these paintings will hopefully add up to 1000 pts for PBSE!



Today we woke up and went to P&C's.
First game...
Thomas was gone, so Shannon joined the battle between Micah and I. Micah's Orcs killed all but 4 of my ghouls. Yikes. But he didn't get any of his units in my deployment zone, so it was a tie.

Second game...
Micah and I played a quick pitch battle. I changed my army some. I took out the bats and upgraded to a Level 2 necromancer and gave my Vampire Thrall a dispell scroll. The outcome, all the orcs died! Holy cow. I won. Micah rolled kinda bad and that wasn't helpful.

After clean-up and purchasing a box of Skeleton Achers for Shannon and a box of Grave Gaurd for me, we went to Chipotle and now home. Good day so far. The trip to GC was nice.

***PBSE Update***
Mission #69: Visit Family
Got this one again. Since we stayed with Rhonda this time...+500 points
Mission #99: Eat Out
For breakfast on Friday: Kadee's +50 points
For lunch on Friday: Lone Star plus tip +100 points

Total Thus Far: 3950

Today's Battles Plus

Hi! On Friday (around 2 am) Shannon and I went to Garden. We met up with Rhonda and Michelle and had some breakfast at Kadee's coffee house. Pretty good. I had a cinnamon steamer and Tim's Eggly Bagely Thing. (both pictured below). It was a nice way to start a great trip.
Then it was to Andy's place of work. Andy is head of the GIS department in Garden City, well, actully for Finney County. It was nice to see him, he has a large office. In the restroom there was a basket of stuff and under the wipes was...a can of Chicken Noodle soup. Crazy.
After taking Andy away from work-focus for 2 hours, we went to Rhonda's and slept for an hour. Woke up. Ate at Lone Star with Andy. Went to Hasting. Bought Office Space (great movie!), Reign of Fire (for watching while painting), and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (wee! fun). Then we went to Rhonda's and slept. Then woke up and ate sandwiches. Then went to Target. Bought Futurama Volume 3 and Saving Private Ryan. Then Sonic and back to Rhonda's for some Futurama. At Sonic, I got a cream slush. So Jamie, I did it. I tried your mixture (at least I'm pretty sure I did) and yes. It is good. I will probably get it again in the future. Thank you. :)

Saturday we went to a friend's wedding and then had Grandma's party. Afterwards, we packed up, said good-bye to Rhonda and then went to see Andy's place. He recently moved in, about 1 month ago. It's nice! He has an extra bedroom, a large living room, a good sized fenced in yard and a covered patio. Very nice! I wish I lived somewhere better. I am so tired of Jardine! Ack!


I know you can do better friends.

I took a Geek Test, and passed? I scored 25.04931%, which is equivalent to total geek. I never really though I was that much of a geek. But being female (5 boxes!) helped. Quite fun none-the-less. It is kinda long but you should go take it. I found the link from Hot, fresh monkey. (I have to give credit b/c I hate it when someone doesn't give credit to where they got a link from).


First of all PBSE Mission #98: Watch a Movie check +50 points

I watched Miracle. Plus, Shannon watched it with me. It's a true story of the 1980 USA ice hockey team winning the Olympic gold. Shannon bought it for me for my birthday (about, oh 8ish months ago!) and I just watched it tonight. Very good. I really like sports and they did a good job of making you want to watch the game even though you know America wins the gold. Fun.

I looked up. It wasn't until 1998 that NHL players were allowed to play in the Olympics. So, we won with only college players while the Soviets (and others) could have professionals (basically since it's communist they didn't really get paid). Anyway, good movie. Glad I finally watched it.

I miss hockey. I hope the NHL is back next year. Awesome Av's or no, as long as we can watch the games, it don't matter. Also, I look forward to a good year with K-State. Yep. I like hockey.

On a side note...I am hungry.

Total Thus Far: 3300


Here's an Entertaining Blog

First of all, the name...awesome.

Hot, fresh monkey

The best posts I've read are his Dadgum Wisdom entries. Kinda funny. You should go read it.

I can't believe I cheated!

Last night we played a long battle of Warhammer: Lizardmen (Chris) and High Elves (Shannon) versus Goblins (Jenette), Dark Elves (Aaron), and Vampire Counts (me). Turned out a draw, but at the end of the game, while figuring our victory points to see who won, I found out I was cheating! Holy cow, I felt like crap! I was using 12 ghouls, but my army list only had 8. So I was 32 points over and kept getting rank bonuses that I didn't deserve. Sheesh. I felt really crappy.

Anyways, Scantron training today was so much more useful than the original one I had. Scantron is a company and our school district uses their web-based test as a pre and post test for all of our students (or secondary students at least). Today we learned a lot more of how to read the scores and how to use the features it has. Pretty useful, and I get a small pay for it. Yay.

On to the rest of summer. No more school stuff until August 8th if I'm lucky!


One of the things I did yesterday was play with a new toy I got. Here is what it looked like when I recieved it.
Pre Sponge
The I did what it told me to do I put it in water. Now, I kinda knew what was gonna happen, so I didn't totally submerge it in water. I art-deco-ed it in water. Here is what I got.
Post Sponge
It looks pretty neat I think. Maybe today I will water it some more. Oh, fun free stuff. Thanks for the sponge Cooking Club!


A Day Without Broadband

I had to wake up at 7:30! Eek! I had "inservice" today and tomorrow too. It's not really inservice, it's "Hey, we are all math teachers...and we're in the same room!" We (the middle school teachers) didn't do much, the high school had some major work to do. And because we were so productive today (uh...) I'm going back tomorrow! We were told we didn't have to. But really, we have today and tomorrow and that's it get paid this summer. So we don't have stuff to do, but we found stuff to do. We are gonna do things that don't really need to be done. And get paid for it.

We'll we got a new tv and finished the Sonic mission. So, Mission #6: Check. +600 points. Yesterday I got one of my favorites, a Green Apple Sprite. Yum!

Also, I've met all the requirements for Mission #23. I've campaigned at Patch and Crows for long enough. Granted it is not over, but I get my points no matter what happens from here on. So, check. +700 points.

Total Thus Far: 3250


Still Raining.

We have had a lot of rain here. Actually, it is still raining. We have gotten just of 5" since June started and that has about half of it from yesterday! Man, that was a storm. We went to Panera today and ate food and watched the storm. Here is pic of Chris, Jenette, and a rainy window.
Panera Rain
I worked on my ghouls some more. Now I have 12 finished. But on the last group, I tried rust and was rather pleased with the results. Here is one model, even though I think the other one was better (I could not get a good picture of it!).
The Sonic Mission is going well.
  • 6-8: Coke Slush.
    • Kind of disappointing. It was coke with slush ice. So it tasted alright, but not like a coke slush. Probably won't get again.
  • 6-9: Watermelon-Cherry Slush.
  • 6-10: Orange Slush.
    • I've been doing...not very good. I don't really like this either. It tastes like a lollipop. Too fake and the after-taste is kinda gross too. So sad.
So better luck with my last 2 drinks.

Mom didn't come up tonight due to the rain. So I'll see her tomorrow morning.


How Ya Been?

Yesterday (kinda still today) was rainy! It rained a lot. Our sidewalk out front looked rather "river" like. Picking up debris (such as a sock) and flowing it to the parking area. Quite fun. Some of the thunder was so loud! It was really close at points. Quite fun. Well Mom should be here tonight. Looking forward to seeing her. Off to the world of Sims2.


A New Word

Hispanican: it is like a Mexican and a Hispanic together

The best thing I've got for it is this. So since I'm heavily Italian, that means... ... yes!


A Reason for...

a mortar and pestle! (This one is nice.) I made this recipe for Spicy Grilled Shrimp for lunch. It was good. Good enough for me to want a mortar pestle so next time I make it, it is easier. :) It was good. The recipe was easy to make and not too spicy at all. It just tasted good and was really good with lemon as well. If you like shrimp you should try it.

Grilled Shrimp

Not only that, I gained by PBSE points as well. :) Mission #100: Cook a new food. +50 points

Total Thus Far: 2950

This Day = Good Day

Yay! Another good summer day! We went to BW3's and played trivia. Lemme tell you, the new Honey BBQ sauce is really good! I will be sad if it doesn't become a regular flavor! The final question was rough, but I guess and got it right. However the bonus was at 26,000 points! That proved too high for our 7. Too bad, so sad.

Then we played Super Tennis! Rock, rock on! I really enjoy playing that. I don't think I explained Super Tennis very good last time. It's a great game, if you like tennis, but are not very good, give it a go! You get 3 people a side. It is tennis in that there is rackets, a ball, it can only hit on the ground once, and you hit it over the net. But it is like volleyball because you have 3 chances to get it over, you rotate, you can't hit it twice in a row, and your serve can go anywhere. It's very fun. The only other rules we added are that you can't return a serve directly. It must bounce before going over, be it on the ground or on a second racket, but it must hit 2 things before going over. Very fun game. Very fun.

Super Tennis

This is Chris just around hitting the ball. That is Amber and me in the pic. See, 3 a side = fun!

As for Sonic, yep. I got a Cherry Slush, which I've oddly never had before. Not too shabby! Only 5 days left then I get my points!


jay is

Jay Is
jay is - jay bibby's rants and raves of flash games and gameplay

This guy's blog is really cool! He has all sorts of games. I've only tried Twinoo and Maeda Path, but they are both fun, Maeda Path is better than Twinoo. You should go check it out.

Twinoo Game


Here is a fun kinda game. It gives you a simple math problem (for your left brain) and a simple color problem (for your right brain). You need to solve both of them before time runs out. New problems quickly come and the first "side" to miss 3 problems will end the game. Give it a go!

Mah Day

Today was painting, Sim2ing, disc golfing, and Sonicing.
  • I finished 2 Dark Elves (they are Aaron's but he is letting me paint them)
  • I played 3 days each with 2 families. They are random and have 5 kids. One of the dads has a mullet. Iew.
  • I did not do very good today. I hit too many trees and not enough accuracy. To see my scores check out Aaron's blog. I'm "N."
  • Working on PBSE I got a lime slush today. Very good. Shannon even didn't say "gross"!
Ah, to work on my ghouls and then go to bed?


PBSE Update

I haven't done enough research. I should have more points! And oh the sadness if I don't get them. So here...

Repeat viewing of Star Wars Episode III: +150

Mission #99: Eat Out: +50

So yeah, it's only 200 points, but then I have : 2900


Yesterday we saw action at Patch & Crows for more Lustria campaigning. It went well. Tomb Kings (Shannon) and Vampire Counts (me) played against High Elves (Thomas). The battle was quick and not very bloody. Save the Elven Missile of Death (that isn't it's real name, but it very well could be). It knocked out about 300 of my points (and in a 500 point army, thats a lot!). Kinda sad, but it ended in a draw actually. Good times. Oh, my scenery saw some action, too.

Then I painted some. And I think I am gonna plan to go to St. Louis. Jenette starts classes soon, and I figure we'd go with them. So I'll hafta ask. It may be soon, like Wednesday. I don't know...I want to go though. St. Lois Mills is fun!

The PBSE mission for Sonic is still going. Yesterday I got a Pineapple Sprite. I have never had it before and thought it was alright. Shannon said it was gross. It had real pineapple in it.


Looking for Thunder

We woke up today to rain (not unusual). But we check the radar anyway and it was gonna get bad. So what do you do when there are tornados about 70 miles from you in each direction? That's right! Get in your car and drive! We picked up Jenette and Chris and then headed to Sonic for drinks (PBSE: lemon-berry slush). Then we went to the scenic overlook by Manhattan.
Stormy Nette

While there, it was really dark. A man from some tv station was there shooting video. We could watch the clouds twist and darken and then they came for us. All of a sudden the clouds were above our heads and we were on our way back to the car. We got in before it was too bad and then headed south. The storm was moving NE. It rained pretty good and we took I-70 and then 99 south towards Alma.

Before Alma, we stopped and took some pictures. Then the radio said the storm was headed towards...Alma. So we went further sout. While driving through Alma, the tornado sirens went off! Well golly! Eventually they went off and we went to a quick stop for a break before driving some more. (By the way Jamie, the quick stop had soft-serve and slushie, but I still had my Sonic drink.) Here is a pic from just outside Alma.
Stormy Alma

Then we started to drive home. 99 South to 4 West to 177 North. While on 177N, we saw a group of cars driving the direction we we leaving. The last car gave away their secret identity, they were storm chasers. Apparently the storms by Alma got bad. Back home we just had some rain and a couple more pretty pictures.
Stormy End

Overall a pretty fun time. I still haven't seen a tornado since I've lived in Kanas (only 8 years). Today was close, but not close enough.

This last picture is a dash of storm mixed with sunset. Nice orange glow.
Stormy After

PBSE: Mission #54

Mission #54: Dye my hair: +300 pts.

Okay, its been just over a week since I dyed my hair. It lasted for the whole time (but not very blue after the first wash). I did not wear a hat and it was not a natural color (+200 extra pts). No one mentioned it that I didn't know though.

Total Thus Far: 2700


So I finished the scenery I was working on. Or most of it anyways. Here is it all done.

And here is one of my favorite pieces. It is a native curse encounter marker for the Lustria campaign I am playing with Shannon and Patch and Crows.
Native Curse

Sunday the scenery will see its first battles!

If you can't see the pic very well, click on it an Flickr has an option to view "all sizes". Then you can see it a little bigger.


Mission 6, here I come...maybe

Today I got my first Sonic drink. A Powerade slush. I have had it before and it is good! Yay Powerade! It is kinda sweet, tastes just like the light blue Powerade and...well...it's big. We'll see if I can finish this one starting today.

Mission #6: Get a different Route 44 drink from Sonic for 10 days in a row

The Jungles of Lustria

I started making Lustria scenery last night. This is it as of 5am this morning.


Hormone Spray Is Found To Bolster Trust in Others

This sounds crazy.
"Some may worry about the prospect that political operators will generously spray the crowd with oxytocin at rallies of their candidates," said neurologist Antonio R. Damasio of the University of Iowa, who has long studied the neurobiology of human emotions and who wrote a commentary accompanying the study.
Hormone Spray Is Found To Bolster Trust in Others

Imagine if it worked? That would be nuts. Basically brainwashing us to do things we would not normally do. Yikes.

Darth enjoyed gardening

garden darth

Threadless T-Shirts - Darth enjoyed gardening, by Glennz

That would be a fun t-shirt to wear.

I'm so proud of me!

I put a Project Best Summer Ever section on my sidebar. Without the aid of Shannon! I'm proud of me. I figured it out. That's all.

Destination: Summer Hours

In the summer my friends and I change our sleep cycle. It is very warm and humid in Manhattan and we only have a window AC unit. So it cools one room. Anyways. To combat the fear of sunburn and the uncomfortable-ness of humid heat, we sleep from about 9 am to 5 pm and are awake during the night. Right now, I’m sleep from 3 am to 1 pm, so I’m getting closer.

This is how I know I’m on summer break. :)


My PBSE Update

Mission #68: Visit a friend more than 50 miles away Done +500
Mission #99: Eat out Done +50

This weekend we chilled at Newgens and spent the night. (See pics in previous post). As for the eating out, we went to FreeState for long enough. I got broccoli cheddar soup and salad. Not very fancy, but good none the less.

Total thus far: 2200
We went to Lawerence on Monday. It was good times. On the drive there we saw a vehicle pulling some art along with it. Camera hardships lead us to a video and this picture of the sculpture.

We had plans for sushi. I have wanted sushi for quite some time now and I have no means to getting it here in Manhattan. So at Newgens, we made sushi. Giant Sushi.
This was about a 3-biter. It was good though. We made two more rolls. They had a combonation of salmon, crab, avocado, cucumber, wasabi, and sprouts.

Then we played Gauntlet and I got tired and went to sleep while the boys finished the game. And good news Newgen, they are making a new game! Gauntlet Seven Sorrows. Sweet.

To sleep and wake up. Tuesday we ate at Qdoba. A version of Chipotle where they don't wrap their burritos as well. Tastes good though. Walked around Mass street. Got Wax Sculptors tools. That will help me when dealing with green stuff and my models. Yay. We looked for screen printing ink, but made no purchases. More thought and research needs to go into this task.

Jenette and Chris showed up. We played some disk golf until it rained us out. I got a new disk that is supposed to go straight and roll. Great fun.

We ate at FreeState then returned to Newgens for some AntiGrav.
Fun fun fun. I know it doesn't actually help. But if you stand in the flying position (with your arms extended in fron of you) you feel like you go faster! Great fun. Wish I had a PS2 and an EyeToy. Guess I'll just wait for a 500$ PS3. Ahh...