Not Enough Time

So much is changing in my life in from two weeks ago until 2 months from now.

Shannon and I moved into Jenette and Chris' new house in St. George. So, no more Jardine. We were there for over 6 and a half years. No more walking to school from home. Or going home for a quick lunch then coming back to school to work on things and go to class. Now we drive 15 minutes to K-State and stay on campus from about 7:20am to 5:00pm. It makes for long days, but it's okay. I am kinda liking the changes.

Scary thing is, I only have 50 sleeps before graduation. I have a lot of work to do still for my Masters report. I work in it almost everyday and it just isn't enough. I know I'll finish, but I just don't want to be cranky and rushed for the next 50 days.


If Only

We get emails from K-State all the time...Safety Recalls...Seminar List....Survey.... you know junk.

Then today one email subject caught my attention.

EVERY: Guitar Hero for a year's supply of Chipotle!

The email goes on to say that they will have a competition for a year's supply of Chipotle burritos. Sweet. If only I was good at Guitar Hero and had the guts to do it in front of a large group of people. But the only requirement I meet is that I want a year's supply of Chipotle burritos.

The email also said:

Contestants are encouraged to dress up and entertain the crowd!!!


No. Nice!

Happy Easter! My mom, Jayme, Nikki, Maria, and Matt ate Easter dinner with Shannon, Jenette, Chris, and I at Jenette and Chris's new house (that was a lot of names). We had amazing creamed corn. I like corn, but this is corn I really really like.

We also had a chilly Easter egg hunt where Nikki would get so excited and run and fall and run and fall and run to an egg. Then try to pick it up, but her little gloves made it too hard to pick up the first time. Then when she would finally get it, she would miss her little basket and have to try again.

The other neat thing is my mom and Jayme made the four of us (Shannon, Me, Jenette, and Chris) an all purple Easter basket. You can kinda tell in the picture how fun it is. But it is really neat. It has a bunch of purple candies and purple toys and I heard a rumor that the grass is edible in there. Hmm.


I like counting.

Our car turned 123456 miles this morning. How cute.


A 24' truck was rented for the moving of our apartment and Jenette and Chris's. We didn't think we'd fill it all up, the truck was rather huge.

Not only did we fill it up, we had to fill up our cars 3 times each after the truck was done. Yeah, we crammed a lot of stuff into that 450 square foot apartment.


The squirrels will be gone.


3.14159 Anyone?

Last Friday was Pi Day and Goody Day. So, Shannon and I squoze* a ba-gillion** key limes and make delicious key lime pie.

In other news, it's Spring Break and you know what that means!

Rain........Cold............Master's Report.............Moving.................

* not a word
** not a number


It's Metal.

Wednesday night I was playing the Sims2 and I noticed that things weren't really as should be. Instead of telling me what aspirations my sims had, there was this odd error/code looking text, so I decided I would restart the game. During this saving and reopening, I was a horrible blue screen.

My computer was dying.

Shannon stayed up till 4:30am running various diagnostics and trying to save my files while figuring out what was wrong. Turns out my hard drive is on its way out. There are two spots with problems and when my computer tries to access those spots it just stops. On every start-up it needed access, so my computer wouldn't load correctly.

We used it in safe mode for Thursday. That had everything working, just giant sized. We could not change the resolution on the screen, so I had an entire 15.4" monitor size window for chatting. This resolution also made programming for my consulting project rather hard.

Then last night, the safe mode stopped working.

So Shannon took her apart, and looked around. Then decided to reinstall Windows. Maybe that would not use the 2 bad spots and it would work okay. So we had game night, and reinstalled Windows.

Today I type on my reanimated computer. I don't know how long she'll last, with a slowly deteriorating hard drive, but if she can last me two months, until I'm done with my Masters, I'll be satisfied.

I owe a big thanks to Shannon. He spent a lot of time these past two days trying to and succeeding in fixing my computer. He's so great.


Two Men

If you'll notice, on top of the tallest part of the new Jardine building, there are two little men.



While grading reports last Friday, I was sitting at Radina's when a trainee came out trying to give away this lovely sandwich. I said sure and had a free dinner. And that is just one more reason why I love Radina's.