Graduation Party

I present my Masters report on Tuesday June 10th. But on Friday May 16th we had our family graduation party, me and Jenette that is. Guests included, but are limited to, Mom, Jay, Nicki, Randy, Gary, Major, Chris' family, and my Aunt Diana!! She came in for my graduation! It was awesome...I miss those NJ-guys a lot. Seeing them once-ish a year or two isn't as much as we used to see them (before we moved). Anyways, it was a great time. And I have some pics and video to prove it.


This last week Shannon and I spent some time with his dad, Gary. With a new world starting for us in about 2 weeks, we may not get the time to spent a week in Colorado anymore. So we made sure the trip was good. Friday we bought a Nintendo DS and Puzzle Quest and headed on out. We started with a long drive from Manhattan to Longmont accompanied by a tornado. You can kind of see it in this picture from my phone below.

But here is a more impressive video from someone else.

Saturday we went to a Colorado Rapids game. We would up with great seats and I got a nifty scarf.

Sunday we went to Colorado National Speedway for some good ol' races. That was fun, as it usually is. We saw a 31 car super-stock race. It was full of LTD-goodness.

Monday, Memorial Day, we headed to Boulder for some art show and looked around a lot of neat things, in the rain. But we ended the day with fabulous Japanese food and sushi from Ai Steakhouse and Sushi.

Tuesday we went to Estes Park. Not much new there. Just pretty, expensive things. Oh! Gary got me a pocket knife. It's a good little knife for me to keep in my purse and use when needed. Thanks!

Wednesday, I went to Casa Bonita for the first time. I was impressed. I can see how it would be the most rockin' place when you're little. I mean, I'm 26 and still thought it was pretty neat. It reminded me a lot of how older parts of Disney World are.

Thursday I did something I haven't done in about 15 years. I shot a rifle. And something I've never done, I shot a pistol (4 different ones actually). Gary took Shannon and I shooting at his gun club in the morning and it was a lot of fun!

We left for Garden on Thursday as well. No tornadoes on that trip.

Friday is today and we made some strawberry spinach salad for dinner, yummers. On to the last 2 weeks of freedom before we start our jobs. Wow. No more school...


Really Purple

Pretty irises outside Jenette and Chris' house.



Not sure what the green specks are, but this is a crummy picture of a really neat light at Hu Hot. Maybe I'll have someone I know make one for my new house...17 sleeps till closing.


A Change in the Wind Says I

I just printed off a copy of my master report for someone besides me to proofread before I give it to my major professor to chew on. I printed all but the code, no one needs to proofread that. Included the code though, it is 76 pages long. I'm glad to be done writing and simulating. Now I just have to clean things up and make a presentation. Yay!

This is good because we have a start date for our jobs now, Monday June 16th. That is one month from tomorrow. Before that day, I will present my report, turn in a final copy, and buy a house.

Indeed the accepted our second offer. I am so excited. I really the like the house we are getting and the neighborhood and hopefully the new life as a whole! We are planning on closing on June 6th. Everything has been smooth so far, so we'll see what happens. Yay.

P.S. My aunt from NJ should be here soon. yay!


That's a fat horse.

This weekend we made our second trip to Tulsa to look for a house. This time Michelle and Rhonda came with. Then my mom came down on Monday to help us out too.

One thing we did find was a mariachi band! We got out at one house to go look around and there, across the street in all their glory, was a mariachi group with matching outfits and instruments. Awesome.

Other things we did...we went to a Tulsa Talons game on Saturday night. They beat the Rio Grande Valley Dorados in the end. It was a fun game. One thing I'm not diggin' is their KU Jayhawk look-a-like t-shirt.


No Longer Home

I walked to the rec today from my office and went to a class. I decided that I need to get some use from the rec before it isn't available to me any more. Plus I want muscular arms, legs, abs, and gluts. :)

While walking back to my office for a rousing round of "work on stuff", I walked through the new Jardine. This place is nice looking, but nothing like the Jardine I know so well. It'll be interesting to hear about how things go there. Already, people talk about it differently. Depending on whose talking, it could be in a good way or a bad way.


The Bricks Jumped Out At Me

Saturday Mom, Jayme, and Nicki came up and we had some fun. We got Maria from work and Sun Connection, then went to play mini-golf.


Stat Picnic

This was the coldest, windiest, and shortest Stat Department picnic I've ever been to. It was alright though. We had some burgers and hot dogs and other random foods brought by the people in the department. Thanks to Shannon and Newgen for grilling the meat (and 2 veggie burgers)!

By the end of the picnic, everyone left was huddled around the grill warming their hands. :)