Khardon North Skull

Shannon and I recently finished a BloodBowl league. We haven't played in years and we thought it sounded fun. So, after finishing a league, we painted some for it. Shannon completed his Dwarf team and I finished my Chaos team. All I had left to do was paint the 5 Chaos Warriors. I'd painted the Beastmen (below) in the summer of 2006.

In addition to models, I finally finished the BloodBowl board that I started, probably around summer 2006, maybe even earlier. It was always destined to be our Chaos field and now it's done.

It's made of 1" pink inlusation foam with indentations for the squares. It's glued down to some hard board and flocked with the same stuff I put on my Chaos bases.

I made the dugouts simlpy by cutting wholes in the foam. Then I lined the sides with popsicle sticks to look like wood retaining walls. The two black boxes are for storage and dice rolling.

To keep track of things, I made these wooden score boards from random balsa and bass wood pieces. They look a little more Orc-y than Chaos-y, but they still work. One side uses blue, the other endzone used red.

Also, to get the lines on the field, I watered down some Fortress Gray paint and just painted with a regular brush right over the flock. It was the last thing I did.

I may go back and paint a logo in the middle of the field, but Shannon and I need to design one first. So for now, it a Chaos field and it looks better than I thought it would. Now I just need to finish painting my Amazon team so we can play another season of BloodBowl.


No Hockey for Us

We were supposed to go to Manhattan for the alumni hockey game, but the weather made us not. There was a record breaking 6" of snow here in Tulsa on Saturday. That broke an 83 year old record.

We woke up on Saturday before it had snowed too much and went to Walmart for some things.

The roads weren't too bad at this point. Although Shannon drove, not me. So he may have a different opinion.

While home, we spent a lot of time by the fireplace drinking tea and just chilling. We made some yummy chicken soup and shepard's pie and just enjoyed the day. We did go for a walk after it had basically stopped snowing. It was great packing snow. The neighbor's made some forts in the cul-de-sac.

Here's our house, all snowy. Notice our new yard flag from Andy. Sweet.


The Weather

This Sunday is the K-State Hockey Alumni game in Junction City. It is at 10:00 at the Junction City Spin City rink. If your in the area, you should come!

Shannon and I plan to leave after work today. Drive to Wichita for some din-din with the family and then drive on up to Manhattan after eating. However, we may have to modify our weekend plans.

You see, on March 27th and 28th we are predicted to get some snow. Snow, less than a week before April. That doesn't sound like the Kansas/Oklahoma I know. More like Pennsylvania. A coworker in western OK said they already have about 1" on the ground. It's just been rainy and windy here in Tulsa, but it could be ugly. We will see how things are going to go after work today. I really wanna go play hockey in Junction, but I'm not gonna drive through lots of snow and ice the entire way to do so.


6 hours later the radar looks about at foreboding.


Happy First Monday of Spring

This weekend was a special one. The last two weekends we've had guests here, which is awesome. I love having people come over on weekends. The weekend before that we helped Jay and Charles move, so that means we were out of town. The next 3 weekends Shannon and I will be gone. So this weekend will be the only one in 7 that Shannon and I are home and can do stuff around the house. So we did (and we played a lot of Blood Bowl too).

We started on Saturday by trying to fix our yard. It is mostly weeds and those evil baby trees. We raked and then on Sunday sprayed the entire yard (front and back) with weed killer. I fear we may have to take more extreme measures though. We will see. Here is a picture from before we raked.

And this is after. It looks like more of a difference in real life. I really hope the weed killer works!

The other thing we did was to paint our second bathroom. Yay! I know, I know. Everyone whose seen the previous wall paper (below) is thrilled. Try to contain yourself. We aren't done with that room yet.

We still plan to replace the carpet with some pretty tile. We also will change the lights, add some pretty decorations, and maybe even new faucets. We'll see what we find (and how much Mom wants to do!)

Yay! It's so nice getting things done around the house.


My New Purse

I bought my old purse for 5$ from the K-State Union. It was quite a find and lasted me a good 3 years, I believe.

But it has seen better days. The denim is wearing away and there is a rather large whole in its side exposing the padding for the back.

So I made me a new purse. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good. I got the fabric 50% off because its a remnant. And the lining is left over fabric from making Michelle's cape, I think...

I put some padding in the back and quilted it with my Snotiva flag. It's pretty fun.

Next time I make one, it will be a little larger, made of thicker fabric, have a 1.5" thick strap (not 1"), and have more pockets for my things. I did use magnetic snaps to hold it shut, and those work really well.


Lightening bolt! Lightening bolt! Lightening bolt!

This past weekend, Shannon and I were visited by his youngest sister Michelle and her buddy Coleman. We know Coleman, too. He's a goalie for K-State.

On Sunday we went to have a picnic of sorts at Hunter Park. We had a pretty nice time. We picked up some foods from Whole Foods and then sat in the labyrith and watched some LARP type activies. Crazy. I've never seen it in real life.

After lunch and entertainment, we found the start of the 18 hole disc golf course. There were a lot of parties playing. Basically the entire time there was a group we had to wait for and then a group waiting for us. It's a nice course though. The first part is all in the woods, then it moves to by a stream (which we did visit), and the end is all open and fieldy. It was nice. And pretty close to our house, too.

While we were there, Coleman noticed a rather large bird with some lunch in it's talons. It's not a great picture, but it looks like a bald-eagle with a squirrel or something. Pretty cool!



I don't just sew pretty, cute, and piratey things. I also sew ugly and fabulous things.

Go Snotknockers.


The tentative meeting is tentatively scheduled.

Last Friday Shannon and I left work a little early because we had a delivery coming. So we got home, and about 15 minutes later, our delivery came. What was it? It was a bed! Now when guests come over, they can sleep on not-the-futon!

And our first guest on the new bed? Andy! He came in Friday evening and we just kinda chilled. Which is good, because the rest of the weekend was un-chilled.

Saturday we started our day at a lazy noon and went to the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum. It was pretty nice. There were lots of cute monkeys, a roaring lion (we happened to walk by right when he was roaring, and then he took a nap), kangaroo's chillin' on their elbows, roadrunners, and many many other animals.

Afterward walking around for 4 hours, we went to a coffee shop (Shades of Brown) and I got some tasty, but overpriced chai. Then we went to the last weekend home game for the Tulsa Oilers, who just happened to be playing the Wichita Thunder. Actually, this is the reason we chose this weekend for Andy to come down. The game was crazy. The final score was 6-5 Tulsa. Did you read that, 11 goals! Jeepers, more like a roller hockey or baseball game than ice hockey game. No fights either, the game was just too close I guess. Good times. (The picture below is not mine.)

On Sunday, we again started around noon. We headed down to Tin Star for some lunch and then walked the Riverwalk. Now it was time to hit up an Indian casino. We were gonna go to the new one by Riverwalk, but it didn't look very open when we drove by. So instead we headed up north to Cherokee Casino. I belive that I am the only one of the three of us who didn't lose money. I actually made $3.34. I started with 5$ and played with it the entire time we were there, which was about 1.5 hours. I got up to 16$ once! It was a fun time. Although being at the casino was kinda depressing because you can see how easy it would be to just keep losing money. It's so easy to say "One more time" and push a little button that takes your bet and keeps it. But once in a while, not too bad. (Neither did I take this picture.)

Andy eventually left, after he and Shannon watched Watchmen. I went home and did some stained glass instead.

Nice weekend (as they usually are). I will add some pictures when I get home, too.


Cody say hi me.

This weekend Shannon and I visited Wichita. We got to see lots of people (Mom, Jay, Charles, Nikki, Rhonda, Maria, Cody..) and meet Charles' cousin from Bartlesville, OK (Aaron), Maria's puppy (Hendrix), Cody's doy (Mary), and Jayme and Charles' new place (a rental house)!

It was a good time. We ate a lot of good food and cleaned a lot of windows.

On Saturday, Charles and Aaron moved all but about 8 boxes and the washer and dryer by the time our crew got there. So we helped moved the last of the things into the living room and then dropped the truck off. When Jay got done with class, we had some lunch (sponsored by Jayme and Charles) and then headed back to start cleaning the house.

We cleaned about all the windows and all the cabinets in the kitchen. Plus other random things, like floors and the such. The house is still being worked on and hopefully everything that the landlord said would be done, gets done. If not, then there will be some drama. (p.s. Jayme lost a bit of weight!)
That night Mom treated all 9 of us to Sal's, a Japanese steakhouse. It was tasty. Then he relaxed, watched City of Ember, and went to bed. On Sunday we did some more eating, cleaning, and backrubs.

It was a nice trip. We even got some Christmas gifts from Rhonda! Shannon got the entire Calvin and Hobbes set. It is quite heavy.

But to add to an already great trip (really, me and my two sisters with their boyfriends and my mom and my neice, and my mother in law? wonderful), there were doggies! I finally got to meet Maria's golden retriever, Hendrix. He's almost 3 months and he is so cute. Such a stereotypical puppy, low corrdination, furry body, huge paws and legs, adorable face, not house trained (yet, but getting there).

There were 4 dogs running around Mom's house. Dakoda obviously lives there, but it was Atari's last night at Mom's house. Jayme is taking her now that they have a house. There was the previously mentioned Hendrix, and Cody (Maria's boyfriend) also brought his dog, Mary. Mary is a well-behaved pit-mix. She is pretty and really fun to play with too. The dogs mostly got along really well. Atari was more of a barking referee than a playmate though.

I still want a doggie!


Happy Square Root Day

Oh, the joy of mathematical holidays! Happy Square Root Day!

You'd better be celebrating this one. You won't have another chance to until 4/4/16! That's over 7 years away.