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Bat Swarm
Bat Swarm #2

Chaos Knights
Three More Chaos Knights

Done House
The Done House
(here it is not done)



Tuesday we slept, packed, picked up Julia, ate lunch, and left. We ate at Pizza Nea. It had a lot of pizza (...) and it was good too!

Drive home was nothing spectacular. I took Dramamine. That stuff knocked me out for half of the trip, I just slept. That makes it so much better! I usually get kinda sick and really uncomfortable on trips, but Dramamine makes it better. :)

Had dinner in Lawrence, then drove to Manhattan, unpacked and that's it! Woo. It was a really good time. I enjoyed seeing Julia and Mike a lot. I wish we all lived closer together so we could see eachother more, espically when we start having children. Oh, times.

Birthday Fun...Continued

Monday night we gave Pickle his gift. Fun game to watch.
We also were serenaded by home-ade Taiko drumming.

Oh, Day of Yummy Food!

Happy Birthday to Pickle!

Sad, he had to go to work...poor Pickle. Well, we went to Big Bowl Asain, yum. Then we went to The Source. A really big GW/comic/game store. Very fun. Lotsa dice, models, games, and comics. Did I say it was big? Oh, I did. Well, it was big. And they had these...
Pirate vs. Ninjas! Woo...and...
Ninjas vs. Pirates! Woo!

The rest of the day saw yummy Hot Apple Cider Thingy. Very, very good! Then to Cossetta's as a surprise for Pickle. We met up with 4 guys from his work and ate dinner. Julia also bought some cheesecake. Very good.

Oh, Day of Yummy Food!


We played ice hockey. I didn't do good at all, but it was fun. Shannon, Newgen, and I wore our roller hockey pants (and were the only ones to) because we don't own socks! Eh, it was fun. Now I can say, I've played hockey in Minnesota. And I think there were about 2 players from the University of Minnesota hockey team. Cool beans.

Ate at Green Mill, not as good as the other food on the trip. We looked around the mall and they had this cute Asian store with all sorts of Sanrio stuff other Asian fun stuff. We finally found Zobmondo and bought it! Yay!
Then we kinda hung around went to a food store and ate food cooked by Julia and Pickle. Their Two-Onion Soup was really good! Putting sugar in when carmelizing the onions gave it a different flavor from the French Onion Soup Shann and I make. Very good.

We played Would you rather and it was so much fun! I laughed a lot and had a really good time. Julia won, so congrats to her.

Oh yeah! We also saw Julia's office and lab. She is working with pidgeons this summer and we got to see them. Quite fun. She found this gem of a computer in her building. Luckily for her to, she was just talking about getting a new laptop!
Woohoo! Go Compy go!

This is their crazy art building or art museum (I forget which, but it's still crazy!).


More Best Summer Ever Points

And they are really making it the best ever!

Mission #29: Visit A Friend
The trip to Minnesota wasn't just fun, it was super-fun! Since we spent 4 nights at their house, I get 2800 points!

Mission #96: Visit States
Through Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota. I am at school now, so I'll post the pics later. Total for 3 states, 2 with signs... +400 (Shannon took video and I just took a pic of the video, that's way it's SO crappy looking)

Mission #99: Eat Out
We ate at 1-Fasika, 2-Green Mill, 3-Big Bowl, 4-Cossetta's, 5-Pizza Nea, 6-Fazzolli's, 7-On the Border, 8-Aladdin's Cafe, and 9-Old Chicago. 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 9 needed tip. Brings the total to +800.

Total Thus Far: 11,600

Finally there

Julia and Pickle live in Roseville which is basically St. Paul. They have a nice house, two dogs, and a cat. Here is Athos. He is about 1.5 years old. Their other dog is Cally, which I believe is short for Calla Lily (correct me if I'm wrong Julia).
They play all the time...rather cute. Here is their cat, Emily.

We had lunch and then went to the Mall of America. That was huge! I mean I figured it was big, but it was really big! We tried to buy Shann a hat, but no luck. We did get some fun stuff. We bought some Chocolate Cheese (aka Dairy Fudge), Cheese Curds (kinda salty), and Pork 'n Beans Jelly Beans (iew). That was the odd stuff. We also got some more Pirates of the Spanish Main cards and some Yankee candles (Fresh Grass, Ice Tea, and Autumn Leaves). Good times.

For dinner, we went to one of Julia's favorite places, Fasika. It is an Etheopain restaurant. Very ethnic. No silverware and kinda crappy service, but the food was good. Very odd. It looked kinda gross and you ate it with this bread called injera. It was like touching cool, clamy flesh. Quite odd. But really, no one got sick (except for Julia, her throat kinda turned red and shrunk a little) and it was pretty good.
Got some ice cream (because both Julia and I had a craving for it), returned to Pickle and Julia's and played some games, then off to bed.

Hey Lance...

I am just about positive (like I'd bet money on it) that we did stop at your Exit 113 Ames, Iowa Kum & Go! Nice place :) The hand dryers in the restrooms are superb! Strongest I've ever seen!

H.H. 2

After finally waking up and packing up the car, we went to Aladdin's Cafe for lunch. Pretty good. It was Indian food (duh, the name kinda tell's you that already). Would probably go again.

Off to Minnesota! But first, we stopped at the local Games Workshop (GW) store in Lawrence. Newgen had ordered a bunch of stuff and it was in. So, leaving there with a Dragon, Swordmasters, and 2 Chariots for Newgen, and a Necromancer, Army Standard Wight, and Zombie Pirates for myself, we were on our way.

Sorta. I said "Oh, I wish I had our army books!" I wanted to compare point values. So, Newgen decided to turn around and get them. But at the traffic light we were stopped behind a stalled car. We couldn't get around him because it was kinda busy, so Shannon and Newgen helped him push his car (luckily the road he pushed it down, was down-hill) and I moved Newgen's car. Crazy, I know. But true.
So, we got the books and actaually headed out of Lawrence! It is already about 2-3 hours later than we wanted to leave, but eh, things happen. We got gas and actually left.

At KC we stopped at another GW store and there puchased a plethera of fun! They didn't really do Warhammer there so most of their stuff was in a table with a sign for 50% off! Sweet! We looked through and they had so much stuff! If Shannon hadn't ordered a Bone Giant from Patch and Crow's he could have gotten one there. But we did buy 140$ worth!
Tomb Kings:
Vampire Counts:
And I think thats it! Okay, by now it's about 5:30 and we called Julia and were really on our way. A quick stop for gas at QT and dinner at Fazzolli's was all we had left. By 2:00 am, we were in Minnesota!

Howdy, Howdy!

Well, I am back from Minnesota. I had a great time. Before I share the things I thought about, here is my trip in pictures. (Hopefully I don't take those Shannon wants!)

At Lawrence, we ate at On the Border, then went to Best Buy, Wal-mart, and Sonic. This van was in the parking lot by On the Border. What exactly do you suppose "Saving lives through plumbing" means?

Back at Newgen's, we had a Warhammer battle. Shannon (playing Tomb Kings) and I (playing Vampire Counts) battled against Newgen (playing High Elves). Eventually Shannon and I won, but it took a while! Here is my Grave Gaurd trying to approach Newgen's Sea Gaurd. Since I cause fear, almost everytime I charged, he failed his test and ran away!
Then we played too much Super Monkey Ball 2. But, eventually we were sleeping.


Here I go

On my way to the state pictured below. Will be back around Tuesday. Have a rockin' weekend!

3 Hours Work

and this is what I made!
Tea Republic Flag
It is Shannon's Pirate Islands flag: Tea Republic. It was pretty easy to make, it's just big so it took a while.

On to painting my Warhammer house. (yay!)


Recent Warhammering

I've been working on my Chaos Knights. I bought a box of 5 of them and I have 2 done. Here is a decent pic of them.
Two Knights
It isn't in focus very well, but you can see it good enough.

Between painting silver and blues, I decided I'd try my hand at building a haunted house for my Vampire Counts army. I'm using directions from Games Workshop and this is what I have now. I just need to paint it and I'll be done.

Declaration of War

To any Pirate Island country that drafts Ricky Williams of the Miami Dolphins for their PIFF team, I, the Queen of Snotvia, declare WAR on thee.

This has multiple reasons.
1. I hate the Miami Dolphins (for other reasons, not evil #34).
2. Ricky Williams insulted not only the Dolphins, but the NFL by leaving his team and breaking his contract.
3. Ricky Williams is simply coming back to pay off the $8.6 million debt, not for the game.

Again, I remind members of PIFF to beware.
The Queendom of Snotvia is a large, environmentally stunning nation, renowned for its compulsory military service.


The Official Summary of Game Olympics

As for the Pirate Islands, Shannon has completed the flags and the CafePress Store. So I will finish my part.

Game Olympics 2005 Medals Table

Rank by Gold Country Gold Silver Bronze H.M. Total Rank by Total
1 Tea Republic 12 2 1 1 15 1
2 Grog Islands 3 3 6 2 12 2
3 Snotvia 3 2 4 6 9 3
4 Kerplachistan 1 2 1 5 4 5
5 Nettethuania 0 5 4 5 9 3
6 Futontopia 0 3 1 0 4 5
7 Ampersandia 0 1 1 0 2 7
8 Schiouania 0 1 0 0 1 8
9 Harbor Coast 0 0 1 0 1 8

The links go to the country's flag. To see who is the prime representative for each country, go here.

A big congratulations to Tea Republic with 12 gold medals! Grog Islands pulled two of their golds from the skills competetion. Those pirates can type faster and throw giant discs farther than any other pirate I've seen. Thanks to all who played, it was great fun! See you in two years (maybe one) for our next edition!


Hold the "S"

I have a theory. People from Iowa (Iowan(s)) do not say most s's that come at the end of a word.

Des Moines - pronounced De-Moin or dɪˈmɔɪn (from here) notice no S in either word.
This is the capital and largest city in Iowa.

Defense - pronounced defen(d?), notice the S is not only dropped, but a
possible d has been added.
This is from the Koyote game. There were random Iowa fans in the
stadium and when they cheered "Defense!" They actually just said

Blackhawks - occasionally pronounced blackhawk.
Same idea as defense.

If you have any example to support or a valid defense (haha) to add,
feel free.

PBSE Quickie

How could I not mention this when talking of the game. First of all, in order to easily and quickly check out Shannon's post about the Koyotes' game, you need a link. Here.

Second of all, I get PBSE points for it. Mission #12: Go to APFL Championship game. +450

Total Thus Far: 7600


Die - Remote

I was rolling dice today to hit some Dwarfs. I rolled and usually if a die is cocked on something, we reroll. Well, I rolled and I had to reroll a die not because it was leaning on some scenery, but because it was balanced on a corner. You know how it is smoothed out, well, I some how got it to stop on its corner, and then had to reroll (I got a six, yay). I couldn't do it again if I tried. Crazy.

Also, we lost our remote and so we were looking for it. We searched and searched and our apartment is really small. So, if we can't find it in like 3 minutes, it was stolen by a goblin. I was like "It has to be somewhere!" But no, we couldn't find it. So I started to clean. I put away clothes, and bags, an started to clean piles. I go, "Shanno, is it under those pillows?" (the ones he was laying on on the couch) "Nope. I checked." Okay, so I keep looking and Shannon is looking. I can't find them. "Argh." So I check the places a second time. I lift the pillows on the couch and there they are. Yes, the same pillow Shann checked. But that's okay, they were probably out of sight from how he was sitting. But there they were, about 8" from his head. Sigh...

Try No. 2

Here is another edited Warhammer pic. Since it's fun, more are probably to come.
Yesterday we went to the best Koyotes game ever! I mean, the game was great the whole time. Instead of my typing, check out Shannon's post over the game. Complete with pictures and video. It was an awesome game!

Today we went to P&C for Warhammer. Just Ray was there. A guy named Alex showed up and he had 2000 points of Dwarfs. Ray, Shannon, and I played Dark Elves, Tomb Kings, and Vampire Counts (repsectively) against Alex. We played Warhammer Seige, it is so much different from Warhammer. But it was fun! My flying, swarm of bats held up his Thunderers for about 2 turns and my ghouls killed a unit by a gun and Shannon's archers took out a unit of Thunderers as well. We never broke through the actual castle, but it was fun.

In more good news, I checked out the store's promotional copy of the Wood Elves book. Awesome. I am really looking forward to painting and playing with them!


PBSE Update

It's been a while since I've even thought of Project Best Summer Ever, and here's what happened since.

Mission #14
: Minor League Baseball.
Well, I saw the Wichita Wranglers play. That is Texas League baseball. +400
Mission #98: Watch a Movie.
I saw Willie Wonka today. The new one with Johny Depp, that is. Quite entertaining. Since I saw it in the theater, bonus points. +150
Mission #99: Eat Out.
This time I ate at Uptown Bistro in Downtown Wichita. Very good eats at good price too! +100
And I ate at Red Rock Canyon. The expensive place. +100
Mission #101: Game Olympics.
I almost forgot this one and it's a big one too! I played in all the events and placed in quite a few too. (As soon as I get all the flags, I'll post the results.) I "hosted" even though I didn't do much (so I'm just taking half the points). +800

I think that is all I can add so far. Go Snotvia!

Total Thus Far: 7150

One More Pic

Kecia had 2 giant mushrooms growing. So, Shannon had me take some pictures.

A Better Look

Like I said. We went to Wichita. On the way down, our car decided to overheat. Very annoying. The last 30 minutes of our drive was without the AC and with the heater, iew. For more on that see Shannon's blog. We got there about 2:15pm Wednesday and then after an episode with the copier cartridge we went to the "hair" place. To fix the copier Mom had to take out the toner remove the top part and put the toner back with a 1"diameter opening on top. To anyone working at ARSI Wichita: "Do Not Move the Toner!"

At the "hair" place, me, Mom, and Jayme had our hairs "fried." That is how my Mom liked to put it. Then we ate at the over priced, but tasty Red Rock Canyon. $120 for 5 people to eat lunch! Ouch. Then to Jayme's and then to a Wranglers game. The game was fine. It was better for my mom because while there she got a phone call from Stan. Stan is her real estate agent and the offer she made on a house, that was rejected, was now accepted! My mom is no longer homeless in Wichita! Woo hoo! So we made plans to see the house at 10am Thursday morning.

That night we slept at Kecia's house. Kecia is the owner of ARSI, the company my mom works for. Her house is really nice. It is in a development that has all of it's houses off the water. So she has a dock in her back yard. She has all the rooms done in bold colors with awesome decor. Below is a picture of her dining room from the first floor living room. The kitchen with a nook is to the right and to the left is the entry, stairs, master suite, her daughter's room, and a nice bathroom.

Slept on a Temperpedic pillow, and possibly bed. Very nice. 7 hours of sleep is equivalent to at least 13 hours on our mattress. Should get a new one. In the morning, we went to see Mom's new house. Mom's new house is nice. Here is a pic of the front of it. It has a nice kitchen with a nook and eat in section, a dining room, a sunken family room with a fireplace, and a living room on the main floor. Downstairs is a game room (for her pool table and foosball table) and a laundry/exercise room. Upstairs there is a master suite (complete with laundry shute!) an office, a spare bedroom, and Maria's bedroom. The yard is good sized too. It is a good house for Mom and in a good part of Wichita.
Maria left afterwards and we (Shann, Mom, and I) headed to UpTown Bistro for lunch. Very good and cheap too. It's in Downtown Wichita, by the Warren. After lunch, Mom decided to not go to work, so we went to Kecia's napped and watched some TV. At 6 I went with Jay (my sister) to get Jerry(her husband). We returned to Kecia's and Shannon and Jerry fixed our car while the gals ordered pizza and watched TV. We ate dinner, chilled a little and then headed home without any car problems. Thank you so much Jerry!

All in all a good trip! Got a lot of stuff done and saw my family! Now, onto some painting.



We went to Wichita on Wednesday (lotsa W's). It was fun. Shannon is posting pictures so I will refer you to them when he is done...and then maybe put some of my own up. Woo hoo. But now, let the eating begin!


I tried

Chris posted a fun pic of Warhammer and some photoshoping. Here is my attempt. I didn't know what to put in the background. So after I finally figured out a way to get rid of what was there, I spent a while finding this. It works okay.


Last night we played a battle of Warhammer. Dark Elves, Chaos (both Aaron), Goblins (Jenette), and Vampire Counts (me) versus High Elves (Newgen and Shannon) and Lizardmen (Chris). It started out really close, but ended up the evil side winning. Fun times though.
Warhammer Battle

Pictures from Game Olympics

Yeah, but turn your head. This is from the "Stand on One Leg" skill. Chris, Jenette, and Shannon. Shannon won but only b/c I knew he wouldn't quit and my leg really hurt! Chris tried to make me fall by invading my side of the futon, but no luck.

These are our Disc-Golf and Mini-Golf adventures!

Jardine Toss
This is Jardine Toss (Shannon's toss). We live in Jardine Apartments and they have these wholes in the structure for that special 60's look appeal. You can see them in the pic above. The object of Jardine Toss is to throw a tennis ball through the smaller ones on the left in as few tosses as possible. 2 years ago, Aaron made it on 1 and I made it on 2, and then 6 and 11 for 3rd and 4th. This year was not as good. 9, 12.20, and 61!

Pool in the Union. This and Chris and I's battle for 3rd place. It was close, but I lost.

This is Aaron bowling at the Union. Look at the picture. Do you notice anything odd?

Last of the Games

Game Olympics was over today. Here are the results since Stock Market Game.

1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Nettethuania
3rd: Futontopia
4th: Snotvia

Jardine TOss
1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Futontopia
3rd: Nettethuania
4th: Snotvia

Shuffle Board
1st: Kerplachistan
2nd: Futontopia
3rd: Grog Islands
4th: Nettethuania

1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Nettethuania
3rd: Grog Islands
4th: Snotvia

1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Grog Islands
3rd: Nettethuania
4th: Snotvia

1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Ampersandia
3rd: Snotvia
4th: Kerplachistan

Scene It
1st: Grog Islands
2nd: Nettethuania
3rd: Ampersandia
4th: Tea Republic

Typer Shark
1st: Grog Islands
2nd: Futontopia
3rd: Snotvia
4th: Kerplachistan


Zombie Pirates!

For a limited time only I can get me some zombie pirates! Woohoo! Tomorrow I'll see if P&C's can order them and then I'll get them and it'll be sweet. Check them out here!

Pictures Coming Soon

I've been painting. I have almost all my Grave Gaurd done and as soon as I do, I'll let ya seem 'em. They are alright. They were good in battle today.

Shannon and I (Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts) played against Ray and Forrest (Dark Elves and Chaos). It was really close and in the end it was so close it was a draw. But I had 8 Grave Gaurd to start but a carnivorous plant killed 4 of them. Then they fought with a spawn of chaos and no one died. Then were charged from the back by another spawn and still didn't die! The next turn however bad rolls for me didn't help and the two spawns killed me. But that means that 50 points of Grave Gaurd held up about 125 points of Chaos Spawn! Woo hoo! Good times.

On to painting!


Modern Ninja?

This is what the Math Ninja aspires to be. Sadly, I'm a really really long ways away. (I don't even cartwheel.)


New Puppy...er, computer

We went to Topeka and bought Rhonda a computer. Literally, we bought it. She had her debit card, not credit, so she used Shannon's to pay. Haha, kinda funny. Anyways, all went well. We ate at Olive Garden. I forgot they were good.

My mom left a message and said she had good news. So tomorrow I will call her and say "What?" and she will tell me. :)

jay is: Drum machine

jay is: Drum machine

Remember that crazy flash video by TokyoPlastic Shannon found? Well, here is another. Drum machine. Not as crazy, but still cool.

Game Olympics Update

Game Olympics has seen two more nations enter. Harbor Coast entered in the Miniature Golf game and took second place. And Schizowania entered in Disc Golf and Miniature Golf and took silver in Minature Golf! The games will continue tomorrow.

Disc Golf

1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Grog Islands
3rd: Kerplachistan
4th: Nettethuania

Miniature Golf
1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Schizowania
3rd: Harbor Coast
4th: Snotvia

Stock Market Game

1st: Snotvia
2nd: Nettethuania
3rd: Tea Republic
4th: Grog Islands



Woohoo! What a game. In Planarity you are given a set of vertices with lines connecting them. Your job is to move the vertices around so that none of the lines intersect. It seems hard, but it is quite fun! I made it to level 12, didn't beat it, but played it. My score was 200,070. Play it and have fun!

I found it!

Wildcat Creek that is. Lance is right, they do have mini-golf. I problem was just finding the darn place! Chris knew the name. Shannon knew what side of the road it was on, we were just on the wrong road! Go here to see. Better luck today?

I had a dream last night...

And it was freaky. Well, in a lame way. I dreamt of something, i don't even remember what and then I go, "Okay, time to get up." In my dream. So I woke up in my dream, still sleeping IRL (haha). Then about 15 seconds later, not even maybe, the alarm clock went off. So I said, "Self, time to get up." And I did.


Game Olympics Is

Two years ago some friends decided to hold Game Olympics. It was early July and there were 7 of us. We each were 'from' a country of choice and then proceeded to the nearest Salvation Army to purchase jumpers (or uniforms) for our countries. Snotiva (my homeland) is proud to exhibit a rather large, solid green button up shirt. Fitting. We played 21 games ranging from Air Hockey to Phase 10 to Our Rummy. It lasted for 5 days. Many times there would be 3 or 4 games going on at once. Since good times were had by all, we decided to have a second Game Olympics this year.

On the 4th of July, we held opening ceremonies complete with a firework display over 3 hours long. Not all Pirate Island countries could be present for the full time, but in attendance were Tea Republic, Kerplachistan, Grog Islands, Nettethuania, Snotvia, and Ampersandia. It has only been 2 days so far and there are 5 days until closing. So good luck to all particpants and may the best pirate win!

Game Olympics 2005

We've been gaming. Tuesday was tennis and Wednesday saw some more. Here's where its at now. The current particapants are: Tea Republic, Snotiva, Nettethuania, Grog Islands, Kerplachistan, and Ampersandia.

1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Kerplachistan
3rd: Snotvia
4th: Grog Islands

1st: Snotvia
2nd: Tea Republic
3rd: Grog Islands
4th: Nettethuania

Super Mario Brothers (I life no warping)
1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Nettethuania
3rd: Grog Islands
4th: Snotiva

1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Snotvia
3rd: Grog Islands
4th: Kerplachistan

Pocket Tanks
1st: Snotvia
2nd: Grog Islands
3rd: Nettethuania
4th: Kerplachistan

1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Kerplachistan
3rd: Snotvia
4th: Nettethuania

And so far we have done 2 skills.
Monster Disc Toss
1st: Grog Islands
2nd: Tea Republic
3rd: Nettethuania
4th: Kerplachistan

Stand on One Leg
1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Snotvia
3rd: Grog Islands
4th: Nettethuania

All in all, its going well. Today will have some more fun. Sadly Pirataly won't be able to participate this year. And so far Harbour Coast has not been contacted either, something about a new job? or vacation? And Monday will see the action of Futontopia! Good luck to all and see you tonight!



PBSE Points. Mission #58: Buy and set of 40$ worth of fireworks

Check. Pictures for proof below. And we were very very close to having over 100$. So much so that I think it was 100$ and we do get the extra points! Woo hoo!

So, +450 +400 = +850

Total Thus Far: 5600

More Fireworks

Since my last post was killed, here are some more pics from Independence Day.

Here is another one from Thunder over Manhattan.

July 4th Rose
This is a rose we set off around 12:30am.

July 4th Fountain
This is one of the fountains we set off. It might even be Killer Bees, I can't tell.

July 4th Roman Candle
This one is really cool. Chris, Shannon, and Aaron (or Jenette) each had a Roman Candle and were trying to kill some tanks we had set off earlier. I got this one picutre that shows all three of their trails. It is fun because the top one is a differernt type and it made a really awesome trail!

So there you have a little more. You can click on any of the pics to get to a larger size in Flickr. It was a good time. Even though Manhattan's show wasn't fabulous, we got some really good pictures out of it. Shannon has another good one up.


I had a post, but I goofed up and it is gone, so here is the pic and a summary.

We had 90$ of fireworks. Watched Manhattans and heard a sax player at 1:30 am.

July 4th


Better luck this time

04 July 4th 111 Street
That's me running off of Anderson.

04 July 4th 115 Tree
Then Jenette threw her disc in "the bushes." They are evil and prickly. So Chris and I carried over part of a small tree and threw it on the bushes and then Chris climbed our new tree and somehow dropped the disc. Then Shannon crawled on his hands and knees and pulled with a stick to get the disc out. Time spent: about 20 minutes Discs freed: 1 Blood lost: about 1 mL (while leaning on the "tree" to help Chris, a 1/2" long thorn was in my leg and when I backed away, I was like, "hey, is that blood?" and it was and it made a 3/4" diameter circle on my pants.) Oh yeah, I also chewed my arm up a little in the process. I look like I've been lashed by some small rodent on my right arm.