Nebraska Hockey

That state called Nebraska, it sucks. Their motto of "Welcome to the good life" is crap. Their roads suck, the speed limit was slower, the people freakier, towns are lamer, and really there isn't anything good about it you can't find in Kansas. Anyways.

The KSU Inline team traveled to Omaha, NE to play a team. The floor sucked. It was very grippy and not fun to play on. My mom came as did Amber and family members from Aaron and some other team-mates. It was fun. We played okay. Good practice for this weekend (our first league games in St. Louis). Here are some pictures that Mom took.

Me doing the defense thing.

Shannon doing the offense thing.

Jenette, Sam, and Josh doing the larger defense thing.

And Aaron doing the warm-up (all the action shot of Aaron came out lousy).


Friday! Yay!

No school tomorrow! Yay!

Tomorrow is the last home K-State game I will go to this year because of hockey. Then Sunday is a hockey game in Nebraska. Fun. My mom will be here for both. :) Yay!

So I gave a test in my class. I had one student get a 100% and one student get a 5%. I am leaving out the 0% because she cheated. What a range huh? That is what you get when you don't track students...hmm...yuck?

Onto more fun things than school.



My mom has a blog! Cool beans. Okay. Off to dry-land I go! Avast!!


No Fries!

I made a picture.

Quack, ne?

So, we were driving down this 2-way road (Claflin) when this SUV drove next to us. Okay. Then some dude starts to shout out the window and we look over. A duck. A duck was in the car with the two guys. The dude was shouting something about having a duck. Odd.

Weekend went well. Got to see my Aunt Diana who lives in New Jersey. She came out for my birthday. I got lots of gifts from people, my Aunt, Mom, and Jenette & Chris. I got lots of clothes, new shoes (my same ones, just new), some loose tea, a tea press, 13 hours of zombie movies, and an oodle of stuff from Shannon. He got me my dice, a cookie cookbook, a quilting calendar, an MC Escher daily calendar, a Sudoku book, a Wood Elf lord, Eternal Gaurd, and the whole series of Azumanga Daioh! (which I am currently watching). Great fun! So much fun stuff. :)


The Thursday Ache

I had a head ache last Thursday and I had one today too. At first I thought maybe it was correlated to my fridge incident, but then I remembered it was just the Thursday Ache. Feels better now (thanks Tylenol).

Today's Highlights
  • During Student Lead Conferences (SLC's) (like parent-teacher conferences) I was asked to rate one of the students. The parent asked me to rate his daughter (sitting across from him) on a scale of 1-10 on interaction with peers and academic performance and teacher-interaction. I was like "great." She probably deserved like a 3, but I said 5. It was pretty accurate. But really, "rate my kid?"
  • During SLC's, I had another girl and her family come in. Opposite story. She is brilliant, and it was getting funny. They share their papers and she is like, "I got a 95% on this one." Next, "I got 20 out of 20 on this one." Then, "100% on this test." Followed by, "And another 100% on this one. What do you know?" You can guess how it proceeded. Quite funny. She is so smart! Not only does she ace her classes, she is reading way above grade level. Ah, I like smart kids...
  • Lastly (for now anyways) some kid (a middle school aged kid) peed in the library! Yep, urine on the ground. Gross
Game Nite was sparse, Nette, Chris, Shannon, and I. I made cookies out of the cookie cook book Shannon got me for my birthday. I like them. They are cake-like with apricot and chocolate on them. Fun.

On to the dish monster who lives on the metal surface of my white, magnetic "kitchen!"


This Head of Mine

Holy Crap. I just whacked my head SO hard against the refrigerator door! OUCH! It is like throbbing. I have the worst luck with my head and things. I am constantly getting hit and falling and landing on it and the such. Poor head. ouch.



Well, I wish the weekend was longer. I don't really want to go back to school tomorrow, but alas. I must. Eh...

Shannon and I played some Warhammer Skirmish today. It is kinda fun. Short, fast, good. Will definately be playing more.

My birthday is this Saturday, and Shannon has begun "Week of Birthday." Yesterday before we played Warhammer, I recieved my first gift: Undead Dice! Woo hoo! They are really cool lookings, see!? Today he gave me a quilting calander complete with patterns and a Sudoku booklet! Very fun.


This one's for you, Chris

I completed one of my favorite puzzles ever. Spurs. To have a share in my pixel-puzzle fun, check out Conceptis Puzzles.


Don't Worry

I'm not dead, although I am really exhausted. This week was busy and next week will be even worse because of Student Lead Confrences. They are like parent-teacher confrences, only the student leads them. So for 4 hours 3 times next week I have to do those. Sheesh. But eh. That's my job.

Besides that, not much going. Game night was fun last night. The food was just okay. I did make a fancy cheese cake. If I didn't over cook the crust, it would have been even better. It is an Apple Cheese Cake. Pretty good I thought.


The Return of the Pirate Zombies

I've been working on my Vampire Counts army again. Being Halloween time, it is very fitting to make grave yards and zombies. I am putting the graceful Wood Elves on hold for a month. So these are the two most recent pirate zombies and also the fence I finished. Check out the left guys mop and tar bucket. I modeled them myself.


Experimental Gameplay

Experimental Gameplay - Entertainment Technology Center, CMU

Check this place out for some games. I've played Flip Out! It's kinda fun. It does seem to just go on and on though...

The games have to be made in 7 or less days by one person. Some of them are good, some are hard to do. It is kinda neat though.

Well, we did beat KU

But that really doesn't say much about how we played today. This picture does...Shannon posted it as well, but really. Did you notice it was 4th and 45! Dang! We had some crappy penalties and some even crappier running plays. At one point in the game, we were averaging less than half a yard for each rushing attempt. Did we run in less after that? No. For some reason Snyder thinks that running the ball all the time will eventually work out for us. Well, it won't. We were lucky to win. Since our defense is good, we have a chance with our remaining games. But really, our offense is kinda sucky, espically the quarterbacks and offensive line.

Besides that, good day. We did win. Then we found out what happened with Maria. We tried to meet up with her and Nic, but we had no phone and couldn't find them. Luckily, they got themselves in and we ate dinner with them later. Also saw Baker and Annie at Panera. Baker works at JCHS and is a sponsor for the Ultimate club.



Just a cynical type frustrating day. I am kinda cranky, but trying not to be. I feel a lot better now. I had some food and drink and that usually helps. Low energy makes for a mean Nicole.

Well, on to my game and Game Nite prep.


Oh Yeah.

Not only did we beat Chapman in the 7th grade game, we ran them over in the 8th grade game! The final score was 43-8. Chapman had 17 kids on the team, Junction had 46. Hmm. Of those 46, about 15 of them were ours and a lot of them "starters." It was fun. I got to hold signs some of our girls made and I got to cheer. One of the students I was sitting with took pictures. The one above is a kick-off returned for a touchdown. Woo hoo. Good times.


Exhausted on Monday.

It's gonna be a long week. It's only Monday and I am pooped. I could just go to sleep and not wake up until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. But alas, I can not. I have to wake up and be at car pool by 7:00am. Luckily, I get to stay about 3 hours later tomorrow! Woo hoo...sigh...

I am staying for the 8th grade football game. I hope we smash whoever we play, just because. Hey, maybe I'll take a camera with batteries and snap some pics...Crazy idea.


The ABJ Show

This is The Famed. Groebe is singing and Mr. Dude* is playing the drums. He was SO happy! He is always smiling this big doofy grin. Kinda silly.

National Fire Theory opened, then The Famed, Stuck on Broadway, and Anything But Joey. Stuck on Broadway kinda stunk. Drew was drunker than he should have been. That also effected Anything But Joey (since he plays bass for them). Ah, but it was fun. The Famed was pretty good. They had thier opening and then when they played they had these red lights on and all of a sudden, nothing. They blew a fuse! How funny.

*not his actual name

Darn My Large Head!

A recent trip to Wal-mart found me in a groovy Batman mask. Sad thing is, my head was too big and I look like a retard! Nice mask though...


We just got back from watching Serenity. It was pretty good. Now we are gonna make some food and watch K-State whoop up on Oklahoma. WooHoo!