Hands and Splashes

Last weekend my mom came down and spent some time with us. Also during that time, Keagan had her first official bath with splashing. She had a jolly time. Smiling and splashing around. It was quite cute.

Keagan also uses her hands now. Around the 15th, she would slowly move her hands toward objects, sometimes getting them, sometimes not. Then if she did get it, she'd try to put it in her mouth, but usually miss and get it in her eye. Since then, she's pounced on objects. She'll go real slow, then all of a sudden jerk both hands towards the object, almost always hitting it. And then she could move things to her mouth just about every time. But around last Friday she starting being successful in grasping something in front of her and then getting it to her mouth. Now she will even grasp for things not in front of her. She gets ambitious and leans towards things, staring with her little upper lip making a fish face as she tries to get the thing she wants.

We've also been working on teaching her a trick. But I'll wait until she can do it before I try to explain it.

Here she is entertained by a candle. It looked pretty neat flickering through the jar.

We also bought the game Wasabi. Its quite fun!


My Breakfast Adventure!

Mix and Match cereal? I'm in.

Decided to go with Chocolate and Graham. I considered adding Marshmallow, but decided against it... for now?

I assembled my tools.

And dug in. How much graham should I use? About half a bowl.

I went with a little bit less chocolate then graham.

Add my milk, and viola! Custom breakfast. Sweet.

It was what you'd expect, chocolate and graham flavored, sugary cereal. I've been eating less sugar cereal and more less-sugary cereal recently. So, I didn't love this, but since I mixed it myself, I did like it!


Days at Home

It still is weird to be home all day. It just feels like summer break or something. Maybe when school starts (next week I start teaching) things will feel different.

So, what has Keagan been up to? Well, she's still cute. :)

We've gotten her some new toys. Mostly to try and help us out. She LOVES to stand and well, we can't do anything else when we are holding her in standing position. So we tried a walker.

It's not bad, but even at it's shortest setting her feet still dangle. So, we put her on the carpet, so it doesn't move much and put a blanket under her feet. :) She can stand and squat and play with toys. It works pretty well. There is usually a pile of drool on the tray when we take her out.

We also got a carrier via Jenette and Chris. It's awkward for me to use, but Shannon has had some success. For example, they helped me cook the other day, while making something (can't recall what).

She sits much better now. Her core muscles can keep her upright instead of slouched over. She sits in her Bumbo seat (stupid name) a lot. That is handy. She also has a new play mat, and likes it quite a bit. Save for one toy it came with. There is a flower that plays music. She pouts and then cries every time it goes. So we don't make it play music anymore. She also has that jumpy seat, another good one that collects drool.

Keagan doesn't roll over yet, but yesterday she learned how to unfold her body.

She also talks more and makes lots of noises. It's pretty cute. She chats the most with Shannon.

And well, I just like this picture. It's a totally different kind of cute.

In not baby news, I cut my hair! It was this long:

Then I had Shannon cut off a foot to donate. I don't have a picture of it shorter, but just image what I normally look like. It's basically the same. No one can tell when I cut my hair because it's still long, just not as long.


Johnny Jump Up

We got Keagan a jumpy seat that goes over the door frame. So far she just likes to suck on it. (surprise surprise). But we are hoping it helps fill her "stand me up" requirements some times.

My mom said that my Grandma Hoey said that when my dad was a baby, he had one and used to spend hours in it, bouncing off walls. :) That made me smile.

Sometimes I miss my dad a lot. :) It's too bad he never got to meet any of his grandkids.

I'm glad to have good memories of Dad.


Shimmy or Shuffle?

On July 25th, Shannon and I were joined by Newgen and Michelle as we all went to a soccer game at Arrowhead. Manchester United's tour took them to Kansas City to play the Wizards. It was great fun (and hot). What made it even more fun is that KC won! Woot woot!

That trip started in Manhattan. Keagan and Cassidy dressed to match (sort of) and had fun playing on Cassidy's play mat. Keagan doesn't have one, but she really like Cassidy's! Mostly the mirror.

We also went to Manhattans' City Park. They recently redid it and added a water park you pay for with slides and wave pool and such. They also added a kiddie water park that is free. It has all sorts of sprinklers and water toys. Looks really fun. Keagan is a wee small to play there (and she was sleeping), but I did have Shannon put her feet in an old fountain. Keagan first yelled, then seemed to ... tolerate it?

Another thing worth mentioning... I need ideas for Halloween for Keagan. I am not good at remembering, so I'll use my blog and labels to help. Halloween idea for Keagan: MC Hammer (mostly cause it'd be fun to make baby parachute pants).



Keagan is such a drooler! I can only imagine what its gonna be like when she starts teething.

Ga! This kid is cute! I know I'm biased, but still. Look at her!

The other day she put herself to sleep by placing her thumb inside of her pacifier and fell asleep.

She got her 2 month shots a few weeks back. She cried, as you'd expect. But recovered pretty quickly. By the time we left the doctors room she was almost asleep already. She wasn't really fussy that day either, and didn't get a fever. Excellent.

This is her Skyping with Grandma Fuller. It was pretty cute. Keagan would stare at the computer screen (which is normal for her) and then lean in and get closer (also normal). It was fun.

If someone in New Jersey is reading this and has a way to get Grandpa on Skype, then let me know and we'll set it up! It's free!


Happy Anniversary!

Shannon and I were married 9 years ago today. :)

I love you like an octopus loves his glorious 9th arm.


Happy Birthday, Nikki!

But I don't have any pictures from this weekend of her. :( Our camera's battery died and I didn't bring the back up. So, others have pictures, but not me.

Instead, I do have a description of what we did. Saturday was Nikki's 4th Birthday party. She had a beach theme and it was cute. There was 3 pools, the largest was 2.5' deep, the smallest was about 24" in diameter and about 4 inches deep. Guess what pool Keagan, Cassidy, and Raegen went in? :) Oh, I wish I had a picture of it.

Nikki got lots of gifts. Shannon, Jenette, Chris, and I got her Kids of Catan. I want to know how it works out. It looks pretty good.

Here are some pictures of Keagan, looking cute.

She's stylin' in a Student's t-rex onesie. :)

She likes to chew on things and drool and suck. Things like pacifiers, her hands, her clothes, Shannon's fingers. Like this: