A Lot of the Same Thing

Today I did a lot of the same thing. A few times in a row. My day consisted of multiple trips to the same store. Two trips to Jayme's house. And lots of talking and laughing with Ma and Jay.

The baby's room looks so cute! I will post a pic tomorrow of it. I'm too tired now to load them. But it's really pink and the furniture is really cute. I had a feeling while I was in there that when Shann and I have a kid, it's gonna be a boy first. So we'll see come 2+ years down the way. We'll see.

Some say I am strong. But I am not. Not compared to the brute strength of my mother. In the event of bending some metal tonight, she kicked my butt. Pretty hard too. And a lesson to be learned from all by my butt kicking: Laughing doesn't make you physically stronger.


Guess Where I Am?

I'll give you some clues. I'm not in Wichita, nor on my way to Wichita.

I'm drinking another Passion Fruit Italian Soda. But It's not from Radina's.

I'm about to listen to the Finals.

Do you know where I am now? Blue Stem Bistro. I promise I'll leave after this. The Finals are playing an accoustic set outside. I was on my way to Wichita, then I'm like, nah, I think I'll go listen. And now that I'm here I have two things to say.

1. I'm glad I turned around by the Bubble Wash.
2. Radina's makes a much better Italian soda!

Too Much Big Blue

I'm at Radina's stealing, well, I bought a drink, wifi. I'm going to go back to PJ's pretty soon to listen to Jupiter Sunrise. But right now, Big Blue is still playing some covers. They have played for almost an hour and have only played 2 of their own songs. Sheesh. However, I did enjoy the Finals and their whole set, so I may buy a t-shirt or CD or something. We shall see.

I do need to be heading back soon, don't wanna miss the band I came to see!

The Plans

Today I plan to paint at least one model then go to the Jupiter Sunrise show at 2 down at PJ's. After that I'm leaving for some Wichita-ness. Jayme's gonna have her baby and I'm gonna spend some time with everyone! Yay. I will be sure to post some pics, I have the old camera, so they won't be as good of pics as with Shannon's camera, but they are still good. Well...On to painting, packing, and show.



Yesterday we went to Lawrence to see Jupiter Sunrise. But since Shann already posted about it. I'll have you read his entry to get it. But this is basically what's gone down since then...

The Finals (from Jersey) played about 3 songs.
A power line fell and plastic melted (smelly).
Jupiter Sunrise played acoustically (cute word).
Ate at Perkins with everyone plus Newgen and Andrea.
Came homeand slept till 5:00am.
Woke up and puked.
Missed final because of sicknesses.
Went to doc.
Made up final.
Everyone left for CO, but me.

Grr... Here are some pictures to accompany the history of yesterday.

Marc and Ben playing accoustically.

We had our own room, with about 30 happy people it.Chris is the Jupiter Sunrise drummer in the white Vegan shirt.


Funny Blood Bowl Team

I've been doing a lot of painting of Blood Bowl models and intermitently working on a custom board, Chaos style. Well, here is a funny team I ran across.
Sure, it's great fun to have a cow minotaur. But his name is the best part. The two minotaurs are "Hthark the Unstoppable" and "Lactose the Intolerant."

Here is the link to the original page.

Due Date

Jayme's "due date" has changed yet again. :) Now she will be having her baby on Tuesday August 1st. Almost no matter what. I have to put the almost in there to save me in case all changes again. Anyway it happens. I will be in Wichita on Tuesday to see my new little niece and my less pregnant sister. I must say I am excited and nervous for it all.

Also, my class is almost over. 2 hours left.


New Word

I was just thinking of words. Mathamorphis. It's not anything on a google search. So I think it should be invented. Trouble is, I don't know a good definition for it. Any ideas?

How It's Going

I've done some more painting. I am still behind my goal. Counting today, I need to paint 9 models to catch up. I am making progress though. Thanks to BloodBowl. In particular the teams pictured below.
Amazon BloodBowl Team
Amazon BloodBowl Team

Kehmri BloodBowl Team
Kehmri BloodBowl Team
I'm getting worse and worse at taking pictures of these guys. My lighting sucks and I don't know how to change the settings on the camera (or what to change them to!).


A Math Poem

While looking for a couple of math links to make the name math dojo a little more relevant, I found this.
If you read it, it's a limerick. If you can't read it, you can go here (where I found it) to see what it means. It's pretty neat.

Crazy Play

At the Koyotes game on Saturday, I witnessed the craziest thing I think I've seen in football. Not my description may not fully meet the insanity of what happened, but I will try.

It was fourth down for the Koyotes, near their own 5 yard line. They were going for a long field goal (no punting in indoor football). The ball is hiked. The holder catches and places the ball. The kicker winds up for a kick. A defensive player from the Iowa Blackhawks runs around the blockade up front, picks up the football and runs it in for a touchdown. Wha?

None of the Koyote players did anything but watch. I think they were amazed. The reason no penatly for rushing the outside was called is that the ball was never kicked. No kick, no penalty. Just a crazy touchdown by a surprised defensive player for the Blackhawks.


Also, Desmond Tipton still plays and wears the bandana Michelle once had.


Am I an Exception?

For some reason all my usual internet voyages are either not working at all (can't load page) or really really slow. Either way, I feel like I'm goofing something up.

On other notes....Shannon is chillin' with Newgen and I am cleaning and painting. Our bathroom is much more sanitary now. I even scrubbed the floor and the tub walls. Yep. Then I took a shower because I felt really gross. Now I feel clean.

On to painting. I have to do 11 models to catch up to my one-model-a-day goal. I can do it!


Updates from Me

Just to make Kansas weather even more fun. Yesterday it got up to about 100 degrees. Now, it's 66. Yeah, that drop of about 30 degrees, crazy I say. But it is much nicer to bike to class when it's cloudy and 66 instead of super-sunny and 95. :) Speaking of class, I got a 97% on that last test and I only have 5 days left! Woohoo!

Baby Update: Jayme has a chance of being induced next week on Wednesday or Thursday. That means I take of class (but not my test on Friday) and possibly go to CO still. We shall see.


Special K

It's been quite warm here lately. Yesterday it was still 103 degrees at 9pm. Wowie. Well, today I check the weather on the computer and this is what I see "Severe Weather Alert." Hmm...maybe we'll get some rain, or some wind. Nope.Geez. But at least it's almost done.



This Saturday, Shannon, Jenette, Chris, and I went to Wichita to see my Mom and my two sisters. (Whom all have blogs.) Well, my sister Jayme is pregnant and supposed to have the baby on 8-3 now, instead of 8-7. She also has kidney stones in both kidneys and a baby already 7 lb 1 oz (ish). Hmm...This is what she usually looks like.
Not really. She is actually quite pretty and has nice hair. I just like that picture.

On to more painting and possibly some already baked ziti. Which reminds me, I never want to use the oven again in the summer. Espically on days that are as hot as yesterday was (overy 100 before noon?!).



Gary, Shannon's, Jenette's, and Michelle's dad, recently rode his bike up Mt. Evans in Colorado. It's the 14th highest mountain in the state. He did it before, in 1986, and said it was better this time. That's really cool.


She is swollen!

Jayme is really pregnant. She will probably have the baby pretty soon. She is really swollen on her hands and legs. I just hope everything stays healthy and she is happy when she has Nicole. Oh, another Jayme thing. All her life, she has had A- blood. Well, apparently, she now has O+ blood. Hmm...something is really wierd here. She's gonna get tested to see what it is. But that seems like a pretty big difference to me.


Kyou wa testo ga arimasu!

We had our second test in class today. I finished in about 30 minutes, again, and was first again. Now to just wait and see if he throws out 2 of the 15 questions, again. Grr.



Before Michelle left, we found this by the dumpster.Just a monitor you say? Nothing out of the ordinary. You see monitors outside of Jardine dumpsters at least once a month. Check this picture out and it becomes more than just a monitor.

KC Ren Fest

For all you who want another excuse to dress in your pirate clothes and effects, the Kansas City's Renaissance Festival's Pirate weekend is the first weekend. So, on September 2, 3, & 4 we can go and be pirates again! Here is a link, but it doesn't work in Firefox. Grr.

Anyways, yar! I need a better hat by 9/2!! If anyone wants to donate money to me :) I want this hat from Captain Jack. So far have 5$ from Aaron for making him a shirt.

On a completely different note, we got out of class on time! WOot.


The Goal

Here's what I've painted since this guy. All the pictures came out really dark so they aren't very good. I'll take more later and repost them. But for now (or in case I never take new pics) here is what I've painted.

Wood Elf Dryad

Wood Elf Dryad Champion (I added the wood pieces on her base)

Wood Elf Noble with Great Weapon

Vampire Counts Blood Dragon Vampire on Nightmare
(I painted his brother some time ago, back in April)

Van Saar Juve

Van Saar Ganger

5 Human Players for BloodBowl, one blitzer, 3 linemen

Cool Water

Now, I know that we are supposed to stay an extra 5 minutes 12 times to make up for having the Monday before Independence Day off for my class. But holding us an extra 11 minutes after the 5 minutes! Grr. I was really upset, but I didn't leave until he was done. Gah, wast of 660 seconds.


What Next?

Now that our pirate costumes are done, I am feeling like I have nothing to do. I will have to start painting again. My goal of one model a day has fallen by the wayside this past month or so. No excuses anymore. Must start the painting again.

For now though. I am playing games with Shannon and keeping the house clean. Without a sewing maching sitting out all the time, that is a lot easier to do.


Pirate Pictures

Here is a Snapfish Album with all the good pictures from Michelle's and our cameras. I didn't have Jenette & Chris' at the time. If you have an account, or make one, you should be able to get in and see them.


All but 20

We are going to see Pirates a second time. I would say we just saw it a second time. But when we got to the theater to buy our tickets for the 5:00 show. No dice. Sold out. All show times up until 10:10 were. So we bought tickets for 10:10 and while we were leaving, we heard someone shout to their group, "They're sold out of 10:10!" Geez. I asked the lady who works there and she said that all the shows last night were sold out and the 3:40 only had 20 seats left. Wow. It makes me really happy that so many people wanna see it and like it. I like it and I wanna see it. I'm gonna go see it in 40 minutes.



If you recall, the construction of pirate costumes began June 21st. Well, they did have a midnight showing and our group consisted of 6 people, all in costume. We finished up some odds and ends and started to get dressed around 6:00. At around 6:45 Shannon, Michelle, Jenette, Chris, Aaron, and I went to Long John Silver's in costume. I don't like Long John Silver's, but it is piratey. We all paid in gold coins.
While eating back at our place, we watched Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl. That movie is so good.

We finished up our food, movie, and costumes then headed to the movie theater to meet up with Amber around 10:30.
I really enjoyed myself. We were the best dressed pirates there. But there was a smathering of others who put on some costumes, including a handful of ninja's.
Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest, it was a good movie. I won't say much about it. Now, I'm not saying it's better than the first one, but it was a good movie. Don't expect it to be a stand alone movie like Black Pearl, but it was fun. We are going back to see it tomorrow with Rhonda.

We came home and took a bunch of pictures. Here is Shannon and I.

Here is Michelle, Shannon, and Jenette.

I'll post more pics of the costume's tomorrow. But now, I shall sleep. Michelle has some more posted you can check out, too.


Where you at?

The Fourth of July came and has now went. But we did document the day with over 300 pictures (not counting Jenette & Chris' or Amber's).
We had a good time this Fourth of July. We watched the city fireworks after eating a pretzel, some funnel cake, and some cotton candy. The show isn't the best. But it's pretty good. And we don't have to drive a long ways to get home afterwards.
They had some fun explosion flowers.
The fireworks setting on our camera is so nice. Afterwards, we headed to the stadium parking lot. Like last year we started to shoot off our own fireworks. There where two othe groups around. And we got visited by the cops twice. Twice. Grr. We had to leave before it was even midnight.
We eventually took to the road in search of a place to play. We found a place and Shannon, Jenette, Michelle, Chris, and Aaron continued to shoot off our combined 150$ worth of fireworks.
Per tradition (and fun) a tank battle was held. This year it was enhanced by chickens. Yes, chickens. Here it is being shot at with a roman candle.No major burns, some minor ones though. And not to me. Ha, I staying in the car most of the time. Almost all of the time. Nice shows none-the-less. Now on to class then more posts of my past week!


I Wonder

K-State Telecomm no long has long distance service. So, to anyone (long-distance) who expects me or Shannon to call, we can't. Solutions?

-buy a calling card, or two, or three,...
-change to a different provider.



Sweat Band

It's been quite a while. But we did it. We played Super Tennis. Oh joy! It was quite fun. We didni't really suck that much either.


Oh, around 10 hours.

Hmm... I slept a lot today. It was nice.

Michelle and Rhonda are here for the weekend. That's nice.

I am almost done with Aaron's pirate shirt. That's, too, is nice.