I was doing laundry today. The 2 best washers were closed, so I checked to be sure they had stuff in them. And they did, these welcome mats and possibly car mats.

I used some other washers. Eventually dried my clothes. Then I noticed the 2 washers were open. Hmm. I wonder "Did they hang the mats outside? I would. That dryer is awful loud for just one being on." I was wrong. They put the mats in the dryer! Ah, Jardine.

My Eyes

Recently I have been having problems with my vision. My contacts make my eyes red, but I can see. My glasses don't make my eyes red, but everything is blurry and hard to focus on. No matter which I wear I am extra-sensitive to light. It is really hard to drive the car sometimes because I can't keep my eyes open. But...I went to the eye doctor, and she gave me a prescription for these eye drops. She was just going to give me samples, but she had none. I need my eyes to fix so I didn't even ask if it would be expensive. I want to see.

So, I got it filled at Lafene and put some in my eyes. They aren't healed just yet, but I am supposed to use them for a week. The bottle is pretty small, only 5 mL of fluid. That really isn't much. But I am only using them for a week. The small bottle was $70.50. Wow.

But I learned something at the pharmacy today. My health insurace in GTA insurance and it costs 90$ a semester. Pretty cheap, usually has matching cheap-advantages. But they do pay for prescriptions, up to 7$ on monthly ones and then 250$ per year for others. Swell. This little bottle of tobradax almost cost as much as one semester of health insurance, but I didn't have to pay for it.


Looks like Summer

Allow me to explain this dark picture. It's spring break, almost the end of it. This looks a lot like summer however. We have 3 laptops and 2 tablets along with Chris' desktop hooked up and playing Civ IV. Sweet.


Toto's Tacos

Shannon enjoys a fish taco from Toto's Tacos.

It's in Wamego, about 20 minutes east of Manhattan. It was quite good and we may go back if we are driving that directions again.


That Kid

I just love my little niece. On Saturday, Shannon and I went to Wichita for 2 nights. It was short, but nice. I got to see my mom, both sisters, and my niece, plus Michelle! Even though there was some sadness involved and Maria did leave (for Cancun) it was a good time.

Ha! I put these pants on her head and she just kept them on. Eventually she rolled around too much and they fell off, but she didn't take them off herself.

Grandma had her throw away her diaper. She had the silliest grin on her face the whole way to the trash can. While we walked around New Market Square on Sunday, Jayme bought Nicole some cute sun-glasses. She would leave them on her face and open her mouth really wide when she had them on. It was very cute.


Goblin Huts I

I made some goblin huts before we came to Wichita for part of Spring Break. This is them before we spray painted them so I can paint them.

Then I made some barricades as well.



Behold! I shall transform this pile of greens into a thing of beauty!


You're just gonna have to trust me on this one. I am done, in under 1.5 hours. It is beautiful, too.

(If our internet wasn't out, I could show you the pictures.)


The Dark Elves

So here are some pictures of my Dark Elves. For 100 points I have 5 spearmen with shields and 5 crossbowmen. I used a linoleum tile to make the slate for their bases. It worked pretty good.

Also, here is the finished tower I talked about last post. It isn't painted anything fancy, but it looks pretty evil. I sprayed it with this glossy sparkly spray paint we bought around Christmas time. Now it just needs to see a battle.


Dark Elf Tower

Shannon and I have been creating these tiny 100 point armies for Warhammer. My first one was a Dark Elf army. I painted the models a while ago, and then decided to make some scenery to match. I started this tower and am in the process of painting it. It's about 10" tall.



To start off the nice weather (if it stays...) Shannon, Chris, and I played some campus disc golf. I got a +1 (not too bad). Shannon got -5. And Chris got -11. Way to go Chris! Also, that zip-tie bandit's work is still around. Check out the fork in the bush.


1 out of 6

I've been at K-State for 6 years. This is the only year I've cared about SGA elections, specifically the student body president and vice. Jim & Nick ran against KS-You. Jim & Nick had some very useful platforms to run on. KS-You didn't. Jim & Nick came out to Junction City to talk to the roller hockey team because their best platform (for me) was to try and get the rec to build a multi-purpose facility in their new expansion. Sweet. There are others, but that was the biggie.

Alas, I cared for little reason. Today Shannon and I saw that KS-You won by 26 stupid votes. Grr. That stinks. Because basically it was a tie, but since our voting system is as it is, it counts as a win. Sheesh. No hockey in Manhattan for another long while.


Sparkly 7:30 am

This morning I went to Radina's and got myself some special breakfast! I got a caramel steamer and a yummy orange chocolate chip scone. It's huge. I just may eat it all. Watch out!!


Mile 94

On our drive back from hockey, there was a semi-truck that decided to roll over and play dead. I don't know if anyone was hurt, but it is kind of interesting to see a semi just laying on its side.

Bambi and the MVP

Today we played our last league game for the year. Yesterday was the last regular season game and we needed to not lose. We played decent and tied the game. Shannon had two goals and then we had 5 others...so it was alright.

Today we played our one play-off game. We lost to Missouri State University 12-2 in the 3rd. But we played pretty good.

After the game, we had our traditional end of year awards. Shane (pictured at left with Jerry) won Most Improved. He really deserved it. He started out not being able to skate very well at all, but he is pretty good now. The MVP award went to Shannon! It was pretty neat. Now he has a cool plaque to show how awesome he really is. I'll have to up load a picture later. This one is from my phone and I couldn't work it fast enough to get one of Shannon with Jerry. But I know some one caught it on a real camera.

If you missed out on K-State hockey this season (or want to watch us again), you still have one chance to catch us in action! On Saturday April 21st, we are playing a mini-turny in Kansas City with a local team, us, and a K-State alumni team. Check, out our wob-site for more information.


Winter Wonderland

It was about 70 degrees out on Wednesday of this week. It was so nice! Then Wednesday night, rumors of snow started. "I'll kick your shins if it snows tonight, Jason!" This was by far the best rumor.

Then it happened. Thursday morning around 4:30 am it started to snow. It was some of the best packing snow we have had all season. So, to celebrate this, Shannon and I took pictures.

By that evening, about 75% of the snow was already gone. Gotta love the KS weather.