Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

Back in the day (15 years ago) there was a show called Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. It ran on Nickelodeon and at this time I watched it. Or was at least more familiar with shows on Nick. I mean I was only 13ish.

In the show Aaahh!!! Real Monsters there existed monsters (duh). I recall that these monsters entered our world somehow through toilets and they had a thing for nail clippings. I wouldn't say I liked the show, but I did watch it from time to time.

I bring this show up because of the nail clippings. If you know me and my sisters, feet are kinda gross to us. Although saying "kinda" for my sisters is a huge understatement. So in the show, when there was a jar full of these clippings, it was gross. Nowadays, I am totally grosses out by the sound of nail clipping. I mean, I know it has to get done and I don't mind when I clip my own nails, but the sound of someone clipping their nails...that's bad. So bad, that when Shann clips his nails he does so in the bathroom with the doors closed and if he remembers, with the shower still running because he knows I can't take the noise.

About three years ago, I was sitting in an inservice for the school I taught at and one of the counsoulers took out a nailclipper and just started clipping. In the middle of inservice! That is just gross. Not only can I not avoid the sound, but where do you think those nail clippings ended up? The trash can? No, they were on the floor. He just clipped his nails onto the floor of the cafeteria and left them there.

Then a week ago, during our weekly company meeting a coworker whips out some nail clippers and goes to town. During the meeting! The only thing beteween me and that was Shannon. So not only was I in a mandatory meeting with nail clipping going on about 4 feet from me, but the nail clippings were left on the conference table! OMG! We eat on that thing (and they don't clean it off often)!

What kind of person carries nailclippers with them at all times anyway?


The Last Weekend of April 2009 is Gone

What did I do on the Last Weekend of April 2009?
  • Made 9 more Standard Normal Plushies for my Etsy store
  • Mowed the lawn and weeded the back yard
  • Played more BloodBowl
  • Painted the "hall bath **itter" (as the top of the door to the room so explicitly described)
  • Made and ate some awesome Gyro burgers, with a few changes
  • Looked for laser printer transfer paper at stores, with no luck


Later Than Usual

Yesterday I sold 6 more plushies on Etsy! Now I don't have enough left so I have to make more! This is really fun.

With the money I made yesterday, I bought a new table! We went to Furniture Row to look at the wonderful jigsaw couch to see if it was on sale in their clearance sale (which it sadly wasn't). What we did find was a table for 48$. It's damaged, but it is still sturdy and can be fixed one day. It's like Mom's counter-height table, but with a dark stain. It's got the top I've been using placed on top of it and no chairs, but it looks fancy. And it was cheap!

If the couch was included in the clearance, which was about 30% off, then we probably would have bought it.


The Going Ons

Yesterday I made my first sale on Etsy! Woot!

I also stitched up some pillow covers for pillows for our futon. A while back we got some ugly pillows from Hobby Lobby for 3$ each. For some darn reason Blogger keeps rotating the picture!

Then last weekend we bought some fabric. The amount of it that I actually used only cost about 9$. But, we bought a bit more than we needed (it was a remnant that was an additional half off).



This weekend was nice and productive, yet still rather relaxing. I did a bit of cleaning (the garage and our master bathroom), a bit of sewing (t-distribution plushies and some pillows), and some gaming (painted some halflings and played some BloodBowl).

Shannon and I even made some bread and dominated one of our rosebushes. While talking of rosebushes, I really don't like them. I wish they weren't in our back yard. Basically, that back 4' of our yard is useless because of the rosebushes. When your yard isn't huge, 4' is a lot. They make mowing a pain, playing football a pain, and just looking at them, well, unless they have roses, they just aren't that pretty. I don't know. I know that some people like them, so I don't wanna get rid of them, but I don't like them and I want to get rid of them. Maybe we can just move them to a different, less used part of the yard. How well do they transplant?



Jayme and Charles are engaged! They are gonna get married sometime in October! Yippie! I get to make another wedding dress!



So, Etsy is pretty cool. Its a community for crafters to sell their crafts to the entire world. There is a small listing fee and commission when you do sell something, but the rest it yours. I've always enjoyed crafting and when I lived in PA, my mom used to sell crafts for a living. We traveled to craftshow what feels like everyweek. But it was fun. I don't think the craft show route is for me, but Etsy. I can dig that. So I did.

The top rightmost pic in the screen capture above is of one of my listed pieces.


My Opinion

I'm usually pretty quiet. No reason to say something just for the sake of words. Instead, I try to speak things I mean. But I still don't do that all the time. It's easier to just be quiet. Or even easier to not pay attention and just think of simple things, like food.

But I've decided to take a little initiative and say things I think. So today at work I've been talking a lot more and just letting my opinion out. He's a nice guy.


Deer, Dancing, Tuba

That was my weekend. We drove to Wichita and then Manhattan on Thursday. Hung out on Friday. Then Friday night Michelle smashed a deer with her car. On Saturday we hung some more and went to Spring Dance. It was pretty good. Michelle seemed like he had a good time, too.

Sunday we drove to Wichita and listened to Jayme play in her tuba concert. That was also good. Afterward we came home and here we are. Back to the job and house and cold feet.

I would supply you with some photos, but they are not with me right now.


Fairly Common Sensical.

Life has been pretty good lately. Shannon's dad, Gary, is visiting. He came in on Tuesday and is flying back out on Monday. However, Thursday night to Sunday night we will be traveling to Manhattan (with a little bit of Wichita). It's the first time he's been here since we've moved. It's kinda fun having him over!

In other adventures, I started to clean up our two little "gardens" last night. I did about 2/3 of the left corner...

...but none of the right corner. That'll come next week, maybe.

Also, Gary is trying his hand at some stained glass!