Back in the Day

Jayme is correct. This is the same truck my dad had back in the day. It was an old Ford pick-up with an extended cab and 2 gas tanks. It was a good ol' truck. I remember multiple trips to Florida and New Jersey in this truck. It is also the truck that my dad got into his bad accident with.

Over Christmas break at my mom's house in Wichita, we spent a lot of time watching old home movies. Almost all of the time from Saturday evening to Wednesday we watched old videos from 1984! Jayme bought a DVD-recorder and we made about 6 DVD's worth of old videos. It was really fun to watch them. The first video our family has is from February 11th 1984, of Jayme being 10 days old. Now to think that it's 2008, almost 24 years later and that little newborn has a 17 month old of her own, crazy.

I should upload some photos, but they are on a different computer so... I won't be doing that now. Just know that I had a great time in Garden City and a great time in Wichita.


Olive Garden

You can't tell. But that is a shrimp inside of a mussel shell. Mom didn't order shrimp.


Christmas 07 Number 1

Colorado was our first stop for Christmas fun this year. We decided to go there first because last year the weather was too bad to travel that far so we didn't go. You may recall some ice and power-outs.

Well, we did some shopping at Centerra (above), Estes Park, and Boulder. We ate a lot of gelato. We had it from about 4 different places. Well, maybe only 3. But still, it was a lot of gelato and it was all good. :)

Saturday, our last day in Colorado, we had a big ol' family get together at Linda's. There were a lot of people. Me and Shannon, Jenette, and Chris, Michelle, Gary, Linda, Grandma and Grandpa Dick, Randy, Nancy, Wes, Jennifer, Suzanne, Emily, Amy, and Jonathan, Lindee, Terry, Katrina, Adam, and Dakota, Jerry and Cindy, and some of Linda's neighbors stopped by. So, 25-ish. Plus there were 4 dogs, Shadow (a German Sheppard), Libby (a terrier), Major (a beagle), and Jake (a poodle?). Not all of them are pictured above. But Major is below and he is a very cute and smart little puppy!!

This video is of Dakota playing Wii boxing with Emily. I don't know if Cody actually won.

It was busy. But fun.


Purple Crayon

So, remember last time I found some purple crayon essence? Well I found some more. This time I was stepping back into the car at one of the many crappy gas stations in Limon, Colorado.


Oh yeah. Get ready for it.

Michelle is gonna play hockey with us!! We went to Play It Again Sports in Longmont and she got everything she needs for about 160$. That us super awesome!


LED Lights Rock (bottom brewery)

We went to Centerra last night with Gary and Michelle. They had decorated for Christmas by putting white LED lights on all their deciduous trees and sweet dark blue LED lights on all their evergreens (not pictured). It was so so so cool looking. It was also very cold. And Michelle got an orange Broncos jersey of Champ Bailey. (He's going to the Pro-Bowl!)


Slingle Bells

It begins with sweet taffy. We stopped and got Michelle on our trip to Colorado and also got some taffy, flavors like Cherry Cola, Red Licorice, Juicy Pear, Peach, Grape, Rum...


Jardine Apartment Complex Complex

So, Shannon and I have lived in Jardine Apartments for over 6 years. We haven't had problems, besides it being rather small, but that is something we have decided it worth it for the price and the location.

But now I hate this place. And it's not the apartment itself, it's all the changes they've made since opening up the new buildings.

We no longer receive a visitors permit for our guests. If we have someone come over, they are to go down to Edwards Hall (campus police) and pick up a 1-day parking pass. If they want to stay more than 1-day, they are supposed to pay.

Then they removed our mailboxes. The old location of all 24 apartments having their boxes at the corner of the building was too convenient for the residents. We now have to go to a central location, building 7, to pick up our mail. All of Jardine (and there are way over 300 apartments) has to get their mail from one mail room. Kind of like PO boxes, but not by choice. It take about 5 minutes to get there and then you have to scan a card to get in and then use your box key to get your mail.

To make that more fun... If you've received a package that doesn't fit into your box (which most don't) and it is too big for the parcel boxes below (which happens), you receive a notice to go to the post office and pick up your package soon or they will mail it back to the sender.

Then just today, I tried to do laundry in our newly updated wash house. We have new washers and dryers. But we have to pay 75 cents for a wash and 75 for a dry. Not too big of a deal. But you don't put the money in the machine. No, way to easy. You have to use your K-State ID card. But I can't use mine. I have to use my husbands. And if you don't have money in your account, you have to go to a different building (Building 7 again) to put money on your, I mean, Shannon's card. Then I can do laundry.

I don't understand why they would take these things that work and then screw them up. I mean really screw them up. I can't wait to leave this place. If your considering moving to Jardine Apartments, don't. They suck on every level.


There are no...

Flashlights. We went to an super packed Wal-mart today and they are out of flashlights. This ice storm still has 12,000 people in Manhattan without power (that's since Tuesday morning).

We are lucky to have power. Even though I have a final tomorrow, I at least have heat and light to study by.


I feel like crying.

Yesterday the weather was really bad and the finals were postponed. I had my hardest on that day. So, when school was canceled, I hoped the final would be too.

The University is rescheduling all of Tuesday's finals for Saturday. Saturday!

We haven't heard from the teacher yet, but another student in a different class said that our teacher told her he will be here on Saturday giving us our final.


If you recall, this was an issue last year too. Different teacher though. And well, different circumstances too. Still sucks though.



A lost mitten at Dillon's.


Pink Snow

They now use something pink to de-ice our sidewalks. Maybe it's peeps.


Deeper Underground

On Monday we went to Student Spotlight. It's a dance show put on by students at K-State. We went because Michelle was in a dance! It was pretty good, the whole show that is. There was this crazy "fish-flop" move that popped its way into about 4 dances, though. It was odd.

Michelle's group did a good dance. It was really odd but quite fun as well. It was fun to get to see Michelle dance. Shannon and I never did make it down to GC to watch her dance. So at least we got to see her sometime!


It was kind of cold walking to school this morning, about 23 degrees. I took a shower this morning, and my hair was wet when I walked to school, so it froze. Not really that out of the ordinary. That happens a lot since I don't dry all my hair after a shower.

But the crazy part is the ball of ice that formed at the end of my hair. The picture above is of me holding my hair parallel to the ground. If you notice a small whitish dot on the tip to the left, that would be ice. A small ice ball formed at the end of my hair. That is not ordinary.



In January of 2002, Shannon and I bought our desktop. At that time, we picked up on a deal for a printer for 1$. That printer was used for about 2 years. It would take a new sheet up paper, tilt it slightly, then proceed to print on the now crooked paper. Memories.

This week, we smashed it. It along with a scanner that we got from Newgen that worked about twice then just started to control itself. So the zombie electronics are dead. They had a mind of their own, and now their mind is smashed and in a the dumpster.


This is how I study. On a Saturday from 12 to 4 in my office with Christmas lights. Besides it being Saturday and having to study, it's pretty nice.