Spankin' New Naps

I finished painting some models recently. I said I'd show you and here they are. These 4 Wood Elf Glade Guard finish off my unit of an odd 17 (not sure of my logic behind that) (Here's the first 3).

The 6 Chaos Warriors are really old. The models are Shannon's from before I even knew him. I am slowly working on making the unit larger. But they match my previous Warriors (these guys) rather well.

Batman Calculus

Do you think the student had this planned out? Or was is spontaneous?


Chocolate Nativity Mold

Sometimes I really wonder. I wonder how a website can know so much about me. Heck, more about me then I know about myself! It's kinda freaky.

Seroiusly, I had no idea I wanted this . But the more I look, the more I know Amazon is right. I want the Nativity Chocolate Candy Mold Set because I own and like the Wilton Stackable Cooling Rack 3-pc.

Blows my mind.
Woo hoo! My tests and homework are all done! I had a homework assignment in all 3 classes due last week. Then for the last 3 days (Friday, Monday, Tuesday) I've had a test in each class. Yay! What fabulous timing my teachers do have.

Glad it's done. I don't know how I did on any of the 6 tasks yet. But don't you worry your pretty little eyes, I'll let you know how they fall.


First off, I lied. I have the scores for 2 of my homeworks, 20/20 and 32/32.

I just got back my 717 test. I got the second highest score, a 60/63. Woo hoo! I just hope Theory goes well, too!


Mad Libs: Pool Rule

If you want to swim in this taco or soak in our crunchy spa, you must follow this one tasty rule: No nude eating allowed. Men must wear beany shorts, and women must wear one-piece bathing sombrero. No exceptions!

This Mad Libs is brought you you by Thursday. The 15th of February.

Oh No!

I have a Theory 2 test in 1 hour. I'm freaking out.


A better one?

This is another comic from xkcd. It's funny too.



To add to your laugh-o-meter's bar, you can check out some of XKCD. It's a webcomic. A taste...


Theory Problem 1 Answer

If you recall this problem from my 3rd STAT 771 assignment. I will now give you the correct answer.

This is one I actually understood and got right!


Too bad they were 10$

Today I finished painting 4 Wood Elf Archers. I didn't take any pictures of them yet. But I did start them about 6 months ago. They took a long time, mostly because I didn't work on them. But they are finally done.

Also, I got to see Mom and Jayme and Baby Nicole last weekend (yay). It was too bad because it was for just a short weekend and because mostly everyone was sick. But it's still nice to see them plus they got to watch the team play. Speaking of the team, we lost all 4 games this weekend. It wasn't a very pretty weekend.

Baby Nicole had a big week. She started her first 2 teeth, went on her biggest trip (to St. Louis) and took a crawl. It might have been an accident and it was definatley only one step, but it was great.

We ate at Hereford House on the way through KC with Mom and Jay. My advice to you, don't eat there. It's overpriced and not all that great. Sure the place looked nice and had a cool fireplace. But it was way too expensive for the food and service you recieved. I was really disappointed.

Shannon got his box from Woot today. I won't spoil the fun, but we did get a gel pen.

P.S. I went to bed at 7pm last night and work up at 6:30 am this morning, almost 12 hours....yay!


Antihistamine, please.

My nose has been really runny lately. Its quite frustrating. Today my ears are all crackly. Grr.

This weekend is our second to last weekend to travel to St. Louis for hockey this year. Its going to be a hard weekend. We have four games, SIU, Washington, UMSL, and Truman. We may be able to beat SIU. But the other 3 we'll be lucky to finish. Hopefully the whole team shows up with their best effort and our goalies rock the house. It should be fun either way.

I am actually really looking forward to it. Mom and Jayme are coming with Baby Nicole to watch and I am really excited about that!

On to the knitting of a leg warmer.


Theory Problem Number 2

For more STAT 771 fun, try this problem!


New Things

Today, after hockey practice, I noticed I had two missed calls. I called Mom back and she told me Jayme had called to say that Baby Nicole got her first tooth! Yay! I can't wait to see her. Possibly this weekend, awesome.

On that note, Mom, Jayme, Maria, and Nicole are (hopefully) coming to our hockey games this weekend. Sweet. I am really looking forward to seeing them and for them to watch the team play. We are a lot better than we used to be, even though our record doesn't really show it.

Other new things, I decided to show off the things I've made. I made a new blog over here that has the things I've knitted. It's not everything, and some of it is crocheted, but I made it. Also, it needs a better name. So if you have any ideas let me know.


Mad Libs

For Christmas Shannon bought me a Mad Libs daily calendar. Sometimes their funny, sometimes their not. Here are two good ones.

Newspaper Ads

FOR SALE: This crunchy car is in sweet condition. It was formerly owned by a small schoolteacher who always drove it quickly. There is a cinnamon food in the back seat and a chrome bowl on the hood.

I put the words I actually chose in italics. It is kinda fun when it somewhat works out. Here's another one.


Once, I was thinking about moving, but I was moving. Then a gray friend told me that "an expiring stone gathers no team," and then I realized that it was a fast idea.

You can play with Mad Libs on-line here and here.


What a Bowl!

This weekend we had hockey in St. Louis again. Some noteable things occured...

-I deflected a puck into our own net with my leg in a penalty kill. So not only do I have a purple lump, I scored a goal for the other team. Excellent.

-I took out the guy that hurt Jenette back in the fall. He fell hard and almost cried.

-Shane (not Shannon) chipped his tooth. We wear cages on our helmets, but he got a skate to the head and it made him bite down so hard, that he chipped the tooth next to his canine tooth. Ouch.

-We tied another game and lost the other 3. Now our team record this season is 1-10-2. You can check out our team website for future games and times here.

Okay. In other news. That bowl of soup, huge. We ate at Macarroni Grill and Shannon and I ordered a bowl of Chicken Toscana. It was good. You can see how large it is by refering to the crayon to the right of the soup.



So, Wildcatmenus.com has well, just that. Menu's from all around Wildcat land. It's kinda odd. You can see they just took a menu, scanned it, and viola. I wonder if they got permission to do it, or just did it. Looking at the Chipotle menu, with the fold and the bends, I think they may not have.

A Little Math Fun

One of my theory 2 homework problems for you.