Are women biologically better mothers then men?

I'm not really sure how you could say no. Women have milk for babies to drink, men don't. I think that's biological.

This class is the best class I've taken yet. It's logical, pertinent, and logical. Gender Issues in Teaching Math and Science with Dr. Spears. Good. I learnt about Title IX tonight.

Prohibition against discrimination; exceptions. No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance, except that:

Title IX's whole purpose is to create equal oppotunities for men and women. Any school that recieves federal money has to follow Title IX. It goes for admissions, scholarships, organizations, athletics, and some others. Athletics is where it seems to be the biggest. Women need to have equal opportunities to compete. But, in contact sports (like football, wrestling, basketball, hockey...) women do not have to be allowed to participate. Instead, an alternative must be offered. So any school that allows coed contact sport teams does so voluntarily.

But class is fun, interesting and I'm glad it's at 7:05 and not 4:30. It's hard to make it to 4:30 classes from JC.


Swan Lake

Last night I went with Mom, Maria, and Jessica (her room-mate) to see the ballet Swan Lake at McCain. It was done by the Russian Ballet and was pretty fun. If you don't know the story, here it is.

Swan Lake
Prine Siegfried is coming of age and his mommy gives him a toy crossbow at his castle party. So they all dance and he goes to the lake. Swans. All over. Not just any swans, girls that have been turned into swans by an evil long-legged magician (whome he tries to shoot with this crossbow). He falls in love with Odette and they dance all around. He goes back to the castle to pick a wife. But none are Odette!

Evil LL Magician brings his daughter Odile and a spell and tricks Princey into loving Odile. They dance around and dance around and then he see Odette and realized he's been fooled! Sadness all around. So he runs to the lake, even all the swans are sad. They do sad dances and then Odette comes out and dances with Princey. Then the Evil LL Magician comes out and is mad. He's gonna hurt Princey. They have a dance off and Princey wins! ELLM falls to the ground and literally rolls out of sight. Happiness abounds, the light comes back and the story ends to numerous rounds of applause.

So yeah. There was an awesome Jester in a cool black/white uniform. He jumped incredibly high and spun a whole lot. Very fun.

One trippy thing, when the 20 swans came out and danced together, they would fade to red. It was a wierd optical illusion. The lights were very blue-green and the swans very white. So they just kinda faded to red as they moved around. It was really wierd.

Overall I had a good time and am glad I went.


Jesus Baby

My cousin's baby, Tommy, just got baptised. (z??) Here is his mommy and Jesus baby himself.


Just like Cox, only with burgers, no sweet potato fries, and no big screen tv. The BBQ nachos are still there and good. They use thinner chips which is sad, but it's still good. They also have BBQ pizza now too. Hmm.


Team 8 Math

Today we used a quick thing I put together on another blog for class. Here it is if you wanna have Pythagorean fun (the comments are kinda fun too, remember 8th grade). It actually went really well. Besides most kids just messing around and doing the quiz, it was good. They were generally on task and I think some of them see it now.

Oh, I am having a good day. Nothing really special, it just didn't suck! I think it has to do with the fact that 2 of the worst students were suspended today. yay



Class is so much better than last year! We watched "The Fable of He and She." It's from 1974 and it's claymation. Rather entertaining.

School is fine, hockey is fine. No real news today.

Why do people ask if a dog is a boy or a girl?


UMSL Stinks

We had hockey this weekend. 3 games, 2 good ones, one crummy one. Jenette and I are the only girls I know of in our divisionion in the inline hockey league. No one makes anything of it either, which is great. Except UMSL. Last year some of their fans/B-team players made comments of how girls shouldn't play in this league. Then Sunday, I was out and by their bench, and they made comments like, "It's just the girl." or "something*something* only #9* something." Just purposely pointing me out and making something of it. Arg. It's frustrating, because Jenette and I don't make anything of it, and no one else usually does either. UMSL is just a group of egotistical guys and it is frustrating. But, it just makes me want to try even harder.

Also along the hockey story...I got 2 crappy penalties, both for tripping. Yeah. Since I went for the puck and the first two teams we played had balance issues, I get the penalties. Not even good ones! I'll have to try harder next time.

Oh, tired and on to bed!


We got three new students to PSC today. Prior the class had 8 black males, 1 black female, 2 white females, 3 white males, and 1 hispanic male. So the new kids are three white males. It still stinks that there are only 3 girls in the class of now 18, but at least the racial mix is more even. It is a hard class for me to teach. I struggle with not only the content, but the classroom management as well, and a lot with that. Eh, I'll just try harder to do better. PSC is supposed to leave for their own place on February 20th, so one month. We'll see.

Besides that...last night I "helped" Maria with her Cacl II homework. I don't remember much, but I tried my darnest. Hopefully she got it done by 4 today.

Well, Shannon is making us some steak, so I'll go help.


How I Wish

Do you ever wish you could take pictures with your mind? Then upload them to your computer and post them on your blog?

Well, today in class, we were just getting started and some of the kids were watching a stray cat outside. It was nice out so our windows were open. Well, we get started and everyone sitting and the cat jumps onto the ledge and tries to get in the classroom. Since I have no screen on that window, it would have been easy. But I'm mean and my dislike for cats crept in and I closed the window on him. About 2 minutes later he did it again but the window was still shut. Kinda fun though. The cat looked cute. But alas, I left my cable at school...


Mass Media Beseiges Students

So, my class, it's okay. "The chances of you not getting an A are small." That about sums it up.

Other news...this just in from my thighs...
"Ouch! Stop moving!"
Yes, hockey practice is back. And my thighs are the most sore, however, arms aren't very happy either. Last night while grading, my blue flair felt heavy. Uy.

PS...I love these guys!


Ogres, Wood Elves, and Hockey, Oh my!

Oh, yes. Maria bought some Ogres for Warhammer. Actually, Shannon and I bought them as a birthday gift for her (it's this Sunday).

I've been working on my Wood Elves (sing it to the tune of I've been working on the railroad.) I have close to 1000 points painted...but by close I mean about 700 done. Eh.

And lastly, hockey practice resumes tonight. Oh, 3 hours of fun. Hopefully I'm not too sore tomorrow and Wednesday.


Meet Sancho

World, Sancho. Sancho, World.

Star Monkey

Like I said, here is the second installment of monkey fun. Maybe star monkeys* are more your type.

*Is it monkeys or monkies. I think monkies is funnier.

Cactus Monkey

I made me a cactus monkey! Woo hoo. Ain't he cute? I have more coming. So, if cactus monkey isn't your style...just wait until my next one.



We, well I, used such words as parabola, hyperbola, and asymptote today in class. What does the word asymptote come from? What is its origin? :) origin


Truck Lighted

So, we were driving back from dinner and its about 10:00 pm. I was actually driving. Anyway. A white truck was coming the opposite way and his lights were off. So, my head raced about what do do. I finally figured it out and turned off-on my lights. I was hoping he noticed. Just as he passed me, they went on! Yay!

that's all

Oh, Pythagoras...

You funny man.


Birthday Mystery

Yesterday we went to our friend Newgen's surprise birthday party. We got to eat (a lot) of lasagna, see Newgen and Andrea, meet the other group of Newgen's friends (finally), and partake in a murder mystery game.

The game was pretty fun. I was really worried that I'd have to act a lot and it would suck. I mean, we could/should have dressed our parts and I didn't. Luckily, I was just an artist, so anything goes. But it was pretty fun. We sat in a circle and just talked about things. I kinda wish it was more involved after we were done. But good times. I wasn't the killer, nor the accomplice. I was the victim's fiancee and was having an affair with the chauffer, who luckily was Shannon. Andrea says the company has a pirate one...that may be worth looking into.


I Wish I Could Wash My Irish Wrist Watch

Tongue Twister fun. "I Wish I Could Wash My Irish Wrist Watch." Try that one. It is really hard for me to finish it.

Back to Christmas for a minute. A while ago, I posted about the amazing wonders of chocolate fountains. How it would be great to see/have one. Well, it is great. For Christmas, Newgen got Shannon and I one. It was loud, but fun! We dipped marshmallows, pretzels, fruit, graham crackers...great times.


My Best

This is the farthest I've ever gotten in Tetris. I was proud of myself. Not to mention, this goes to prove how productive of a Christmas break I had.


It Begins

School started today. I had inservice and tomorrow I get students. *sigh*

On a completely different note, I want cheese dip. But I have no cheese. *sigh*

Christmas yeilded some fun. Noteworthy gifts include: dice earrings, Zombie dragon, Wood Elf dragon, Wood Elf spellsinger, Amazon BloodBowl team, Memory Foam matress topper, hopefully a new monitor...oh...

Okay, I'm hungry.


Pizza, Usually Appealing

So, we are walking through Wal-mart for food for Christmas time at R-Honda's. We checked for California Pizza Kitchen pizza's, but they only one they had, we didn't want (Thai is the best). But, I did happen to notice these. Jack's and Tombstone. Yep. Look at the pictures. I'm not sure how much of a "common knowledge" thing this is, but they are the same picture. Apparently, Kraft has at least 2 crummy pizza companies. Congrats, they both look like they stink.

*There was to be a link to California Pizza Kitchen, but apparently loading a picture and opening a website are more than a dail-up connection can handle. Thus, no link.