Merry Christmas!

I've had one of my two Christmases so far. Today we are going to open gifts with Rhonda and Shannon's family. :) Good times!

Sunday was Christmas at Mom's. We had a great time. Nice relaxing day with some good food and good laughs. Keagan is at a fun age. Although, she had two too many presents and just didn't want to open them. So, they are at Mom's. We'll go back for New Years and try again.



My old calculus teacher at GCCC, Mrs. Crummet, used to have crackly joints. She'd teach at the white board and her ankles (?) would crack when we moved around.

Well, today, while teaching math at GCCC, I was walking around and my knee cracked. I immediately smiled and thought of my old teacher. :)



It's been just over 2 months since we packed our first truck of belongings from Tulsa and moved to Garden. My first semester as a GCCC instructor is just about half way over already (C R Azy). It's been good. We still have a good deal of boxed items. It's been a challenge fitting all of our stuff into a house that already has all of what it needs. But it's working, everyone has been a big help in getting things as they currently are.

It's nice to live by family. We get to see Rhonda or Gary at least once a week. And Keagan gets to spend time with her second cousin (?) every few weeks too.

Etsy is going well still. It keeps me busy, in case prepping for two courses and teaching 18 hours a week isn't enough. But it's all good. We are happy and enjoying life.

Keagan has four molars, and has for about 2 weeks now. Her hair is getting long enough to get stuck under the neck of her shirt when we dress her. :) She will attempt to repeat words (finally), although it is usually just the first sound or two in a word. But it'll get there.



Keagan started to repeat things we do and sometimes say. When Maria was here a few weeks back we even caught it on video:


Back to where We started

Shannon and I are moving back to the town we met it, Garden City. :) Most of you know already, and in case you don't, I took a job at GCCC as a full-time mathematics teacher starting this fall. :D


Taking a Break

Etsy has been crazy busy this past month. There was one day I sold a ton, like 35 orders, most of which were for multiple items. :)

So, I'm pretty much caught up. I'm just working on orders from the past 3 days. Not to bad at all.

In other news (ie Keagan), she has 7 teeth (4 top, 3 bottom). Her bangs are quite long, but I don't wanna cut them, and they don't seem to bother her, so we are just letting them grow. :)

She walks great, and almost runs sometimes. She has recently been doing a lot of clap-walking. She opens her arms wide, then claps, and opens and claps, over and over as she walks. Pretty cute. It's like she's saying "I'm just chill with life."

She only says "moa, moa" for more, "this", and "ba, ba, baa" for book. Some other sounds that sometimes sound and match with banana, diaper, dog, and dad. But that's basically it.

I don't have room on my computer for pictures, I need to get a hard drive. Maybe this week...


Sorry about the Picture Tease

For some reason my new phone won't send pics to blogger. So they just came up as a bunch of boxes (for me at least).

Here is what I meant to show you....

My 11lb nephew, Aliyasun Charles!

And one of Keagan, on the quilt I made him.


Playing Tacos

Things have been going pretty good lately. Etsy is still doing well. I am working on an order of 19 plushies for Facebook now. :) Sweet huh!

Keagan is "walking." She doesn't really get very far yet, but she can travel about 1.5 feet. It's pretty cute. See?

She also started clapping today. We have it on video, but I haven't uploaded them yet. My computer is old and running out of room, so I'll have to fix that first.

Also, she spent the last two nights sleeping in her crib in her room instead of in the crib in our bedroom. It's MUCH further away, but she is more comfortable and slep through the night both nights, 9-10 hours. It's pretty sweet.

Keagan and Cassidy watching horses.


10 Months

Keagan turned 10 months old Saturday. :) How cute.

She stands a lot. Has even taken a few steps, but maxes out at 3, usually 1.5.

She points at things.

She kind of says "more" but its more like mama then more.


Keagan Pic!

She's a cutie with 4 teeth and working on some molars.


Happy Vappy Day!

More Krispy Kreme's! Those doughnuts are actually good. :)

And cute Keagan! Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day!


Look Ma! No Hands!

Keagan has taken to standing lately. I mean just on her own. She gets into a standing position while leaning on something, like me or Shannon, a box, couch, etc. Then just lets go and stands on her own for anywhere from 2-20 seconds. It's quite impressive. :)

She enjoys celery. Recently, tearing it to shreds in about 1 minute with her two little teeth.

And Parmesan chunk flavor didn't seem to bother her either.


January, the Slow Month?

So, things calmed down a bit in Etsy land after Christmas. But I'm still selling about 2 items every 3 days, so plenty to do.

But an update on life outside of Etsy!

We spent Christmas in Garden, with a short Wichita Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. Keagan looked adorable in the dresses Mom bought her.

She and Cassidy had a swell time playing with boxes,

with corn, and with other random things,

including each other.

They even had a "sleep over" with Aunt Michelle.

We spent New Years in Wichita.

We watched K-State sadly lose the Pinstripe Bowl on the 30th (that was a crummy games, the refs sucked as did the field) with Andy, then we went to Cirque Du Soleil on New Years Eve. That was pretty neat. Not as good at Trans Siberian, but fun.

We partied with sick babies over New Years and just had a nice time with family.

Keagan has two bottom teeth, one cut before Christmas, the other about 3 days after Christmas. It's hard to see them though, that tongue likes to get in the way.