Keagan and Kendall

These trucks actually belong to Steve and Margo, but we haven't seen them since they got left at our house. 

Turns out, Kendall and Keagan think they are pretty cool.

Kendall and Daddy

Playing in her jumpy seat with da-da, 9.5 months old.


She Eats!

Kendall is 6 months and about 10 days.  We started her with some solid food (baby cereal) and she eats so well.  Especially compared to gagging-Keagan.  :)  She's steadily gaining weight and coordination and hair.

She sits great, lays and rolls when she feels like it, which isn't very often.  She loves to jump.  We bought her a suspended jumper seat (jumperoo) and she loves it.  Plus, its super cute to watch her little feet as she hops up and down.

Keagan is going great too.  Still naps once a day and isn't quite yet potty trained.  Although she can wear "girl panties" for like 6 hours in a row with no accidents.  And she does go in the potty, just not all the time.  She still likes her diaper.

Keagan loves Kendall.  She tell us and Kendall that all the time, which is super.  They get along really well.  Both laughing and smiling at the other.

They started daycare at Patrica's full time last week.  It is going well.  Keagan has a good time there and is making friends easily with the other kids.  There is another baby Kendall's age and about 4 other kids closer to Keagan's age.  I'm really glad they both get along well there.