Dessert Nachos

We ate at Kite's on Saturday while Maria was working. Shannon and I got the Dessert Nachos. They were interesting. Not bad. If I get them again, I will ask for no chocolate stuff. The chips and the fruit and the caramel would be good on its own.



Today in Consulting Lab, Smiley came by and asked me something. It wasn't a statistics question though. He asked me to teach him a slang term. I said I couldn't think of one, so he said he'd come back in about 5 minutes and let me think. So I did.

I couldn't think of anything good, but I remembered back to my teaching days in Junction, and "oh, snap!" So I told Smiley about that. After a bit of explaining about how it is an exclamation. He snapped his fingers a few times and smiled.

He then told me he would come by and continue to ask me questions. I don't know if it'll always be a slang term, but if it is. I'm already out of ideas.


I very appreciate it.

This is it. The countdown is coming to an end. Only 3 sleeps left until I can finally sleep in!

Seriously, it's been 14 nights since I've been able to sleep in. Having back-to-back weekends of hockey in St. Louis is a killer.

In other countdowns, only 10 days left in February. And you know what comes in March? The new Vampire Counts. Who's excited? I'm excited! There are so many amazing new models (some with rather absurd pricing) and a lot of rule changes. As far as I've heard, I'm okay with most if not all of them. There appears to be a change in that now ghouls, or crypt ghouls, aren't skirmishers. We'll see. I may be wrong, but if it's true, I don't know if I like that rule just yet. But I'm really excited to paint the new models and play with the new rules! I'm sure you will hear more about the updates in the weeks to come from me.


Happy Vappy Day

Today was one of the most busy and unaccomplished days I've had in a while. I wanted to get things done, but the only thing I finished all the way was teaching my class this morning. I actually taught from 8:05 to 9:20. We almost always get out at least 5 minutes early.

Among the things I didn't finish....
-The dishes.
- All of SAS code for my homework. I have the assignment write up done, but I managed to delete and lose the last 2/3 of my code for the assignment.

I could probably sit here and think of more things, but that's just depressing. Instead...

An xkcd comic...



This weekend we played some hockey. I got damaged on the nose. I'm not really sure how. I have a full cage on my helmet...but it happened. I would show you a picture, but I look rather foolish in the ones I have, and really, it isn't anything impressive.

After St. Louis, I stayed the night in Kansas City for a Monday of interviews with Hallmark. The company paid for me to stay in 21st floor room at the Hyatt. This is the view of Kansas City from my room that night.

The interviews went fine. If you want to know about them, then give me a call and I'll chat it up with you. But I don't feel the need to give detail of my 7 hours of interviews here on my blog. I'm not that good at telling stories.

Now its just time to wait for the offers to start rolling in. And offers there will be!! We hope to hear from Hallmark in Kansas City, a software company in Tulsa, and/or the Stat Department here in Manhattan.


Miniature People

Dude, the little kids were back. They are just as cute as always. Actually, maybe more cute this time. There as a girl (I heard) and this little guy. He was number 9 (my number) and had "Cole" on the back of his jersey. Now, no one calls me Cole, but it's close.

Tiny Dinosaur

He's a dinosaur lost in the small rink. He looks so sad. His little arms too short to roll his body over. From the looks of it, he fell and hit the net pushing it back about a foot.

Maybe the reason he won't get up is because the fall killed him.


Happy Ash Wednesday

I learn something new from Quizno's every time I go there. For instance...
- The sammies are a good deal.
- The haven't changed to Coke products yet.
- Honey Bourbon Chicken and Honey Mustard Chicken sound a lot a like.
- Steakhouse Beef Dip sandwiches are really good.
- Jesus Saves.


Nicole's Dance Updates

Recently Michelle and I have decided that we need to bring Jumpstyle to the world. It's an awesomely fun style of dancing that is pretty easy to learn, and looks neat when done with someone else. I would post a video, but really, the one Michelle has on her blog is really good. So, you can go look at it there. It's really fun!

But, I have second dancing passion that developed, well, today. It's probably been there all my life, and now its just coming into the light. I want to dance Thriller. Preferably with a large group of people dressed like zombies! Ah. And just the thing, Thrill the World. It does just that. It's awesome. Last year they had 1722 people around the world doing the dance at the same time. I am so pumped. Chances are they won't be in the town that I am living in, but I'm still excited!