Dominion or Small World

I had my 6 week doctor check-up last week. And he said it looks like its healing well. I feel like its healing well, too. One spot on the incision did bleed a teeny bit on the 3rd, but it is all good.

Last week I worked on thing for my Etsy shop. I got some more things posted, but no other exciting news from there. If you haven't been in a while, you can go check out my goods for sale: Nausicaa Distribution.

We had a friend/coworker and his wife over for some games on Saturday! That was fun. We played Dominion and Small World. Keagan was pretty good during the time, too. It was nice to have some people over. :)

I also tried to make some apricot jam with the apricots we brought back from Jayme's house. I cooked it too much and it's very, very thick.


Holiday in Newton

This past weekend was Independence Day. Shannon, Keagan, and I went to Newton to spend the holiday with family.

We arrived late Friday night and finally got to see Jayme and Charles' new house! It's going to be awesome! It has a good layout, a nice sized kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, plenty of bedrooms, a big garage, and it's over 100 years old! Cool! They've got a LOT of work to do, but it's coming along. The wooden floors have been redone and look good. The bathroom tub has been tiled and looks awesome. I can't wait to see more!

Saturday we hung out and had some good food. They have an apricot tree in their back yard. So, Shannon recruited Nikki and Mom to help pick some apricots. They got out a ladder and picked pretty much the entire tree. It was a lot of apricots!

We froze 10 gallon sized bags of them and there were more than that!

That evening we went to a concert put on during the Chisholm Trail Festival. It was Keagan's first. :)

Afterwards, we went to Walmart and got some stuff, like ice cream. :) Keagan was in a light sleep cycle and I just love the faces she makes during them. The video below shows you how cute she looks.

Sunday, Jayme and Charles had a little party. Friends from Dodge came with two of their children (5 years and 2 years old). Some of Charles family came, including his parents and Trevon, his cousin with his wife and 11 week old baby boy.

We shot off some fireworks. It was fun to watch all the kids with the poppers and other explosives. All supervised by attentive adults of course. :)

It rained most of the weekend. But that just made for a safer yard. During the breaks we watched the mini-show in Jayme's front yard.

That night, we walked down to the creek and watched the city's show. Keagan was a bit fussy. It was so humid and warm. She ate pretty poorly and didn't really want to be outside anymore. But the fireworks, she enjoyed them. She'd quiet down and just watch them. Then when they would stop, she would make noises like, "hey, I want more. That isn't good enough!". It was petty cute. It's hard to see, but on the right in this picture Shannon is hold her.

Then Monday we went to a museum with Mom. It was Keagan's first museum trip, and to no surprise, she slept through most of it. :) Here she is with a real mummy.

And here she is with some other artifacts.

She's a cutie. :) Jayme, Charles, and Nikki came to town and we all ate lunch/dinner at Caffe Moderne in Old Town. They had some delicous panini's.

It was a pretty nice weekend! Lots of rain, fireworks, food, and family. :)


Recent Advances

About 2 weeks ago, all Keagan did was eat, sleep, and dirtying diapers. Then last week she slept a lot less. But she also started smiling more and making all sorts of noises, and holding up her head pretty well.

Well, this week she is back to eating, sleeping, wetting diapers, and dirtying diapers. The wetting diapers is new. They used to all be poopy, but now there are a few just wet ones thrown in the mix.

Perhaps next week she will do less sleep and have some more advances, we will see.

Oh, she also has her tongue out slightly less. It's still out a lot though, like now, she's napping and its peeking out.