Done Testing

At least for a few weeks, I am done testing. Today's test was in STAT713: Applications of Linear Models. It was supposed to be over chapters 1-3, but for some reason ch.4 snuck in and took over 20 of the 60 points on the test. Ouch. It wasn't an easy problem either. I had to take the derivative of a summation. Goodness knows I don't know how to do that! I tried and wrote down what I knew the answer would be, but maybe I need to go back to some more "remedial" math classes so I can do my stat classes!


Models of the Summer

1 Test Down

Today I took my first STAT770, Statistical Theory I, exam. Geez. Glad it's over. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I am really anxious to know what I got. I will have to wait to see until the weekend is over.

Tomorrow I have my 713 exam. That one is only 2 problems. Seems like a quiz in comparison to what I took today.



The podium rang today. Someone looking for Dr. Someone-Not-Me. It was rather strange. Luckily, I picked up the key for it today, so I could actually answer the phone.

Ode to Chad Johnson

I don't think many wide recievers (espically good ones) in the NFL would jump at the opportunity to lead the "World's Largest Chicken Dance" at Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati. But Chad Johnson did. Check out the large head someone made of Chad.



Another reason to not eat at Outback.

I'm sure other places to it too (I don't want to hear about it). But I dont' really approve of Outback anyway.

I found this on PostSecret. Which I found from The Daily Nooz.

Guess Who the Stat Club President is?

The same person who waxed their legs.



Who waxed their legs?

I've been painting (as have Shannon and Newgen). I finished some skeletons for my Vampire Counts army.
(Watch Out! Shockey's gonna crush yous!)

And from the new Warhammer box set, I got me some Goblins, and painted 20.


Football and More


K-State played a respectful game to top 10 team Louisville. 24-6. We held them to less points than Miami did and just over 400 yards. Not to mention we got over 200 yards ourself. For Meier sucking, we didn't do too bad.

The people in front of us broke one of the seats in the GA section by jumping after one of our better plays.


I made Shannon and I some breakfast burritos. They were pretty good. You can try them too!

Then we went to Willie's for some NFL action with Aaron. They had this neato magnetic board made from bottle tops. Quite creative.


From Nihon

Shannon and I got the mail yesterday and got two surprises. One was his diploma (yay) the other was this envelope from Charity...in Japan (see address).

Inside of said envelope was some gifts and a note. You see, I had won her "question of the moment" back a few weeks ago and now I was getting my prize. :)

It is a box of what I first read as "chocolate steak" but quickly realized I was wrong, retried, and then read "chocolate snack." Much better. In the box comes what any good box should have, a toy to accompany the candy. The okane set is for us to practice with that when we visit her we are ready.

The "chocolate snack" lookind kinda like crazy stars, but it wasn't too bad.
It was a mild sweet, not foamy, or rubbery or anything weird snack. The toy is now on my purse (because I have no cell phone).

Thanks Charity for having a quesiton and for the wonderful gifts from afar!


Cute Weekend

This weekend I got to spend time with Jayme, Mom, and Baby Nicole. It was quite fun. She is a very cute baby. She smiled, and ate, and slept, and pooed. Very good baby too.

We gave her a bath in Maria's bathroom sink. It was so big that Nicole was sliding down. So one person would hold her up, and the other would wash her. So many arms for such a little person.

*KSU Alumni Rock Cartwright just scored a touchdown for the Redskins!!


Baby Nicole Update

I get to see said baby tomorrow after the football game, along with my sister and my mom. Here are some recent pictures of the cutie via Mom.

She fits in a bathroom sink! She's still so small.

She's so cute! More pictures tomorrow! Yay!



While walking to school yesterday, I noticed some chalk art.

I don't read the K-State Collegian enough to give my opinion, not that I'd want to debate with a drain. I just thought it was different from the usual "Free Ice Cream", "Women's Rugby", or "Wildcat 91.9".


A Request for Help

I have decided to use Shannon's computer/arty powers and my love of zombies to create the ultimate t-shirt. But we are not strong enough to finish it on our own. I need your help! Which font is better? We've got it down to two.

Font 1

Font 2

Please tell me which one is better and I will get the shirt made and post pics of the final project. Input would be really helpful. Thanks.


Happy Valentine's Day!

I finished a tablecloth. It's out of season, but it's done.

Also, I got Mom's old serger to work. Sweet. I even bought some new black thread for it.


Renaissance Festival Fun

Today Shannon, Michelle, Rhonda, Jenette, Chris, and I met up with Aaron and Stephanie in Kansas City for the Renaissance Festival. (You should probably open the page in Internet Explorer if your using a different browser.) This was opening weekend and Pirate Weekend. So Shannon, Michelle, Chris, Jenette, Me, and even Rhonda dressed up like our pirate selves again and drove to KC.

I have never been to a Ren Fest before. It was fun. It started out by us walking with bags of cans (bring 5, get one ticket free). We were walking to the enterance and some dressed up lady was yelling something. "Canned Oysters! Canned Oysters!" That's what I heard anyway. Then she yells, "Pirates! Canned Oysters!" We finally figure out she means, for us to bring our canned goods that way. We did and half of us got in for free.

We watched a joust. William was our knight. And this girl in the red with the red hair, really reminds me of Melissa Aprigliano, my cousin. Later on, we were sitting down chilling, and she was walking around. Stopped in front of Shannon. Had him stand up, and commented on how good his costume was and how he looked like he came straight out of "Madame Whats-her-name"'s something. Neat.

Everyone was in wonderful costume, accent, and attitude. It was a really good time. There was a lot to do and a lot to look at. It was well worth the money. I am glad we dressed up, even though our feet hurt pretty bad after 6 hours of walking around.

The guys threw axes. Jenette and I threw knives. It was really fun, and pretty easy. We each got 2 of the the 5 to stick. Shannon said you had to throw the axes really hard to make them spin enough and to stick into the word. It was pretty fun.

It was a lot of fun. I would love to sew some awesome dresses and where them next time. Perhaps next summer. Perhaps.


Baby Nicole

I haven't seen baby Nicole since she was born at the beginning of August. But Jayme sent out some snapfish albums of her. Isn't she cute?

I am sad that I am not closer so I could see her grow more. But they are coming up in 2 weeks! Yay! That is really great. I will be able to see her about once a month if I'm lucky. Hopefully I'm lucky.

Zombie Season I

I started to make new zombies. I put together 11 and finished green-stuffing one that I made in the summer. Here are some quick pics of them. If you want to read what I actually did to them, you can check out Zombie Lover, for a more in depth report.