Guess what landed in my eye?

For game night we made some weird foods. We made Creamed Onions, Sage Pork Chops, Smushed Apples and Sweet Potatoes, and Curried Apple Leek Soup. The soup was really weird. While I was making the sweet potatoes, I was mixing them up and *pop*! A chunk landed in my eye! It should have hurt, but it didn't.

School was fine. Nothing really interesting today. However, our Social Studies teacher gave a review on Monday. They students had to write about 8-10 paragraph long answers on loose-leaf paper. One boy, started his own work. The first 3 were done in sloppy pen. Then about 5 problems in, its not only in pencil, but neat and using really big words. Someone did it for him. Our teacher thinks it may be his mother. That is sad for many reasons, but the one different for this case is that his mom is teacher.

Oh, I hope we are wrong. But I doubt it.

Eh, not my problem. If I catch it, he gets a 0. As for, nothing, I hate cheating of any sort.

Too Good.

Yes, it indeed is cat litter. Described in detail by the plaid cow.

Looks like a mix of different types of cat litter. Mainly the recycled newspaper kind with a few of the crystals mixed in.

So, here is another. Maybe you'll have to think about it.


'Ere we go!

Since that went really fast, here's another.
Okay, guess this one!

The Winner

Here is the original picture. It's banana's alright! Way to go Amber!

Guess this picture!

Here is a small section of a larger photo (since I can't think of anything else to post). Guess what it is! I will post the entire pic later on. This one shouldn't be too hard.


It is sad.

I gave a retake today for the first quiz. We took the quiz last Tuesday and discussed it on Wednesday. That gives them 5 days to study and ask questions. Well, most of them did better. Only 5 (out of 27ish) scored worse, almost all jumped at least one letter grade. But I had one guy...

The problem was a chart. It had 3 columns: "Fraction," "Decimal," and "Power of Ten." The fraction might be 1/10. The decimal would then be 0.1 and the power of ten would be 10^-1. So during the retake today.

He: "I don't get this."
Me: "What?"
He: "The power of 10."
Me: "Well, you need to fill in the chart so that it is equivalent."

I walk away and let him think (burn, burn).
He: "Mrs. Dick, *points to "Power of Ten" column* did you teach us this?"

I almost cried.
Me: "Yes. We did it in class."

That was all I could say to not get mad/sad/etc.

I mean really, the retake! Not class, or even the first quiz, the freakin' RE-TAKE! Stinkin' football players. Grr...


To show my appreciation

I have donated 5$ to Eyezmaze. Yeah. I beat GrowRPG (partly pictured at left). Fun times. I finished 3 more Glade Gaurd. After we matte them I will take a couple of pictures to show you. But, they look much like the first 3, but one of them in a musician.



Sweet. K-State played a good game today. We had 658 yards of total offense, where as University of North Texas had 161. Of that 161, 71 of it came in their final drive, along with their only points in the game. Check this page out to see more stats. It was fun.

Maria was with. She went to a KU game 3 weeks ago, and this was her first K-State game. She said that K-State was much more fun to be at (an not just because she goes to K-State or that our football team won). She said we do things, it's entertaining, there are cheers. Overall: We care about the game. Its true, we have fun at the games, even when we don't win.

Afterwards, we went to Los Potrillos, the new Mexican restaruant. It was pretty good. Their tamales are very good and their chile rellones are pretty good too. I liked it a bunch.

K-S-U! Wildcats!

Woo hoo! Our second home football game is today. I really hope we do good and win. Don't screw up Webb. Don't screw up Webb. Don't screw up ...


I forgot about this

Very fun place with groovy games. Tontie was a favorite for quite some time, but GrowCube is pretty fun too.


Divine Proportions

Here is something rather mathy.

and Shannon both posted about it already, but it seems appropriate for me to.

This version of trigonometry uses quadrances and spreads instead of sines, cosines, tangents, etc. Quadrance is the distance between two points, squared. And spread is a way ot define how far apart two lines are using altitudes and ratios of quadrances. I didn't read all of the PDF, but it's interesting.


So, I'm driving back from carpool today. I stop at a stoplight, hear a tire screech and a faint thump. I wonder, "Hmm, did I just get hit?" Yes.

A cop just happened to be passing, so he stopped behind us. I got out, he got out. There was no damage at all, nothing. So we exchanged names got a cop's business card and drove off. It was really wierd. I could barely tell she hit me. What's funny, it was a purple car just like ours only Ford (ours is Mercury). Oh times.


While washing dishes from Game Night. Shannon took some pictures of my Wood Elf Glade Riders. I really like these new horse models. They are very nice looking. Well. My Wood Elf army currently consists of 2 Glade Riders, 2 Dryads, and 3 Glade Gaurd. That is about 100 points. Hmm...must paint more...


Ah, Pretzels and Coke

It's been a busy time. When not at school, I'm grading, or doing laundry, or eating or sleeping. Sleeping is probably my favorite, but eating is a close second.

So my sister got on Facebook. And in Facebook she met up with some people from where we used to live. Turns out my old "crush" (how silly) dropped out of high school and is a bum (so says his younger brother). But what's really weird, is the younger brother is in college and wants to come visit us. Odd. Odd.

In other news, I'm tired still and my back is kinda sore.


Forrest Witches

My idea of Dryads is that they are really mean and quite evil. But they love the forrest more than anything and will do just about anything to protect it. I personally wouldn't want to fight them.

I finished these two yesterday. I like the one on the right better, she matches the trees really well. Speaking of trees, I made 6 of them (pictured above). They are on magnetic bases and the forrest they are standing on is a big hunk of metal. Good idea. Thank you Games Workshop!


All I Did

I've come home from the longest week of work yet. And slept for about 1.25 hours. Nice. My body fell into such deep slumber, that I am still (about 15 minutes later) waking up my wrist and elbow. Hmm. I am so tired.

Thank Goodness

I am so glad it's Friday and I don't have to deal with 8th graders until 10:20 on Monday! Yesss.


The Best Trip to Dillons

We made the usual Wednesday night trip for Game Night food and this time, for Shannon's seminar tomorrow as well. While there we took so photos.

The pineapple is special because Crunch bought some from Maui. Well, our Dillon's sells them. I don't know how much you paid Crunch, but I just thought it was funny to see them here! Maybe I'll have to get one if they're as good as you say!

The second photo is of the coolest rubber chicken I've ever seen at Dillon's. And let me tell you, I've seen like...one there. And this one is the coolest.


Well, I don't feel like I'm gonna fall apart and/or die! That is a plus. Hockey went okay tonight. I actually scored 2 goals! Woo hoo! I score about 1 goal a semester, maybe a year. And I got 2 at practice tonight. Yah.

Oh, so tired! Watching the Falcons beat the Eagles. Another Woo hoo! I was talking with my students today and I asked who was on the cover of Madden 06. They told me it was McNabb, but really didn't think it was. Well, I was wrong. It is Mr. McNabb. #5 for the Philly Eagles. Tomorrow I will admit defeat. :)

Oh yeah, you should check out Shannon's Brettonia Knight. Pretty good paint job. Congrats hubby!


As Fall Approaches

So I purchased the new Wood Elves. I've assembled and painted 3 Glade Gaurd. Woohoo! I am pleased with the final product. I put together 2 Dryads, throughout the week I'll work on them. I also made some trees. But I need magnets to make them stand (they are gonna get magneted to a metal base so I can have more freedom to move in the forrest). That is the trees behind the models.


Birday Fun

Jerry's party went well for Jerry. There was a little more alcohol than I'm used to around (considering Shannon and I don't drink at all). But It was Jerry's party, and it was fun. Here is a video of us singing to Jerry.

We spent the night in Mom's new house. It will be nice when she gets it painted and all her own stuff in there! We drove home after watching the stupidest K-State win, ever. Bought a Wood Elf battalion box, played disc golf, and ate a Panera. Good times.



So, today at school, I'm chillin' in my classroom around 7:50am helping a student with homework. Then we see a flicker and the lights go out. "What was that?" *buzz*zap* "Woah." He and I go to the window and ya know what we see? A powerline on the corner of the road fell and was on fire/zapping! It was the craziest thing I've ever seen! Huge (like about a story high) firey balls of white light with very, very orange edges. Absolutely insane, and bright, and loud! Scary! The fire trucks soon showed up and an hour later we had power back. But in that half an hour, school started. So kids were coming and we were all just sitting in the dark classroom for 45ish minutes, hoping we could just go home. No such luck. At 9:00, the day proceeded as normal. Sigh.

This isn't a picture from this morning, but it's one I found on-line that looks similar to what I saw this morning. But it wasn't as wet and it was a much larger "flame." Plus, there were 3 spots of light.

And the Stuff to Prove it!

"Take that old apartment! I hope all your doorways die!"

"Good times on a bulldozer." :)

Here is a link to a video from Shannon. Smashey!


Destruction is at Hand

They began knocking down the old apartments! Woo hoo! I'm gonna go later and get some pics, weee!

On a completely different note...our team's science teacher quit today. Hmm, that sucks.



Two new pirate zombies. Ready for battle...mmm...zombies...



...at Newgens. We (Shannon, Jenette, Chris, Newgen and I) played a Warhammer battle last night. Kinda odd, there were a few times where we were unsure of how to use things and perhaps made some errors, but eh, just a game. Evil (Me, Newgen, and Jenette) beat Good (Shannon and Chris).

Now I am trying to do my homework for my stupid class. It's all online, so I need to just sit here, click, and type.


This September Day!

Run down of the day.

Football: K-State versus Florida International (above, so purple :D). Overall an alright game. We won 35-21 (?). Our defense did good because one of FIU's TDs was off a blocked punt and another was after a fumble recovery at the 10ish yard line. Webb still made some crummy decisions and passes, but was definately better than last year. Also, #7 a Freshman named Parrish Fisher looks promising.

It was SO hot and sunny. A little sunburned despite sunblock. During the game, the dudes in front of us had some alcohol with them (not allowed in the stadium). One of them got sick and threw up and then a security gaurd came to escort him out. He refused to leave so the security went to get a cop. When he left puker almost ran away in the opposite direction. So stupid. It smelt bad and was just annoying. Eventually puker came back and stayed for the rest of the gam. Sigh. We showered after the game and headed to Panera.

Seth Childs Commons: We at Panera, then headed to Target for goods. So, we spent oh, about 3 hours!! there! Shannon and Chris got some fun shirts. Jenette and I got some stuff too. Overall a fun trip, but a little longer than expected :)

Now on to zombies and some food!


Team 8 TeacherWeb Home Page

Team 8 TeacherWeb Home Page

Check it...a lame Team 8 webpage!

Arrg: the Multiple Meanings

Arrg 1: The stupid wash house is killing my clothes! Old pipes, crappy machines or something is turning our clothes brown! I just bought a new white shirt last week and I wore it to school. Then today I do laundry, and now my shirt is all brown and crappy (see above)! I am so x10 mad! I called who I could and e-mailed and said it needed to be fixed and my shirt replaced. I am so mad! I bought good bleach and used it and everything! Arrg! This one got it bad too!

Arrg 2: Zombie Pirates! Woot woot! I finished some more of them. Next I think I'll paint my mounted necromancer. Shannon is working on his first Bretonian Knight guy. Cool.



Today went fine. Actually got testing done and ended with 20 computers :)

Dryland will start in half an hour, that means stairs! Ack. Memorial Stadium makes me hurt.