Flaming Holes

Last Monday (a week ago) was Jenette's birthday. So while Rhonda and Michelle were here, we had a little shin-dig, complete with fire.

Then this Saturday, we played a fantabulous game of disc golf pairs. Chris had an awesome shot to get him a two on one hole. It just sat there, in the middle of the hole. (The hole that it's supposed to go through.)

Finally, my adventures in knitting have taken me this far. That yarn that I got in a few weeks ago has been turned into the bottom of a bag. With only 2 minor errors it's going along well.


Some 2's

Nicole is as excited as I am. The school year is coming to a close. Yay! I have 2 of each of my classes left to go to and 2 of each of my classes left to teach and 2 finals. Then I'm done for 3 weeks until summer semester begins.

The 21st was the Japanese Festival and a hockey game in KC. Mom, Jayme, and Nicole came up as did Rhonda and Michelle. It was a good time. Kinda stinky because we went straight from hockey to the festival, but fun none-the-less.

It's rained like liquid nuts for over 2 days here. Non-stop precipitation. Now we have soOOo many dandelions outside the apartment, it's insane! Shannon and Michelle took advantage of it though, and had a mini-battle. Pulling dandelions an batting them against each other's head. Great fun!


A Few Good Patterns

JoAnn's has a really good sale going on now. Simplicity patterns for $1.99 and McCall patterns for $0.99!! Sweet 1$ patterns! I love it. So...I bought...a few.

So, here's the deal. If you wanna go to the KC Ren Fest in September/October of this year and you need a costume (Maria, Mom, Jayme, Rhonda...)...I would like to help! I got some patterns with a purpose...some just for kicks. Here's what I got!

Two capes. One for Shannon and one for a vampirate.

A hat pattern.

A new shirt pattern and a shirt/undergown pattern.

Two different skirts, one that's prettier and one that's fluffier.

Two more bodice patterns. One with many fancy sleeves and one with a few different sleeves.

Then there's a doublet (for guys), and two other guy patterns. One with a smock type thing and one with a...different thing...Not sure what it is.

The last one we got is for a different pirate coat. Fun times.

So, as soon as I get some time and some fabric I'll be sewing up a lot of fun. :)

Next Project

One of the best parts about finishing up a knitting projects is looking forward to starting the next! I am about 3" away from finishing my pair of leg warmers. Yesterday in the mail I received this box.

Inside this box were 10 small skeins of wool yarn. I need it to be wool (or other animal hair) because I'm going to felt this next project! Exciting.

They yarn (as you can see) is green and black. It was supposed to be a more kelly green, but that is a very hard color to find. So I settled. I bought the yarn from KnitPicks. It came very fast and was very cheap, only 2$ for 110 yards.

What am I making you ask? I pirate bag of course! It will be black with a green skull and cross bones and say Snotvia underneath (I think). I'm making it from this pattern here. It's a pretty cool thing and it uses double knitting. That, my friends, blows my mind.


Disc Golf Again

So the weather got nice. This weekend it was sunny and 60's. Not rainy and 30's. Much nicer. Shannon, Jenette, Chris, and I took advantage of it and played some disc golf. Shannon got his disc stuck in a tree. Then about 5 holes later, I threw my disc in a tree ( pictured above). Then to make it even better, about 5 holes later, Jenette threw hers in a tree! Chris is the only one who didn't.

In the picture above...my disc is the dark purple-ish-blue-ish blob and the red blob to the left of it is a bottle of Red Blitz soda that Shannon used to get it down with. Fabulous.

We played pairs. Chris and Jenette got -12 and Shannon and I got -12. It was a good time.


Open House

Today was the K-State Open House. We (Stat Department) had a table set up in the Union next to Anthropology and Biology and across from Mathematics. It was fine. I sat there for one of the 6 hours. We had a lame board and an old Monty Hall set up. The best part, everyone who worked got a shirt because Shannon and I made them for our department. Rock on.

This is Willie just after playing with one of the Biology department's snakes.


Adventure Part II

Today I go to my office after saying "See ya laters" to Shannon. Who do I see? The wasp of yesterday trying to go into my office this time. Revenge is an ugly thing.

I call for Shannon. He comes back and saves me from this beast. Now, I have a reminder on the floor outside my office of what has gone down. Let this wasp also serve as a warning to other wasps. Don't mess with Stat Grads.


The Adventure of Alla and Nicole

Alla (a fellow grad student) came by my office and asked for a glass. I had a large Planet Sub cup, so I gave it to her and followed her into her office. She has a large (about 2" long) black wasp chillin' on the wall behind her desk. Alla quickly covered the wasp and then used a sheet of paper to trap her in the cup.

I got a phone book and Alla put it over the cup. Then we happily walked to the door to let her free.

In the hallway, Alla accidentally moved the book and the wasp flew out! Alla screamed and I kinda screamed too (not as much as Alla though :)). Around 5 people poked their heads out of the office, or looked to see what the heck was wrong.

The black wasp sat on the wall in the hall and Alla and I went back to our offices. A little more embarrassed and yet relieved at the same time.


I'm Sorry to Inform You

School has been trying to kill me. I have had many a hard homework problems that threatened my life. Finally, after many hours of deriving and too much thinking, the homework was completed. A glorious 17 pages of hand-written calculus-based statistics. Waiting for me upon completion, a test. A test of my statistical theory knowledge. Yuck.


We've found it

The Holy Grail that is. It was at Radina's, the most rad coffee house. I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy a steamy yerbe matte from it. I feel holy.


Looks Good

The Starbucks is coming! We watch as Gambino's morphs into a national coffeehouse. At this moment, I believe they have achieved their desired results. I mean, the signs are up, so they're done...right?


In Case You Forgot

It's so true. Brought to you by xckd.com.


Newgen's Done Good

My buddy Newgen recently purchased the Rune Soldier series for 25$. For all of it. Above I have pictured all of it for not 25$. So...Good Job Newgen! You beat Hastings and the world (b/c Hastings sold it for so cheap and the rest of the world doesn't)!