The End of the Wallpaper

It's gone. All of the wallpaper attached to walls in our house is gone. Be it attached by wallpaper glue, really strong wallpaper glue, super glue, Elmer's glue, or caulk, it is gone. Yes you read right, we believe that all of the mediums listed above were used to attach wallpaper to our house.

Half bath: wall paper glue, pretty strong stuff too.
Master bath: wall paper glue, not to strong.
Kitchen: wallpaper glue and super glue.
Second bath: wall paper glue and Elmer's glue.
Spare bedroom: wall paper glue and caulk.

The worst to deal with was the caulk. It was rubbery and really hard to get off. But if you didn't get if off, then there were these flat lumps in nice little vertical lines with ceiling blobs all over. Gross.

Eventually we beat all of the wallpaper and most of it's glue. Now we have fresh paint in all of the rooms mentioned above. Even the spare room.

We decided to go a little fun. The flat wall is blue, the closet it a darker blue, and the rest of the walls are a tan color. I like it. We plan to hang art in the room, along with keeping it our spare room.


Rainbow Shirts

On Sunday we played hockey and then when we got home I mowed the lawn. Iew, supper sweaty.


After my shower when I went to get a shirt, I noticed that they were now organized by color.

I know I'm kinda weird, and I wouldn't' put that past me, but I didn't do it! It was a surprise, or a gift. I quickly located Shann and thanked him. You can't really tell in the pic (from my phone) but he did a very good job. They range from gray -black - brown - red - yellow - green - blue - purple -white.



Rainbow Brite

Saturday was a Rainbow Brite kinda day. I mean, I used to have those types of days all the time back when I was like 5. But now, they just don' t happen that often.

We found 2 Rainbow Brite books at Garden Ridge and a Rainbow Brite sno cone at the local shack. Of course I bought all 3, in the same day!!



Yeah, that's our lunch on the first day the new Chipotle is open here in Tulsa. Sorry, Qdoba. But a better burrito just came to Cherry Street.


Chicken Tacos

This may be my last meal for a long time at Qdoba.


Because Chipotle opens even closer to work tomorrow!


Crafty Weekend

It wasn't incredibly crafty, but I did to some crafting this weekend. Namely, I cut/grinded almost all of the pieces for my current stained glass project. Now, I have to do the background and then fine tune it so all the pieces fit nicely together. Then, it's off to black-backed foil tape and my solder. This will be my first patina project. So, I'm thinking it best to do a trial run before I do the real thing. We'll show picks of the tests.

I also stitched a little. I decided to make me some pants. Those are coming along OK. I need to fix the waistband so it doesn't look like I have lumpy hips, because I don't (or at least not as lumpy as the pants make me look). I also worked on Rhonda's dress and Jayme's dress.

Good times. I even got around to bruising my knee at hockey yesterday, taking a 3 hour nap, eating sushi, working on syllabus and the such.

"OH, working on syllabus?" you say. Yes. I am going to be a part time instructor at Tulsa Community College. I'm teaching 2 statistics courses. :)


Stained Glass Crest

I've been rather occupied lately. There's been work and work and visits and food and sewing and stained glass and lawn mowing... you get the idea, stuff.

But, last night I spent a good amount of time on my current stained glass project, a family crest. I worked on the pattern a while ago, got it OKed by the project initiators and then cut it out.

My mom brought up these groovy pattern shears meant for cutting out patterns. They have a middle piece that cuts out a thin strip. So I used them and they are really groovy. It's not a lie!

There are about 150 pieces to the design. Last night I cut out almost all of the blue pieces. It's so much fun to do stained glass. It's like making a puzzle and putting it together. Absolutely wonderful.



It's a lot of slide but it is really awesome. I absolutely love the ideas and the environment they seek to create. If only more companies would be like this.


8 Years

Me and Shann have been married for 8 years today. Wahoo!