Nice to meet you Dave.

This morning it was 15 F when I walked to school. It was worse because it was windy. Brr. I wore my heavy coat though, and a hat. That helped a lot. But still rather cold.

Last night was game night and we made White Chili. It was good. But not like our Coke Chili. It's worth making in the winter for a good hearty soup. We also made cornbread muffins with real corn in them. That was pretty good too. Maria, Jenette, Chris, Aaron, Stephanie (or is it ff?), and Bug came. That was nice.

Well, on to some homework then class, then more homework, then more class, then seminar, then home. Ah. Home.


Maybe I'll give you a failing grade.

So, as you can see, yesterday, it was really warm. Set a new records it looks like. I wore a hoodie to school in the morning and was sweating a lot by the time I got to my office. It's really absurd to have it be 70+ in late November. After Thanksgiving and you could wear shorts outside and be comfortable (and not be Pickle).

Today on the other hand, and well, the next few days as well, the weather is completely different. It's really really cold. So cold that I really should have worn my Broncos hat to school. But don't be fooled, tomorrow I will wear it and my ears will not want to jump off my head and hide in my coat pockets.

**Really, it's not that cold. I'm sure Julia and Pickle have had much colder days already. It's just that a 40+ degree drop in temperature from one day to the next makes it feel really really cold.**


These are very important conceptions.

Today I began wearing my hoard of Christmas socks. To start things off, I kicked it old skool style. These bad boys not only feature the pre-animated Grinch, they are from Grandma and Grandpa Fuller.

This is cucumber.

This weekend was nice. We went to Garden for 3 nights, then to Wichita for 2 nights. Things got done.

Knitted with Michelle. This is her first attempt. I wonder how she is doing now...

Was awed by Rhonda's freezer organizational skills. She's got an awesome system of freezing things flat in bags with labels and then "filing" them away in her freezer basket. Works really well.

Watched football with Shannon, Michelle, Rhonda, Jeff, Bobbie, Brendan, Trevor, and Macy and the Baier's house. We also ate cheese and summer sausage. Yumm.

We also tried to find a coat for Shannon. This one was definately a top contender.



So. Yesterday was Thanksgiving. We ate with Rhonda, Dave, and Michelle in GC. It was simple and nice. Now Shannon and I are in Wichita with Mom, Jayme, Maria, and Baby Nicole.

This morning Shannon, Michelle, and I got up at 5:30 am and went to Target. The line was as long as the parking lot! They didn't have any Wii's so we went to EB. We waited in line for about 45 minutes. EB had "enough" or 5. Luckily we were fifth in line, so we got one! Yay! Now I can add Wii accessories and games to my Wish Lists!

Speaking of which, here is my blog list. It's seperate from Amazon (button to right).


Pandora Rocks

So, Pandora rocks, right? And well, if I wanted to spend 250$ I could rock it Pandora style with my good home speakers. Thanks to Squeezebox.

Hallowen Scarf

I started my Halloween scarf about 2 weeks before Halloween. I finished it yesterday.

It is knitted with 6 orange stripes and the knots were I joined the two yarns are clearly visible. It is also very wide and rather short.

Better luck next time, Nicole.


Weekend 2

This weekend was our second weekend of this hockey season. It wasn't quite as "winny" as last weekend. In fact, it was much more "mercyy" than last. We lost all three. We did play two of the best teams in our division though. If that makes me feel any better. Also, Shannon and I each got penalties. I tripped a guy (for real this time). Shannon got called for interference (but really shouldn't have).

On a happy note. That happy looking, hula hoopin, guy above is our goalie, Matt. Or CornCob as he may soon become known as. We ate at Joe's Crab Shack. Friday was his birthday, so we sang to him while he wore, the "wig" and hula hooped. When he was done, he sat down and got nothing. That's right, nothing. Good times for the rest of us though.


Guess who has a PS3?

Yesterday Shannon and I finished what I thought was going to be an impossible puzzle. Andy gave us a popcorn tin + puzzle. The popcorn is delicious, but the puzzle was hardicious. We did it though.

This girl's got a PS3. Not me. It's usually me, when I say "guess who..." But this time it's her. It will probably neve be her again. So don't be fooled next time. I really hope she thinks it's worth it. I wonder if she's a happy person. I think she might be. She probably spent too much on it.


A New Multiplication

There are many ways to multiply. This is a way I have not seen before. Shannon found the video.

Easy Mental Multiplication Trick - video powered by Metacafe

Math Comic

from Newgen



I use this all the time. So you should use it too.


p hat

I totally dipped that French.

mmm... mmm... toasty



Yesterday unranked K-State played their last home game this season against #4 Texas, and won!!

It...was...awesome. A 45-42 win. All of our touchdowns came from our offense (nice change) and we had just about all of our yards from passing (another nice change). Good times.

After the win everyone rushed the field. It was so awesome. It'll be interesting to see how much Texas drops and what bowl we get invited to.


The Cinnamon Fairy

Someone cleaned our apartment and made it smell like apple butter. Mmm...


It's Coming

Christmas is coming. I've started to update my Amazon wish list. The first cool thing I found were these groovy socks. They come in all sorts of color combonations, including this K-State polka dot. Can you say sweet?

**I've added a quick button to my side bar for my wish list. Oh Amazon...**


Off to a Good Start

This last weekend was our first three hockey games for this season. We played St. Louis University on Saturday. We got mercied in that game, 10-0. Ouch. Then on Sunday we played Western Illinios Univeristy, and Southeast Missouri State University. We won the WIU game 10-7 and we lost the SEMO game 11-7. Did you read that, we won a game our first weekend! That is so good. We probably would have won the SEMO game, but Zac got suspended for "intent to injure" and Nate and Alex weren't there (the whole weekend). So that means we were down 3 of our best players. But it was a good time.

Shannon had a sweet wrap-around goal in the WIU game. Jeremiah had a big 4 goals! Awesome. I even got a shot on the goal that the goalie actually had to save in one game.

After the WIU game, one of the refs said, "Where's #9?" That was me, so I skated over. He put his hand out to shake mine and told me that I did a good job and that I had good positioning. That was nice. Also in that game, one of the WIU forwards told me (during a play) "good defense." I like that too.

On a not so happy note, Jenette took a pretty nasty fall in the last game and was down for about 3 minutes trying to breath normal again. Her back hit a skate hard and she got the wind knocked out of her and possibly a broken rib. Zac's mom is a chiropractic and said she couldn't tell if it was broke or not. It was quite scary. But she eventually was able to breathe better and got up. That sucked, not just because she was injured, but we were now down another defenseman. She was doing better by the time we got back home last night.

Despite the injuries and the losses, it was a pretty good weekend. A nice way to start our season.


Zombie Regression

I had a dream on Friday night. My dream was odd. It has some statistical terms, so I'll explain really quick.

-Linear Regression: A way to try and find a straight line model for a set of data.
-Parameters: The numbers you get when you do a regression.
-Testing: Testing to see which parameters you need and which you can remove from your model.
-Predictor: One of the things that has a possible effect on your data (model)
-Zombie: An undead being

The Dream (what I remember of it)
I had some data and I had to run a linear regression on it. I got my parameters and then proceeded to test them. This is all normal stuff to do. I only had 2 predictors in my model, so there wasn't too much to analyze. Well, I did my test and found that only one of my two predictors was needed. The only thing that was significant, was zombies.

I even remember waking up and and thinging that was a neat dream.


She is too cute.

Here is a picture of Baby Nicole from Halloween time. Isn't she too cute! She was a lobster for Halloween (pretty cute too). Oh, I am glad I get to see her at least once a month. She is so cute and changes so fast!