Our inline hockey team, the Hawks, won the summer season! That isn't too surprising. The season started with I believe 6 teams. By the end of the season, we were down to 2 teams and 2 players from a third team. Of those two teams, our team has players who regularly play ice and have played with each other for a good amount of time. The opponents, Minor Threat, is mostly made up of high schoolers (?) some of which have never played before. We actually played them the last 3 weeks because no one else was around, and won every time.

We also had our neighborhood picnic on Sunday. Complete with inflatable jumpy house, face painting, clown, and neighbors.


Purple Chips

We went back to Kansas this past weekend. On Saturday, we drove to Wichita and dropped of Jayme's wedding dress. It fit pretty well. It still needs to be hemmed, have a zipper, and have the straps get set. But I left it there for Mom and Jay to work with. I picked up my dress for the wedding then too. It fits pretty good. I may have to take in the top a little, but not much.

Then we drove up to Manhattan. We went to Radina's and saw Baker and Annie. That was a pleasant surprise. Then Jenette, Chris, Michelle, and Rhonda met us there and we chatted for a good while and went to eat some dinner. After dinner we toured the new HyVee in Manhattan. It's a pretty nice supermarket. It was kinda of comforting to see purple again, even in the form of corn chips.

Then Sunday we (minus Michelle who had tapping and studying to do) went to the Renaissance Festival in Kansas City. That was nice. The weather was really good, not to hot and not cold, no rain, and not too much sun. We had some foods, including an apple cider float (sweet!). We bought some goodies, such as a new lotion lite candle, pickled garlic, a rock that I got to break, and some honey. I'll post pictures of that later now, when I'm with my camera and it's cord.

Then to top it off, we at at Johnny Carino's for dinner with Newgen and Andrea. It was a lot of driving to do in 36 hours, but it was fun and I'm glad we went.


Talking for 6 Hours a Day

I haven't had to do it for about 3 years. But on days that I do training for my job, I'm once again asked to teach for 6 hours a day. Actually, the training I do for work now is even more talking then when I taught at JCMS. Here we go 3 hours, lunch, 3 hours. At JCMS, I did about 2 hours, lunch, then about 2 hours. That's only 4 a day.

No wonder I'm so tired after training here!

The past two days, I did training here at work. It was a decent time. Only one student (which is odd for teaching) but she was really nice to work with and had good questions. It's a nice change from sitting behind my computer at work, answering phone calls about why the software won't work, and the occasional email, usually about why some analysis/graph isn't doing what they would expect.

I enjoy talking about statistics, that's why I like teaching at TCC. It's been a good time. It makes me miss teaching at K-State. Things worked really well up there.


A Wedding Dress

It's not quite done, and I can't show pictures, just in case the groom takes a gander at my blog, but I spent a good deal of time this weekend working on my sister's wedding dress. I've got it most of the way done, besides the hem and zipper. It looks pretty good. It's amazing how fancy the right fabric can make things look! I plan to bring it to Wichita this Saturday for a try on and possibly leave it there for them to work on. We'll see.

In other weekend news, our upstairs ac unit broke. As we were going upstairs Friday after work and our heads got hot. Then when we made it all the way up and noticed it was a toasty 86 degrees upstairs. Boo. Shannon went outside and the unit was HOT. So we shut it all off and called our home warranty people who directed us to put in a request on-line. So we did. And today (Monday) Shannon is home while the people fix our unit. Luckily it was really awesome weather this weekend. We opened some windows, used some fans and it was a comfortable 72-76 pretty much all weekend. Nice.

**UPDATE** Shannon just got back and it's all fixed. The motor for the fan was dead. Now we have a working ac upstairs! But we likely won't need it for the rest of the year (it's been pretty cool so far).


Labor Day Weekend

Now that I teach Saturday mornings, my weekends are a wee-bit shorter. But having Monday off, we still had the chance to travel (plus KC is only 4 hours away!)

So, Friday night, I made me a thread rack. Shannon and I wandered around Lowe's and Hobby Lobby earlier in the week looking for pieces I could use to make my own instead of spend 11+$ on one in a store. We settled on some dowels and two kinds of wood molding. Then Friday I cut, sanded, drilled, and nailed me together a thread rack that has 48 spots! I planned it out so that I could have enough room on each stick for thread and it's matching bobbin.

Then, after teaching, Shannon and I headed up to see Newgen and Andrea in Olathe. On Sunday, Julia and Pickle came over. They are actually the reason we met up in KC. Since they live in Minnesota, we don't see them often. So, this was a great time to see some friends that we haven't seen in like 2 years and to see Julia's baby bump! Her and Mike are having a baby girl due near mid-November. How fun!

We did some geo-caching around Olathe and played some games and ate some food. But it was awesome to see friends again! Living down in Tulsa we don't get much opportunity to see friends any more. Back in college, we saw them all the time! Man, I miss that.

But, we were missing Jenette and Chris. :( They were going to come to KC too, but got sick, possibly with the swine flu. (eek.) But last I heard, they are both doing well and back at work.


Feels like fall.

The temperature has been quite nice lately. Currently is 79 and it Friday afternoon. Crazy. We've had a bit of rain, which is nice. And leaves have started turning read and jumping off the trees.

Well, with fall comes holidays. This year holiday's bring themed plushies to my Etsy store, Nausicaa Distribution.

So far I've made a little stat-o-lantern and a vampire bat.