New Shoooes!

I got new Merrell's! Woo hoo. Not only are they new, but their black mosaic-y, and have a special Q-form because girls walk differently then men do. And, to add the the magic, they only cost 50$. I am really excited to wear them somewhere now!


Police, Sand, and a Street Cleaner

On my way home from school yesterday I was this. It is a pile of sand with a street cleaner behind it. Then to the left, a police car so that people notice the cleaner. I suppose someone had a little accident, if you know what I mean Mr. Dump Truck.



I updated my crafty blog a bit. It's still not up to date, but it is a little more recent.

In other news, I still don't know what I'm going to dress up as for the RenFest. I still have about 2.5 months to figure something out and make my outfit. I'm open to suggestions.



Nicole is almost walking. It's cute, yet scary at the same time. Her and Jay and Mom came up last Friday. We did some eating, some shopping, and even some disc golf.


Ta DA!!!

I started it about 2 months ago. And now it's done. Felted and everything! I am so excited. Here is a picture of it after I finished knitting it, but before I felted it. You'll notice it's about 30 inches long. Also, I had extra yarn and free time, so I made a small coin purse.

Tuesday night I felted it. Here it is afterwards. Now it is only about 24" tall. It shrunk quite a bit. The skull and crossbones are a little more squished than I would like, but still, I made it and it's the sweetest knitting bag ever!

Here are some close up shots of it after felting. It's amazing how much it changed. You can click on the pictures to see larger versions. Also, to see it as I went along, you can click the label "knit" below and see it there too.

Still Sparkling

Here is the happening crew that put on the shin-dig and the reason for the shin-dig. I case you can't tell, Grandma Fuller is the one in the middle, in sparkly blue.

Here are some of Steve (Shannon's cousin) and Margo's kids. Brooke (with the camera) just loved taking pictures! She had that smile on her face the entire time. She also had her finger pushing down the picture button the whole time. That is the back of Cortez' head that you see. Steve and Margo adopted him and his brother, Javon, bringing the total number of childern to 6. And...Margo (arm pictured below) is due in about a month! All their kids are great though, even if they can't remember that Nicole is a girl's name and that I am Nicole.


88 Years of Sparkle

This past weekend, Shannon and I went to Garden City for Grandma Fuller's 88th Birthday party. It was held in the dining room at Garden Valley, so you can guess who was present. If you said all her "dorm" buddies, you'd be right! It was quite cute. All of the elderly slowly flocking towards the center of the building for the party.

On the drive down, we stopped to take some pictures of a new lake! You'll notice that there is no lake just north east of Great Bend. But there it was, for over a complete mile and almost as far as you could see to the west, a lake. I guess it rained too much for Kansas to handle. It's crazy is what it is. We drove and saw it and were like "wow." There's not really much to say beside that.

But, Grandma's party was fun. We dressed up for a chicken-y ho-down afterwards.



I just got back from the rec with Maria. I saw one of my current students while running. He waved at me from the other side of the track. I also saw a student from last semester playing basketball. I think he noticed me when he stopped to get a drink, but no greeting from either side.
I think he was actually playing with a student from the fall. Hmm.

Then when we were leaving, I saw another student. Only this one was from the middle school!! The oldest class I taught would be juniors this coming year. But she was there, on the track and we both took a double take, then waved a jolly "hi"!

What a work out!


Shooty Goblins

I did it! I painted another unit of goblins! It's been a while. I finished these archers about a week ago. I had Shannon take some pictures because he does a much better job then I do.

I also finished painting the goblin huts a I made in March.



I never told you. We dressed up and went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End in May. It's too bad that it was in May, not later in the summer. It's also too bad that it was at 8:00 not 12:00. But whadda ya gonna do? We went, had fun, and look forward to Pirates 4. :)



I need to get more sleep. I just took a 30 minute snooze on my desk.

I. E. W.

"Magic MILK MIX"
Cotton Candy

Oh, gross.



It may appear as though we roasted marshmallows by sunlight. But we didn't. It was dark. But we did roast marshmallows! We made s'mores again! Yay. Also, Maria helped make and eat shish-ka-bobs with us. Jenette and Chris ate some too.

I forgot.

I had another sewing adventure at a wedding. My first one is when 2 of Julia's bridesmaids showed up without their dress hemmed. There were about 4 of us working on those. I helped sew those up before the ceremony.

This time, at Newgen's wedding, I sewed someone into a dress. Yes, into a dress. During the ceremony one of the couple's friend's dress' zipper gave way and opened up on her! After the ceremony calls of "does anyone here sew?" were heard and I answered. So we went downstairs, found some needle and thread and I sewed the zipper shut while she wore the dress.

I have never done that before.


It's a Bag ! (Not a hat)

I've (badly) grafted the straps together and began to finish the ends off. I still have a bit to do, and then I can felt it. Yay.


Check Out My Pants!

I can't help but laugh out loud when I see this picture, particularly these pants. This is outside Wayne Highlands Middle School around '94 or so. From left is Amanda Jaycox, me, and Candice Carlile (also rockin' the pants). This was my most favorite coat.


How the Bag Goes?

Well, it's been a while since it's been in this state, but here is my bag about 2 weeks ago.

It how has 3.5 "straplings" which I hope to graft together to make 2 straps by Sunday.



Newgen and Andrea got married last Saturday. It was a nice time. We went up Thursday, saw their new house and played some fun fun laser tag. Friday was rehearsal day and Saturday was the big day. I've got some pics to show you. But one thing I don't have a picture of is how when we left Saturday around midnight, we drove for an hour, stopped for gas. And I realized I left my purse in Newgen's house. So, an hour back to Olathe, got my purse, and we left again, to go home. Dang me.

There was post-wedding/pre-reception Guitar Hero-ing. The girl to the right-most is Andrea's sister Amy. The wedding party had the same color dresses in various styles. Fun.

There was also pinata at said time. Aw, the happy bride and groom. :) Inside said pinata...

pirate tattoos. You know we all put one on too. Including Newgen. Julia wears it so well.

Newgen YMCA-ed with the best. I must say, I have not seen Newgen move as much as he did this night ever (outside of hockey). He always looked like he was having fun!

Not many people left to get married. I've got some sister and Michelle...and...that is really it. My cousin, Teresa, too... ... Lance... ...


Rolling Down Hills

We played some disc golf yesterday. I did pretty bad. Before we went home, we had an episode of fun. Shannon and Chris got old wheely chairs from behind Bluemont here. They then rolled down the ramp. You can see the 2 of them at the top in this picture. Chris won, but Shannon had a little wipe-out. Good times.

STAT 100

I am teaching STAT 100 this summer. I've done 2 days so far. Yesterday, Day 1, took a grand total of 20 minutes. Geez. I have 60 minutes.

Today I made some fabulous slides and incorporated some activities and turned out a 55 minute class. Much more acceptable.


The Fourth Dimension

Thank your horse puzzle. I feel complete.