Enter the Zombie

With the start of September, I am going to start working on my zombies. So, here's the deal. If anyone has any suggestions on what would make a good zombie, let me know and I'll try it out. Since I like zombie pirates, it can be a pirate-y thing too. So. Let me know. I'll be building the hordes through Halloween.


Woo! Even on a Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, Theory day, destined to be a crappy day. Or is it?

Theory does suck. We have 9 problems and are going to get more on Thursday. All due next Tuesday (which is better than 9 due on Thursday). One of our homework problems that was due today was the following:

There are n couple seated randmonly around a round table at a party. What is the probablity that at least one husband in next to his wife?

She gave us a hint. Molly and I still couldn't get it. Turns out, the hint was wrong. Wonderful.

But there is some good.

Last night I crafted a new apron. Groovy. Shannon assisted a great deal in turning the straps. Thanks Shann.

Today I got two good things in the mail. One...my Snotvia stickers!! Woo! I am putting them on my laptop. Well, at least one of them. By drinking enough Coke this summer I earned enough rewards to get me the free stickers. Sweet.
And lastly, most unlikely to be a happy event. Our student loans are consolidated! I was so sad that the interset rate jumped about 200 million percent. Shannon and I have enough loans that it would really hurt us. But alas, they are consolidated at a rate lower than I had before. Fabulous.


Mr. and Mrs. Fick

Steffanie and Ryan got married on August 12th, in Maui. Today we went to Topeka for their party. The guys wore their shirts from Chris and Jenette's wedding. That was neat.
The place was by Lake Shawnee and they had a lot of flowers and gardens. It was a nice time.
After the party we went to Olive Garden with Newgen, the newlyweds, and one of Steffanie's friends. That was fun too.


I can't a-bweive it.

Shannon, Aaron, and I were walking home from our late class on Tuesday this past week. We were just about to the sun dial in the quad and happened to notice some disc golfers on that hole. A disc came flying, and we heard them call to us to watch out. We saw the disc, subconsciously realizing we were not in harms way, we watched to see how he would do.

Really good. The disc came down about 6" away from the pole and on the bounce, it hit the pole. A hole in one. We told him it was a hit and then clapped for him. Pretty neat.

That is Shannon, Aaron, and I by the post and the one with the red arrow was the one he had to hit. If you were taking the picture, you would have to back up about 10 yards to be where you throw the discs from.


Would you look at this.


I don't really want to say much about it. But it does give you information on how to "Join a NICOLE Working group." Don't miss out on this.


I tried

I tried to find a good title for a post. Any post. But no. Nothing.

I've been pretty much consumed by the depression and frustration that is Theory. It is very hard. I do not like it.

On other subjects. My fantasy football team, the Snotvia Snotknockers, is coming along rather nicely in the draft. I am quite pleased. Hopefully I start of with a winning season (which I am not too bad at) and finish off with a winning season (which I really suck at).
Shannon and I made some fish tacos. They weren't bad. But the best fish taco award still goes to Wahoo's.


A New Bad Word


Theory of Statistics I is my other class. That class is gonna be really hard. Hopefully my math-proof mode willl turn back on so I can comprehend and create these statistical proofs. Hopefully.


As I Make My Return

Today I went back to college. Real college. None of that "pay 1700$ for an A" type college. This is where I pay 0$ and have to work really, really hard for an A. The good ol' college. It is also my return to teaching for the time being. Teaching college students, 6-7 older than the average 8th grader (but I did have some old 8th graders). Yes. I went back. In style may I add.


Well, I wore my new black t-shirt. Complete with hole in upper right shoulder and all. Great! Should have check that shirt out better. Then, I chose to enhance my pants and my smell by spilling 4 rather large orbs of tea onto my pants to start of the day. Ah, spendid. The tea did dry, and the hole didn't change. But it's over now. And I'm glad at that.


My Goal

Well. It is sad to say that I was 3 models short of meeting my goal. But I feel I made a valient effort. It may not be the 70 it needed to be. But here are the 67 models I did paint. I made links to the pictures instead of loading all of them again. So if you want to see them, they're just a click away.

5/29 - Screamer
6/1 - Glade Gaurd Champion, 2 Wood Elf Scouts
6/7 - Glade Rider Champion, Glade Rider Standard Bearer, Oceanbone
6/9 - Wood Elf Spites
6/12 - Wood Elf Spellsinger, 2 Dryads, 2 Trees
6/13 - Mounted Blood Knight
6/14 - Dryad, Dryad Champion
6/27 - Van Saar Juve, Van Saar Ganger, Wood Elf Noble
7/9 - 4 Human Linemen, Human Blitzer
7/12 - Orc Lineman, Orc Thrower, Orc Blitzer, 2 Black Orcs
7/17 - Kehmri Thro-Ra, 2 Kehmri Skeletons, Kehmri Mummy
7/19 - 2 Kehmri Blitz-Ras
7/20 - Amazon #1
7/23 - Amazon #2-3
7/24 - Amazon #4-6
*7/25 - Amazon #7-9
7/29 - 3 Trees
8/7 - Undead Wraith, 4 Beastmen
8/8 - 4 Halflings
8/12 - 5 Beastmen
8/17 - Space Marine, Space Marine with Missle Launcher, Veteran Sergant, Commander
8/18 - 4 Halflings
8/19 - Black Knight Musician

*These three Amazons were not recorded in my book. That means I made it! I painted one model for each day I was home this summer since I set my goal! 70 models! Yay!


Almost There

I have one day left to paint 3 models and my goal of one model a day will have been achieved. What have I been painting lately? These.

Some more halflings. Ah. Don't look too close...they are a quick paint, almost all 4 done in the time it took Shannon and company to see Snakes on a Plane.

Some mor beastmen for the Chaos team. These are the last of the them. Now I just have to do the Chaos warriors and the Chaos team is complete. As for the matter of their field...that'll be a while. Still under construction.

I finally finished my Black Knight musicain. I moded him a while ago and started painting him before summer even. But I finally got him done. I still need to make and paint 3 more to be able to even play with them. Sheesh. If you have any advice on how to make the dead horse actually look dead, let me know.

Lastly, some 40K thrown in the Warhammer fantasy era models. Some Space Marines. My chapter is called the Steel Cross Marines (possibly Iron, I don't really remember). Complete with Commander and Veteran Sergant.

I'm not sure what I will paint to fill my goal, but I'll let you know when it's done. Oh, and mucho thanks to Shannon for helping take better pictures!


Throwdown with Bobby Flay

I never really have liked Bobby Flay. I can remember back to the times before Iron Chef America, when he was a challanger for the original Iron Chef. He was a disgrace. Jumping on cutting boards and standing on counters. A sad thing.

He is arrogant. However, he does make some good looking sauces.

Now a new reason to dislike Booby Flay.

Throwdown with Bobby Flay

The show where regular people who make one thing really well are told they have a showing on Food TV. Probably has played a part in a dream sometime. They are filming while Bobby Flay is studying, practicing, and making sure he has the best arsinal of recipes to combat that one excellent dish. He claims that he is "out of his element." If a professional, nay, Iron Chef wouldn't be practicing the best dish to fight an unknowing, amature chef with, then maybe he would be out of his element.

Maybe I'm just being mean, but I don't like Bobby Flay.


The Numbers

Isn't it neat when you are rolling dice and you roll two sixes. Then next time you roll you roll two sixes again? I think so. But more over, it's just neat that I rolled the same set of doubles twice in a row.

Isn't it also neat that you find two people with the same birthdays rather often? I think so. If you are in a group of 23 peolpe, the chances are better than 50% that you will find two with the same birthday. Crazy. Up to 30 people? 70%. Neato.


It's Rollin'

I haven't really done much lately. Mom moved Maria in last night. Nic will move in to the dorms on Friday (a day early). Besides that, only 2 more days of orientation before school and teaching starts. Yep. Summer is almost over. How sad. A good summer though, as they usually are. I shall enjoy the last few days!


Grad School

Tomorrow is my first day of orientation for stat grad school. I am nervous. Which is odd. I've taught for 2 years (but it was middle school). I've been in grad school for 2 years (but it was secondary ed). And I've already taken my first stat grad class. Hmm...Well...it's just cause its new and different. I'm sure I'll be fine.



So Shannon and I found this wicked awesome shirt. It's green even. It's from Threadless. You should go check out it. Also, look for their hooray cholestoral shirt. Prett good one too.



Dude, Shannon found this game, Tringo and I can't stop playing it. My high score is 295. You should totally give it a go. At least once.


Disc Golf Game

So. We made fudgicles. Ate them. Went and got SnoCones from Tads. Very neato place. they have a lot of flavors to choose from. I would highly not recommend Birthday Cake. Unless you like to feel sick of course, then enjoy. I got Volcano and was rather pleased. We will probably frequent said SnoCone shop sometime again. Due to the cheap price for high volumes of flavored "snow," I like it.
Then we played disc golf, but with a twist. It was getting kinda late, so we were running out of daylight. Around hole 5 we decided to race to the tape worm hole (8). It was quite fun. We all just threw our discs and ran and threw the discs and ran. I actually threw pretty good and ran just enough to win! Woo hoo! I finished the whole course with +11 (yeah...) but I did win the mini-race, so all was not lost. Here is how it all began.

Since then I've been pretty bumm-ish. Coloring, computering, eating, not much painting. But I do need to get on that. I only have 5 days of summer left and I'm down 7 models. So I have to paint 12 models in 5 days. Grr. Get to it! On the side bar I've got some of the new models I've painted. Again, I suck at the picturing of the models. Sorry.


Catching Up

Just so the world knows, (because I know you occaisionally want to, World) I am only 5 models behind in my quest to paint one model a day. Painting 8 in the last two days has been a big help!



I'm glad I spent the week with Mom, Jayme, Maria, Jerry, and Nicole. But I am glad to be home with Shannon. It is nice to sleep in my warm, semi-uncomfortable bed.

Today is the first day of pre-season football and we kicked it off (ha) with brat-burgers and homemade macaronni and cheese. On to more football and more coke.


5 Years

Today Jayme and Baby Nicole came home. It was great to see Jayme and Jerry all liking their kitchen and stuff. Jerry saw it at some stages, but not done and Jayme didn't even know we were doing anything more than painting and a new floor. It was very nice. We like the kitchen now.

Since the new 3 person family has been in the hospital since Monday night, they had no food in the house so Mom, Maria, and me made dinner with the help of Jerry. We had tacos. Good for two reasons, first is Jerry likes Mexican food and two because Jayme has been sickened by Mexican during the pregnancy and now isn't. Yay.

It was a really simple, yet enjoyable day. We had a lot of fun tasting apples and everyone but Mom agreed that out of Red Delicious, Braeburn, Pink Lady, Gala, Fuji, and Granny Smith, Pink Lady is the best. Mom like Red Delicious. Maybe I will get some video and pics from Mom tomorrow. But now, I am tired.


2 Days Old

Baby Nicole spent a lot of today doing this.
With some of this.
And not much of this.

We had a lot of fun with her today. She makes these awful faces when she's farting and pooping. She's really cute and has been very good.

No More Kitchen!

So we are done with the kitchen and Jayme goes home tomorrow. Here is the finished project.
That pot rack we made and finished today.

We also made and hung the curtains today. Isn't the light neat? You can also see the counter top better in this pic.

I'm really glad we are all done.

Not Enough Liquid

I really didn't drink much today. Gotta not do that. I have a pretty good head ache now.

So, the kitchen got a lot done. Walls painted. Floor set. Counter set. Lights up, and furniture together. We just have to do the curtains, pot rack, and finish some odd things. Here are some pics of the new color and new tiled counter. Mom and I picked out the pattern for it.
Also, Baby Nicole is very cute. She is turning more human colored and slept a lot today. Jayme is doing a lot better. She doesn't look like half-death laying in bed. She walks and eats. Here's a picture for today. Notice the cute blanket from Rhonda.


Nicole Jade

Jayme had her baby. Nicole Jade was born on August 1st at 10:47 pm. She was 7 lb. 9 oz. and 18.5 inches long.
I'll get some more pics out later. Jayme had to have a cesarean. It all went well and now Jay just has to heal up from it.


And So It Begins

We started to re-do Jayme's kitchen today. Her ugly blue kitchen.
Hey, and keep your eye out for the adventures of Piggy Switch. She eats electricity.

They have redone the baby's room (see below) the living room is basically done and the dining room looks good. But they havne't got to the blue kitchen yet. So we will. We didn't get much done. A lot of prep work. We cleaned the floor, prepared the walls, washed some cabinets, and removed the sink and put up the wood for the new counter.

I was going to make curtains today, but both of Jayme & Jerry's cars broke and had to be fixed. So while Mom went back to work, I drove around Wichita with Jay and Jerry. The battery died in one and the thermostat in the other. Now they are both fine and Jayme and Jerry are in the hospital for the night. Tomorrow morning we will find out if it's gonna be a c-section or not.

This is Jay and Jerry on the way there and the room Jayme will be in.

Here is a picture of the baby's room. Isn't the furniture nice?