Eastered Out Yard

Easter Yard
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While in Wichita for Easter, we went to buy soda and saw this yard decoration. Lovely neh? I espically dig the giant pink bunny hiding in the shade that the arrow is point to.


Behold the Eye

This is my new colored and looked blog. I took a picture of Maria's eye and changed it around a bit with Adobe Photoshop and now I have a groovy, personalized blog. Great fun.

Said the albino gorilla...

Yeah. Some issues at school with a girl (we shall call her Mikah), me, disrespect, and her dad. I was dreading to return the call, but did as soon as possible. So, it went great. I was calm, he was logical. We talked and solved the issues. Obviously Mikah's story was not as good as mine, because after "my view" he was all nice and helpful. I even asked him a "thought-provoking" question (sort of). Mikah recieved only 1 TO3 the entire first semester. But these last two month, five TO3's. What a horrid increase. So, I asked him he noticed anything, or if it was simply a school thing. He said he knew of none of the TO's except for today's. Well, that may be enough to calm Mikah down in my class for a while. She is out for track, she is getting a talking to, and she has a 5th TO3. So, maybe she will be more motivated to stop talking and start working. She is smart and should do better.

This morning: -2
This evening: -4

What a crappy stop-light day. :(


2.24! Holy Zombie Jesus!

Gas is expensive...and in reaction to such outrageous prices...I will begin car-pooling. Yes, I shall begin saving money, not what there is only 39 school days left for me. But it is never to late to begin. It will also help the environment (a word I still sound out EN-VI-RON-MENT to spell...). Actually, its a by-product of Jessica moving to St. Mary's. Memory used to car pool with her, and now that they don't she is looking for another. Sigh...almost as happy as it sounded. Eh...still cheaper.

In other news...this make two consecutive (school) weeks in a row with Game Nite. Crazy.

Yesterday Morning: 6 (a high!)
This Morning : -1
This Afternoon: 0

I don't remember Yesterday afternoon...I went to class instead of home and I apparently don't count as well when I'm on my way to school.

On to more edible things.



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Grandpa and the aunts are all from my mom's side. They are both older then her. It was great they they all came from Jersey for Jay's wedding...what wonderful family. :)


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We looked so cute for Jayme's wedding! I made her dress...and me and Maria got ours at Dillards. Fun times.

Aunt D

Aunt D
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Aunt Diana had a crazy beehive done for Jayme's weddding. I forgot about it, but its pretty funny.

Gettin' it on


School is back on. But no fear, only 9 weeks left. 2 of which the 7th grade is doing state assessments (this and next week) and one of which will be fun and games (the last week of school). So really, only 6ish weeks left to teach!

Today was finally sunny after a rainy Spring Break. Which is okay, I don't mind rain, but it was a lot of misty and gray outside.

Not much fun today. Um...I got 5 this morning to school. Pretty good.

Hockey in about 70 minutes. So I shall go prepare for the teachering.


Cell Phone...Noooo!

I do not look forward to getting a cell phone. Granted, it is not in my near future...but it is a possibility.

Not that I don't wanna be able to call and be called, but I don't wanna have to answer the phone. Yich.

My Marge

My Marge
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I found my marge doll for 3$ is a crap bin at the GateKeeper in Topeka. Really, that store has been not as good since Patch-n-Crow's, the most awesomely awesome GW store!

Three Dollars...

Real Fast Like

My posting during the majority of Spring Break was lame. And honestly, if you wanna know the bulk of what happened...read Shannon's blog. He tells the events with a series of pictures.

As far as I go. Well, today I did some productive things. I bought four of Shannon's birthday gifts. Sure I still hae 3 days before it's a week until his birthday (that'd be 10 days til I can start giving gifts...). But, with the line-up so far, his week-of-birthday should go well. I at least look forward to giving him his gifts. I do have some more to purchase.

So yea...tomorrow is home-day, Chris' birthday actually. Sunday is Easter in Wichita with Mom, Maria, Jayme, and Jerry (and Jerry's parents as well). Should be fun. I get to see my family!


Monday Monday la la..la la la la

That's a hard title to read. Sorry. (I could go and change it, but I don't think I will.)

Yesterday wasn't too eventful, but Saturday was fun. Today should be a little more fun they yesterday, but not as much fun as Saturday.

Yesterday I completed my mounted Lahmian vampire. She looks pretty cool. I also finished my 2nd Chaos knight. He looks pretty good too. I must say, my painting abilities have improved since I started. I bought two dire wolves and will paint those soon as well.


Curricular Standards

It's interesting to read blogs and posts. I've never really done it much, but today I have been. Some of my dearest friends say the best things...and some of the not as best things. But none-the-less, it's interesting.

Speaking of which. The reason that little to no world history is discussed in high school social studies courses is because of the standards that are in place and have been trying to be put in place for a while now. Like Jenette said, there just isn't time.

To Topeka

We are going to Topeka today. It's the last Tarantula's game of the season. They aren't very good, so we know their will be no play-offs for them. Should be fun though. We also plan to eat at Sarapes. We'll see.

So far for my Spring Break, I've waxed the lower portion of my legs, at half a Ruben sandwich (I don't really like them that much), and took a shower. Nice. Oh yeah, also watched this neat robot competition: First Robotics Competition 2005. It's pretty cool the way it works and all.


Ahh, originally uploaded by mathninja.

Trying a new photo layout. Maybe this one will work out okay and look good too.

We bought a new lamp for Spring Break. It is nice. From Wal-mart for only 24$! Shannon put it together and now I'm going to go to sleep in the room it's in.


Foot in Desk

One story to tell. I thought of it today while at So Long.

I have the type of desks in my classroom with the pocket in them. The students usually put such things as notes, pencil shavings, and other trash type things inside. In school yesterday, one of the boys who sits right up front put his foot in the desk. That was a new one. While I'm teaching, he says "My foot's stuck." I look his way and assume he will just take it out. But he says it again, not very loudly and I realize, yes indeed it is stuck. So, while I teach on, I pick up his desk and pull it gently. But gently does not release his foot. So I continue talking and yank a little harder. It takes a couple more pulls and then his foot finally comes out! It was funny and at the same time great because I didn't lose the attention of the whole class.

-2 and 4

Today starts Spring Break. I've rearranged my classroom and graded all the tests and quizzes from yesterday. Overall okay. Onlly 3 F's and 10 A's between the two classes.

I do this thing. Everyday, on the way to and from school I count the traffic lights. If it is red it is -1 if it is green it is 1. Yellow depends; if I go through it 1, if I don't -1. So then I keep thinking, it'd be fun to keep track of it and see how it changes and if I notice any trends...but I have never kept track. So...today I start (yeah I know, I won't have any more until a week+ from now)

This morning: -2
This afternoon: 4

Well, I'm hungry and I'm tired.


Element Test

Na... Sodium
You scored 47 Mass, 25 Electronegativity, 44 Metal, and 10 Radioactivity!

You are the very salt of the Earth... well, part of it anyway. Society
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You scored higher than 83% on Mass
You scored higher than 29% on Electroneg
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Link: The Which Chemical Element Am I Test written by effataigus on Ok Cupid


Lost Again.

Okay day. Not much going on. BW3's was fine. I have not gotten the last question correct in a couple of months now ( I think). It is sad, but that's fun, it's just a game.

School was fine, the students (and I) are all ready for Spring Break. Can't wait! Class was non-existent, we met with our groups instead...and then I BW3ed and now I'm home. Gonna paint some more...maybe.


Pi Day

Yep...today is Pi Day. My cookies went over well. The activity would have worked better if the kids could measure better...such ratios as 2.9, 3.6 were common answers. (All rounded to the hundredths place you can tell...7th graders...) But it went well.

In 2015 it will be even cooler! 3.1415! yep....that'll be the greatest Pi Day!

In other news...I got mentioned on Amber's blog (live journal actually). I also was added to a contact list on Flickr for mathface. Groovy. He said my name was cool.

Anyways...in other news.

We had hockey practice tonight. I had to write a check for $140! Eeps! That paid for all the hotel for me, Shannon, and even Jenette and Chris from last time. Plus tonight's practice (at 10$ a head). But it was fun. I played goalie. Wow. That is so completely different! The gear is heavy, the thought processes are very different and it looks like a different game. You can see so much and just watch. It was fun. I didn't go great, but I didn't do horribly either. Just fun. I am tired all over now though.

Been painting and that is fun. Looking forward to Spring Break were I can paint and sleep a lot. Yep, very tired.



Pi Day Cookies

Pi Day Cookies
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For my kids I made cookies for tomorrow. 3-14 is Pi Day! How fun. I mad 96 of them.

With 8th grade, their just gonna eat them, 7th grade is gonna find the circumference and diameter ratio or pi. it should be great fun.

I even made them green because of Snotvia...er, St. Patrick's Day!



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I finished my banshee today. It came out okay. I have a zombie regiment (still in need of a banner) and a banshee. I just (just) started my vampire. Groovy. My Vampire Counts army is underway.


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only to be beat by him...twice! Frustrations.



Street Light

Street Light
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Pretty fun. I took a bunch of crappy pictures and this is the only fun one. I tired to make circles, and I did. *Extend arm up--bend at elbow--pat on back*

Try taking the rubber band off your claw

Today is just about done...sleepy I am.

Only one week left till state assessments! Eee...so nervous!

Food was yummy, ate the steak and potato and strawberries all with coke....mmm...soda.


Crazy Weather

I woke up and left for school...it was snowing...okay...

I drove down 18 to Junction...the snow was still falling, but it wasn't covering the ground anymore.

Then it started raining...

Now its snowing and pretty large flakes too.

Krazy Kanzas!



All the graduations are on the same day.

Rhonda's: Saturday May 14th.
Jenettee & Chris': Saturday May 14th, around 8:30 AM
Maria's: Saturday May 14th, possibly at 7:00 PM

Dumb schools. Now what?

The Monday

Hey there...long time no post.

I've been busy.

Hockey is done...Spring Break is almost here. And I called my mom....Some groovy news as well! :)

My cousin Diana is pregnant again! This time she should be good to go though...no miscarriages. She is past the "danger point." So that is great! She is due in early September. Fun.

Jayme is gonna play with the Wichita Symphony Orchestra (I think...)! Mom wasn't sure of the name, but she thinks that's it. Cool huh? It'll be this Friday -or- Saturday. Yay Jay!

Maria has a boyfriend and Mom likes him. His name is Nick (kinda like Nicole ;)

Ah...I have such a headache. This weekend was alright. The refs are retarted (with a t, not a d). Abut eh...we finished the game anyways.

No hockey practice tonight and Shannon should be done soon yay!


my brain...

You Are 55% Left Brained, 45% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.

Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.

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