Started giving the computerized pre-test today. Started out with 28 computers about 24 of which worked. Yeah, 5 hours later...2. 2 computers worked. Ouch. Somehow the mobile cart (we have 2 mobile labs, not a classroom), got unplugged last night and the batteries just started to die. It sucked pretty good. But the kids were good and didn't really talk too much.

Better luck tomorrow.


I must be lucky.

The other teachers on my team (well 2 of the 3) keep saying how stressful and odd this year has been. Yeah, it's only been about 2 weeks, but they've been two good weeks for me. So I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm having such a better time than last year, whereas they are having a crummy time.


Did you know??

If you hold the control key and then scroll with your mouse the font on the screen gets larger. Huh, an odd short-cut...

PS: Hockey went well, and we got a lot of good new kids. No Travis though :( That stinks because he's my line-mate.

Still Can't Stand Him

Ricky Williams that is. Who gives a crap how he plays, he is a loser. Half of the NFL it the way it works and that included its players. Ricky Williams and T.O. are making the NFL look crappy. Rrg.


What a Battle! (with pictures)

Well, the battle went for SO long. We set-up around 6:00 pm and then ate dinner and got back around 8:30pm. We started to play and didn't end until about 7:30 am! Wow!

Here's a quickie of how it went down.
Evil Players:
Chaos - Aaron/Jenette - 1723
Dark Elf - Aaron - 700
Goblin - Jenette - 849
Tomb Kings - Shannon - 2722
Vampire Counts - Nicole - 2082

Good Players:
High Elf - Chris - 1056
High Elf - Newgen - 3018
Lizardmen - Chris - 1510
Ogre Kingdoms - Newgen - 2556

Here is a battle after we set up the troops. Evil is on the left (bottom) and Good, the right (top).
We started out fairly even. Then Evil kinda started to fall apart on one side and do real well on the other (I guess we weren't set up very well). But after turn 4, Good started to do better. Newgen's High Elf Dragon special character (below) started to eat and burn everything. Yich. But my old (two generations ago!) Zombie Dragon (not special character) did okay too.

My zombies did awesome! One fo the two unitis (87 pts) ran over High Elf Swordmasters (224 pts) and then a HE Bolt Thrower (100 pts). Then my other zombie unit (72 pts) ran over HE Silverhelms (244 pts). So I had some helpful rolls! The picture below is just a cool pic of Chris' Kroxigor.

But Shannon wasn't as lucky. His Bone Giant (220 pts) was held up by an Ogre SlaveGiant (175 pts). The way the battle (below) went, since the Bone Giant had a lower Initiative, he always went last and the Slave Giant didn't even let him attack back (most of the time)! So, the Bone Giant eventually died, :(.

Finally, after many bad rolls and good rolls and wrong moves and right moves, the end of turn 6 came and we were done! Added up the losses and compared the difference. For an 8000 pt per side battle, we wound up ending in a draw. A draw. 12 hours worth of work and we didn't even have a winner. Dang.

This is crazy. A mid-battle picture. It just looks like utter chaos (haha). But actually it was an organized attack on the wrongful forces of Good. (I like my Evil Vamire Counts espically my zombies! woot!)

Dang. I like this game. :)


Prep Time

We have been getting the point totals ready for our humongo Warhammer battle. I get to use Shannon's old Zombie Dragon (not pictured above, that's the new one). That should be fun. Well, more results when done!

11ed and Movied

While trying to teach my students something interesting, I goofed. I knew there was a rule for testing if a number was divisible by 11. Here's what I wanted to say:
A number is evenly divisibly by 11 if the difference between the sum of the odd numbered digits (1st, 3rd, 5th...) and the sum of the even numbered digits (2nd, 4th...) is divisible by 11.

It is pretty neat that for every number 1-11 we have a rule. Fun times.

Last night we watched The Brother's Grimm. It had just about every fairy tale in it. Okay movie. The banshee (yay) at the beginning was sweet. Okay movie. I would probably buy it and hope they had lotsa deleted scenes. There were jumps and random happenings in the movie. But pretty good.


A new vision for Jardine

A new vision for Jardine

Maybe if we hang around long enough, we can move into these groovy apartments.

It begins...

Game Night Number 1. Maria didn't come :( But we did play Zobmondo :)

In attendance: Shannon, Me, Ryan, Amber, Aaron, Jenette, and Chris' hat (his head couldn't make it)! We had Baked Ziti and salad and Crazy Eagle Peanut Butter Things. They were really good!


Telephone Magic

Yummy. Such a simple, yet satisfying meal. Today went well. Tomorrow is the first Game Night.

For my classes, I have a question. Do you know any good number tricks? If so, please share them. The students love them and I only have about 3. So any you know, would help! Thanks!

Here's mine. (thanks to cousin Diana!)

Telephone Magic
1. Key in the first 3 digits of your phone number (not the area code).
2. Multiply by 80.
3. Add 1.
4. Multiply by 250.
5. Plus the last 4 digits of your phone number.
6. Plus the last 4 digits of your phone number again.
7. Subtract 250.
8. Divide by 2.

See your answer? Cool huh?



Guess whose got the blog now? Did you say my sister? Because if you didn't not say it, your right! Yes, Click here for 3D unicorns. belongs to my lil' sis. Using the trasitive property, Maria is pretty cool. And blogs are pretty cool. Therefore, Maria is a blog :) Ah, math.

Anyways. Today was fine. I've got some real smart cookies, and some not so smart cookies. It will make for an interesting year. Day 2 of MiC was better than day 1. So hopefully the trend will continue and the days will continue to improve.

Off to painting and other stuffs.


Check it

Lyndo of Texas has been added to my blog-buddies. She is Chris' sister.


Not, hey, huy (or maybe hoie). That's the feeling I have now. My school day is over. Today was my first day with the car-pool, and that is fine. Easy because I don't have to drive or talk. Having a total of 4 people means I can fade it. Anyways.

First day of using Mathematics in Context. That was interesting. We got through 2 questions and I assigned #3 as homework. That means it took about 20 minutes to do one question! Ouch! Hopefully they will quicken up as the kids get back into the groove. But it is kinda challenging. And they have to do the teaching basically. I am just a guide and a resource. Eh.

My leg is still redish and still kinda swollen, but not that bad at all. I showed the team and they said I should take some Benadryl. I don't know, we'll see.



We played disc golf today (along with other activities). Some set up, there are a lot (a lot lot) of people on campus because school starts tomorrow. So we were trying to go through the course quickly. We were on one of our own holes and Chris threw his disc. Then he couldn't find it. So we were all looking through the bushes and no luck. Arrg. It had to be somewhere. Then I get this weird feeling on my leg, like something is stinging it or I have a thorn in my pants. Eeek, it did it again. So I freak out and think that there is a bee in my pants. I bang my leg a lot and eventually, a bee falls out! Eek! I had a bumble bee in my pants! Turns ou the little bugger (pictured below) flew up my right leg and scratched/stung me four times! Ouch. Since I'm not allergic, I am fine. But my leg did swell a little and it does feel kinda odd. Thanks to Jenette and Chris for their bug zappy thing.
Well, I have a good story to tell the kids tomorrow!


Stuff never known about me

Nicole is on the cover of the September issues of UK Glamour and Red

Nicole is hiding out

Nicole is about to be caught

Nicole is now working hard on a NEW collection of tunes

Nicole is dedicated to teaching YOGA exclusively

Nicole is also a naturalized US citizen

Nicole is not a happy Tablet camper at the moment

Nicole is a gifted clairvoyant who communicates with lost pets


... nicole is also the god-daughter of michael jackson

Nicole is hot- admit it!

Nicole is into Barbies. Her favorites are Teacher Barbie and Barbie and Ginger

is so great! She is the greatest person on the planet!

All taken straight from the search for "nicole is" Therefore we all know its true. Espically the last one and the 6th to last one. Definately that one.

A Day Trip

Today was, well, packed. I woke up, showered, went to Lafene and the Housing and Dining building. Then to Panera and then drove to Wichita. Then, we got our hairs fried, then we brought Jayme to work, then walked around Town West. After that we ate dinner, then dropped Mom off, then got gas and drove home. Done.

Now a little bit of detail. Maria no longer lives at Smurthwaite. Here's why...

During the summer, when shown rooms, she was only shown 4 people room and told that usually only 3 people stay in them.--She was put in a small 2 person room.

She was told she could go get a snack whenever she wanted, just had to clean up after herself.--Was told today she couldn't be in the kitchen unless she was cooking or cleaning.

Was told that duties are barely noticeable, that they go by quickly.--She recieved more hours than expected, all of which were on the weekends or in the evening.

Her room-mate (although very nice) went to sleep early and didn't want any visitors or noise after her bed time.

Her room (the small 2 person one) was in the basement and in bad storms it floods, bad.--She wasn't told this she just experienced it.

So, between it all and bad food and just worries and such, she moved to Ford hall. We'll see how that goes.

Also, the reason we dropped Jayme off at work is this...She said she heard a *pop* and got out to check. "No flat. Okay, maybe something fell off." So she checked. Nope. But she did see the wires! Yich. She managed to finally get off the lug nuts (only after some hammering, and bending) and Jerry showed up and she made it out. Sheesh.

We ate at Ted's Montana Grill. Very good. We will probably go there again. They had lotsa bison meat with a great atmosphere and decent prices. The only thing was, we got forgotten and had to wait about 30-45 minutes for our food, ouch. But still good enough to go back.

Whoa is She

My mom and my sister Maria are here. Maria will stay here (yay) and my mom will go home today. But they came to move Maria in for Smurthwaite and there have been oodles of problems and sad things. But hopefully it will turn out okay! Off I go to Lafene and Housing and Dining!


Oh Day

I've been slowly working on my Zombie Pirates. I have 9 done and 2 more almost done. I will have, oh, about 30 more to go! Fun, yes, but a long time? Even more yes.

We actually ate at home today. (wow) We haven't done that in a really long time. We had steak (yum) and potatoes.

Tomorrow is the first full day with students. Fun fun fun!


I Exist!

School has been keeping me fairly busy. And when I'm not busy, I'm tired! Sheesh, working...

Besides that, painted some more zombies, ate some foods, made curtains for my classroom, and got the Wood Elves rule book! Woohoo! That means, I will soon start painting some models! Fun.


Nothing Funny

Michelle and Rhonda left about half an hour ago. It was fun to have Michelle up for the week. Oh times. Maria comes up this Thursday to live in Manhattan! Yay!

I'm trying to think of something funny that happened recently, but I can't. So instead, here is a Pirate Monkey I drew a long time ago at Steak 'n Shake.


What else is cool?

Shannon. Yes, my husband is great. He had bagels for me in the morning and made me tea to take to work and helped me bring stuff out to my car in the morning. He was happy, and he even got me a snack (which I just ate) for today! Oh Shannon, you are too cool!

Money Spent...

Wow. I have so much cool calculator stuff for the classroom! From last year I have about 25 TI-34 (below) calculators for use. They cost about 20-25$ each.

This year I got 30(!) TI-84+ Silvers (below)! That is awesome! They cost about 120-130$ each! They graph and that isn't all.

I also have more stuff. I have a TI Presenter (below). It hooks up to a TV and shows what's on the calculator! So the students can just hook their up and show what they have! Sweet. And just in case that isn't cool enough...

I also have the coolest cool thing. It's call a TI Navigator (below) and it is awesome. It allows me to get immediate feedback and see what the students are doing! I am so excited! Ah!

The main hub hooks up to my computer and then to the charger for the hubs for the calculators. That middle piece above has 4 cords and hooks up to 4 calculators. The students have it at their group and the hub sends data back to my computer! I am so excited! I tried to hook it up, but I can't install the software because the district has some new stuff going on. Oh! But isn't it cool!

Check out Texas Instrument's website for more info if you want. But it's cool!


More of the Painted

Ah, a second Necromancer. He is greatly improve the "goodness" of my army! I painted bats and a moon on his cloak. So no, it's not just that I goofed and didn't fix it, its supposed to be something.

So, if they 64 models of zombies I'll have isn't enough, I've got me some grave markers as well. (Check the guy digging his way out!)

Perhaps my best unit, Grave Gaurd. I got them all killed last time, but they looked good doing it.

Evil doom wolves, they burn quite easily!

Some rusty weapon equipped ghouls (and one of my fences)

My 3 completed Zombie Pirates. Can you say "Arrg!"

And that helps my Vampire Count army out a lot. Today I got 22 more Zombie Pirates. When I am done with all I have, I will have 64 models and bout 10 grave markers. S-w-e-e-t!


Aaron and his Kerplachistan shirt.

Here is Amber and I at the Koyote championship game.

Happy Birthday! Yay Aaron and Amber both have their birthday's today and I wish them a happy one.



I did it. I painted 1,006 points for Warhammer and there is still a week+ left! Woo woo! Here's the list of what I did.

For Dark Elf:
8 Spearmen (150) with Leader (L), Musician (M), and Shields (S).
8 Bowmen (124) with L, and Standard Bearer (SB)

For Chaos:
4 Chaos Knights (230) with Mark of Tzeentch, Chosen, L, and M
Two Knights

And for my fave, Vampire Counts;
3 Ghouls (24)
3 Dire Wolves ( 30)
13 Grave Gaurd (225) with Halberds, S, L, M, SB
2 Bat Swarms (120)
Bat Swarm

5 Zombie Markers (30)
3 Zombie Pirates (18)
1 Necromancer (100) upgraded to level 2

Total Points: 1,006

Sweet. I don't have pictures of everything yet, but I'm kinda tired now and will work on it. So this completes Mission #18: Paint 1000 points of troops for Warhammer. +2000 points.

Total Thus Far: 19,150

It's Huge!

My new classroom, that is. I have more stuff in it and much more room to walk around the stuff that's in it. Not to mention, I have a walk-in closet. Groovy.

FYI: To those of you traveling West on 18 out of Manhattan, there is sucky construction before the bridge over the Kansas River. It gets to one lane with a flag-person. I was the 2nd car in line today, and it took 15 minutes for me to go! No lie. It sucked.


Head Ache

Ever since I've started this new sleep schedule, I've had a headache. In a brilliant attempt to solve it, I will try to get better, more regular sleep. Starting...now...wait (contacts out and teeth brushed) Now....or maybe...soon.

I present...

A lot of bulk mail.
This is from my Yahoo! account. I haven't emptied it in a while. It actually has slowed down. I'm sure that is nothing to some seasoned e-mailers, but its a high for me.


Back to Work

Today we spent all day learning about Math in Context. It is the text materials I will be using for the first half of the school year coming up. It looks okay so far. If the kids don't buy it, it will be very difficult to use. Hopefully I set up the year well. We'll see.

Good Bye Summer...

Tonight, I sleep at 12.


Pictures from Colorado

This is the Moose (from Bear Rock Cafe) Whoa whoa whoa.

Can you find our car? (This is from Jenette and Chris, they were behind us in Gary's truck)

Yay! Throwing rocks, into the stream. Fun fun fun!

Aww. A chick-munk :) Kawaii ne?

A RMNP birdie.

Here is part of the road I drove on. The the left, it just drops off. And ahead, yeah, that's fog you can't see through. Fun!

The air-stream is really cool in this one.

From up top.

And to finish off, here is a video of driving through the park on Trail Ridge Road. I was very scared and was very scared.


I did a lot, so this'll be another oodle of points.

Mission #21
: See Stuck on Broadway in Concert +300
Garden City, KS. Friday July 29th
Mission #30: Visit a Family Memember more than 400 miles away +2800
Drove to see Gary in CO. Spent all 6 nights at their house.

Mission #34: Visit an Outdoor Mall +500
FlatIrons. We were there for about 8ish hours?? We were there past dark and we ate and drank and got tea bubbbles!

Mission #35: Eat at Wahoo's +150
Since we only got 2 taco's and not appetizer, I took half points.

Mission #43: Get Tea Bubbles +300
At the Tea Utopia Shannon and I got a Green Tea Mango Frozen Drink with pearls. Yum.

Mission #56: Go to Paved Track Races +300
We missed the Trophy Dashes, but did everything else. So I took 3/4 points. Here is an awesome bus. Check out that windsheild.

Mission #77: Fondue Fest +400
Wednesday night we made 4 types of fondue, Swiss Fondue, Fondue Normandie, Manhattan Fondue, and Tiramisu Fondue. It was all good, some of it really good. Where I didn't make it all, I did help with most of them.
Mission #96: Visit States +150
We went to...Colorado! Yay sign.
Mission #98: Watch a Movie +100
Watched Kate and Leopold while in CO. Pretty good movie. What's funny is we rented it and then the next day, it was on cable!

Mission #99: Eat Out +550
A favorite mission.
  • BJ's (get Avocado Egg Rolls) (+100)
  • Noodles & Company (+50)
  • Wahoo's Fish Taco (+50)
  • Ajuua! (get Chile Rellenos) (+100)
  • Bear Rock Cafe (get the Moose) (+50)
  • Wapiti Grill (+100)
  • Efrain's III (get Flan) (+100)
Of them all, well, they were all good.

Okay, that should be all.

Total Thus Far: 17,150


Some Photos

Estes Fun

Yesterday we went to Estes Park. Ajuua! Here is Chris in his ancestoral Native American state. Lookin' authentic! (The head dress cost 675$ on sale!)

After wandering and purchasing we went to Rocky Mountain National Park. Well, we got here almost an hour after we wanted to. Miscommunications with the two cars and not turning or turning and this and that made for a stressful/crappy hour of travel. But we finally made it there and paid our 20$ to go in.

Last time we went to the park and drove the road, Shannon drove and I freaked out (and with that came a rather large load of rudeness)! You are going up a mountain and one side there is the other lane and to the other, a cliff! Not yay. I am afraid of heights and sitting in the passenger seat was such a horrible experience! All day I was kinda prepping myself to not be afraid. So when we got there, we looked at the situation. We wanted to: 1. Drive through the park and not die. 2. Take good pictures along the way.

Seeing as Shannon, Michlle, and I can drive. But only Shannon and Michelle take good pictures, we came to a decision. I would drive! Ah! But I did it, and we arrived back safely. I was so scared! There we just patches of fog where you couldn't see the road and you just had to go about 15-20 mph hugging the yellow line! So scary! But it was worth it. We got some great pictures and by the time we were driving down, I was able to go the speed limit (35)! Definately a good time.



We made fondue last night. Wonderful. The funnest was the Tiramisu dessert fondue. It was good and fun to eat. If you haven't tried fondue you should because it usually tastes good and it fun to eat!

A funny thing I forgot to mention about Tuesday. A certain sister-in-law whom is vegeterian was with us shopping. We went to the Great Indoors (an awesome home store) and went to the leather couch section. Upon sitting on a nice leather chair, said sister-in-law commented, "I like the smell of leather." Hmm, I shall leave you to think of why this amused us.


Money Spent

Shopping, purchasing, Zipping. That was yesterday. We went to FlatIron Crossing by Boulder and walked around a bunch (shopping). At Dick's Sporting Goods (above), we spent a total of 270$ between us all. Purchased:
120$ Inline skates for 60$ (Chris)
150$ Winter boots for 50$ (Shannon)
40$ Softball cleats for 30$ (Michelle)
100$ Winter boots for 35$ (Gary)
and a series of 5 various tackle boxes (for our GW models) that should have cost about 150ish$, for the rest (Shann, Nicole, Jenette, Chris)

Sweet...40% off makes things cheaper. Michelle also got some shoes with name on them. Cool huh? (Purchasing)

We took the free Zip shuttle around and that was fine. Slow at times, and bumpy always, but free. (Zipping)

Today: Randomness at Longmont


Boulder Encounters

Pearl Street was fun. Here is a list of note-worthy adventures.
1. Parking in the garage cost more than it needed to. From about 10 to 5, it cost us 12$ a car, and with 2 cars, a grand total of 24$ just to park!

2. I went to use the women's restroom (because I'm a woman) and a guy comes out... So what, he probably had to go and didn't notice which door he went in, no biggie. So I go in. Not only did he leave the seat up, he didn't flush! Iew!

3. So I's peein' (in said restroom). Someone knocks, I saiz "1 sec plez." So they knocks and rattles the handle. I repeat "1 sec plez," while trying to finish. Arrg. About 10 seconds later, I am washin' my hands and it goes again. *Knock* *Rattle* "1 sec plez!" (I'm frustrated now). *Rattle* I mean really if you hafta go, shaking the door isn't gonna make it go away or make me leave faster.
So I slowly washed my hands and then made sure they were good and dry. I put my purse back over my shoulder. Then I tied my long-sleeve tee back around my waist (all the while with spontaneous rattles). I checked the mirror and then I left. Ha, you rattle, I take longer.

Besides that, good day. Today we will go to FlatIron Crossing. Fun times.


Don't you wish you were this cool!

Shannon was messing around on the net and found Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis. Marvelous I say, marvelous. There is a news story about whistle tips on mufflers and Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis make their appearence. This site has links to a soundboard, newscast, and some rockin' songs. If "board" (haha) try messing with the soundboard. And remember, the whistles go Woo!

Concert in the Garden

I am now in Colorado. Yesterday we got here and went to Colorado National Speedway (races). It was fun! We watched a 150 lap race and the winner started in last. Today we woke up late and went to Gary's (father-in-law) friend's house for dinner. It was really really good. Lots of yummy food and dessert!

Thursday was the show in Garden. It was supposed to start at 7:30, but didn't actually start till about 9~9:30. Eee! Anyways, about 60ish people showed up and it was in a barn with some bulldozers and seed spreaders. Rock on. Buck (some dude) played, oh about 12 songs (including one song he played twice because some drunk told him to). She Said (Michelle's band) played about 6, they did pretty good. This is Michelle on her "box."
Then Stuck on Broadway played. They are some of the members of Anything But Joey. It was fun. Jenette had on her ABJ shirt and so Drew (of SOB, formerly ABJ) played a song for her and we all sang along! Yay! Here is a pic of Stuck on Broadway.

Tomorrow will consist of some Boulder, Pearl Street style.