I did a lot, so this'll be another oodle of points.

Mission #21
: See Stuck on Broadway in Concert +300
Garden City, KS. Friday July 29th
Mission #30: Visit a Family Memember more than 400 miles away +2800
Drove to see Gary in CO. Spent all 6 nights at their house.

Mission #34: Visit an Outdoor Mall +500
FlatIrons. We were there for about 8ish hours?? We were there past dark and we ate and drank and got tea bubbbles!

Mission #35: Eat at Wahoo's +150
Since we only got 2 taco's and not appetizer, I took half points.

Mission #43: Get Tea Bubbles +300
At the Tea Utopia Shannon and I got a Green Tea Mango Frozen Drink with pearls. Yum.

Mission #56: Go to Paved Track Races +300
We missed the Trophy Dashes, but did everything else. So I took 3/4 points. Here is an awesome bus. Check out that windsheild.

Mission #77: Fondue Fest +400
Wednesday night we made 4 types of fondue, Swiss Fondue, Fondue Normandie, Manhattan Fondue, and Tiramisu Fondue. It was all good, some of it really good. Where I didn't make it all, I did help with most of them.
Mission #96: Visit States +150
We went to...Colorado! Yay sign.
Mission #98: Watch a Movie +100
Watched Kate and Leopold while in CO. Pretty good movie. What's funny is we rented it and then the next day, it was on cable!

Mission #99: Eat Out +550
A favorite mission.
  • BJ's (get Avocado Egg Rolls) (+100)
  • Noodles & Company (+50)
  • Wahoo's Fish Taco (+50)
  • Ajuua! (get Chile Rellenos) (+100)
  • Bear Rock Cafe (get the Moose) (+50)
  • Wapiti Grill (+100)
  • Efrain's III (get Flan) (+100)
Of them all, well, they were all good.

Okay, that should be all.

Total Thus Far: 17,150

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