Guess whose got the blog now? Did you say my sister? Because if you didn't not say it, your right! Yes, Click here for 3D unicorns. belongs to my lil' sis. Using the trasitive property, Maria is pretty cool. And blogs are pretty cool. Therefore, Maria is a blog :) Ah, math.

Anyways. Today was fine. I've got some real smart cookies, and some not so smart cookies. It will make for an interesting year. Day 2 of MiC was better than day 1. So hopefully the trend will continue and the days will continue to improve.

Off to painting and other stuffs.

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hockeyfrog said...

Ahhh I need to go to bed. I read that about the cookies and was thinking about food cookies, not cookies in the sense of.. smart cookies, tough cookies, etc. Wow. At least tomorrow marks the halfway mark in the week, no?