Back to where We started

Shannon and I are moving back to the town we met it, Garden City. :) Most of you know already, and in case you don't, I took a job at GCCC as a full-time mathematics teacher starting this fall. :D


Taking a Break

Etsy has been crazy busy this past month. There was one day I sold a ton, like 35 orders, most of which were for multiple items. :)

So, I'm pretty much caught up. I'm just working on orders from the past 3 days. Not to bad at all.

In other news (ie Keagan), she has 7 teeth (4 top, 3 bottom). Her bangs are quite long, but I don't wanna cut them, and they don't seem to bother her, so we are just letting them grow. :)

She walks great, and almost runs sometimes. She has recently been doing a lot of clap-walking. She opens her arms wide, then claps, and opens and claps, over and over as she walks. Pretty cute. It's like she's saying "I'm just chill with life."

She only says "moa, moa" for more, "this", and "ba, ba, baa" for book. Some other sounds that sometimes sound and match with banana, diaper, dog, and dad. But that's basically it.

I don't have room on my computer for pictures, I need to get a hard drive. Maybe this week...