Baby Dakoda

She was so cute! This is my sister's dog.

Our Snow

Woo hoo. This is the first snow of the season this year. Loads of it huh? Some people say that it used to snow in Kansas,enough to cover the grass. But now that I live here, it doesn't happen often.


Holiday Pack of Soda Fun

Over Thanksgiving at my mom's house we tried the Jones' Soda holiday pack. Shannon has a funny video-heavy post of us trying such flavors as "Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto," "Cranberry Sauce," "Turkey and Gravy," "Wild Herb Stuffing," and "Pumpkin Pie." So instead of me doing the same, I'll just give you a link to his post. Oh, funny.



What a bunch of driving and food that was! We spent Tuesday night to Friday afternoon in Wichita. There were some cute dogs and family. This is my sister Jayme and her husband Jerry's new dog Amber. Isn't she cute!
We ate food, tried Jones soda's Holiday pack. Yeah, don't. It's bad. This is the brusselsprout soda. First off, its gross green. Secondly, it smelt buttery. Third, it tasted like puke. The smell was enough to make you wanna barf.
We visited my sister's new house! Cool huh? They just moved in about 2 weeks ago. It's good for their first house. It's got a flippin' huge garage for the size of the house! It is pretty cool.

Friday afternoon we drove to Garden and stayed until today. There we had more family and a dog. Gary (Shannon's dad) drove down with his girlfriend and their doggie. We ate more food and saw Andy (Shannon's friend since ago). It was fun. Here are the pictures to prove it!
Brendan just can't get him down.

Fire from the land of Andy.

The storm Shannon drove through and I slept through. Blizzards, tornados, wind, rain...ah, Kansas.

Other activities included: Purchasing a Game Cube, playing said console, Grandma scoring the winning goal on NHL Hitz on said console, El Charro, and fun.


Domino Magic

Imagine a box of dominos with numbers from 0 to 6. Pull out any one domino and make sure it doesn't a blank or 0 on it. Follow these steps and I'll tell you what domino you had.
  1. Multiply one of the numbers by 5.
  2. Add 7 to the product.
  3. Multiply that sum by 2.
  4. Add the other number on the domino to the product.
  5. Tell me your number, but not your domino.



That's some steak. 66 ounces of it. Yep, Jenette finished off what Shannon and I couldn't. She's a big steak eater.

Really, Shannon, Jenette, and I took home oh, about 18 ounces each! Shannon and I had his left overs tonight for dinner and there is still mine in the fridge. If you want a lot of steak, that tastes pretty good, Montana Mike's isn't a bad deal.

Chocolate Milk?

We had a little bit of milk left, about 2/3 of a cup. Shanno's like "drink it." I'm like "no." He's like "you should drink it." I'm like "gimme the chocolate syrup." So I put some in the half gallon, and shook it. And shook it. And it ended with chocolate milk flavored foam. :D Fun.


I made some updates to my Christmas list. Some small stuff is all.

Awh yeah

There are only* 2 days this week. Only 2 days. Yesss

*If you read this before I fixed it, it is less funny now.


Sunset Zoo-ed

Today I went on a Futures 2000 Grant with a student of mine to Sunset Zoological Park. We spent the whole day with the zoo keepers. We went into exhibits and dens, saw the commisary, and the student even got to feed one of the red pandas. Pretty neat. They have a new tiger and he has to be in quarentine for 30 days. We got to see him! He is pretty and big and when he was growling in the cinder-block room, you could feel it in the walls! Here are some pictures from today.

Here is one of the 2 hawks they have.

I almost forgot! These are monkey biscuits. They are okay to eat so we each got one. Yich. They are hard an monkey-like.

This is a red panda. He is really old. They said that he was also blind. Very cute! We got to be in the exhibit with him.

This is Brownie. He is the oldest Grizzly Bear in the USA. He is small for a grizzly though, only 500 lbs. He moved slow and just had dentist work so all he could eat was soft food.


My Graphic Organizer

This is what my students did yesterday. Only their graphic organizer wasn't pretty with stars and stuff. It was on a sheet of notebook paper they ripped out of their notebook and drew random crooked circles on. Ah, the joy of finding something after you need it.

So, yeah...

Our internet has been way retarded lately. But, wonderful Shanno figured it out! Check it out! He is too cool.

Now it is back and just in time for me to do an on-line chat with my class tonight at 8:00pm. Perfect. Ah, school is school. Teaching is school. I just can't get away from it. School.


What Color?

Shannon and I are getting into the Christmas spirit early. We have to decide what colors to use on our Christmas tree before we go to Garden so we can pick up the right decorations. Here are the trees we've had in the past.

Christmas 2004

Christmas 2003

Christmas 2002

And for Christmas 2001 (pre-digital camera) our tree was dark blue and silver (I think). So, we don't know what color(s) to use this year. Any suggestions?

Merry Christmas

Today Shannon and I worked on our Christmas cards some. To complete the holiday mood before I go to sleep, I added a post to Nicole's Christmas List. Right now I have only a few ideas. But I will add more. So if you wanna buy me a gift check it out. (Idea from Michelle and Shannon).


I Hate It So

fingernail clipping that is. I usually can't stand when other clip their nails. I make Shannon close the door to the bathroom and to the bedroom when he clips. I can always seem to hear it. Jenette did it one time at hockey and today, I was sitting there in inservice and the consouler started it. I was like, gross. I got kinda all iew-y inside. Yich.


Red Pen Again

Speaking of red pens. Yesterday morning some boys were working in the morning in our Language Arts room. One goes, "Man, I hate it when teachers use red pen. It's all over and it makes it look like you did bad!" His buddy goes, "You did do bad, you got a 38%!"

Oh, middle school.

Anyways. Just when I'm all thinking, eh, Jardine is decent. I can live here some more years. I come home today and it smells. Bad. It smells like our sink has backed up and just sat there. I turned the lights on and there are towels on the floor and the cabinet under the sink is open. Gross. I'm not really certain (haven't talke to Shann yet) but it looks like it backed up pretty bad and leaked all over our floor and under the cabinet. Gross.

I don't know. Sam's place is sounding pretty good...



(I love Futurama)

I have a lot of work to grade for school, but a quick "hi-i'm-doin'-fine" is in order. So here it is...

Hi! I'm doin' fine!

Back to the red pen. (How horrid, a red pen.)



Two weeks ago (actually, 2 weeks and 1 day) we made roasted veggies for Game Nite. Well, tonight we made Hoagie Bake. I open the oven because I kinda smell something during the "preheat" phase.

I'm like, "What do you have in the oven, Shannon?"
He's like, "Nothing."
I'm like, "Really?"

Iew. It was the 2 week + 1 day old veggies. Yum.
If you look closely at the pan, there is a white blob. Mold.


I got back from my first out-of-town seminar for work. It was a Marzano Classroom Instruction That Works thing. I don't have too much to say now except we passed a train with two engines and 123 cars!


How 'Bout That Halloween

I didn't dress up. Unless you count a smelly, sweaty hockey player. But that would have happened no matter what last night. Plus, I didn't go door-to-door or to a party. Sad times. When your job/life doesn't allow for dressing up on Halloween. Sad times. (All the more reason not to do what I do.)

But my mom dressed up! You need to go check out her pictures! I must say, I am the reason she dressed as a zombie. But she is the one who pulled it off so well! In case you didn't know it, I have a "thing" for zombies (pirate zombies in particular). I was so happy she did such a good/ugly job with it! Yay Mom!

Dang. Today I was at work from 7:10 am to 8:00 pm! Ouch, almost 13 hours. Sigh. Tomorrow and Thursday I go to a seminar in Wichita. I had to make sub plans. Yich, that always takes me forever!