Two weeks ago (actually, 2 weeks and 1 day) we made roasted veggies for Game Nite. Well, tonight we made Hoagie Bake. I open the oven because I kinda smell something during the "preheat" phase.

I'm like, "What do you have in the oven, Shannon?"
He's like, "Nothing."
I'm like, "Really?"

Iew. It was the 2 week + 1 day old veggies. Yum.
If you look closely at the pan, there is a white blob. Mold.


Crunch said...

Emmmm... That looks yummy.

Do you think you would get sick if you ate it?

Irene said...

Gross Nicole! Only you would take pictures of your moldy 2 week 1 day old food... and post it! You are the best! Good thing I've personally tasted the wonderful things you and Shannon have cooked or I'd wonder!!!

The Math Ninja said...

Yeah, I'd probably get sick if I ate it. Good thing we just threw it away, pan and all.

Tuba Queen said...

Growdy Nikki and Shannon. You two crack me up. HA HA! only my sister