That's some steak. 66 ounces of it. Yep, Jenette finished off what Shannon and I couldn't. She's a big steak eater.

Really, Shannon, Jenette, and I took home oh, about 18 ounces each! Shannon and I had his left overs tonight for dinner and there is still mine in the fridge. If you want a lot of steak, that tastes pretty good, Montana Mike's isn't a bad deal.


Big Red Lance said...

Geeeeeeez. That's a lot of beef.

Crunch said...

Emmm... Yum... Makes me think of something I'd like to eat right now...

A nice steak from Shula's... Yummie.

I don't think they have a Montana Mike's in Michigan, but if they did I would eat one or two of those steaks.

My name is on the wall at Shula's for eating a 40 oz steak.