How 'Bout That Halloween

I didn't dress up. Unless you count a smelly, sweaty hockey player. But that would have happened no matter what last night. Plus, I didn't go door-to-door or to a party. Sad times. When your job/life doesn't allow for dressing up on Halloween. Sad times. (All the more reason not to do what I do.)

But my mom dressed up! You need to go check out her pictures! I must say, I am the reason she dressed as a zombie. But she is the one who pulled it off so well! In case you didn't know it, I have a "thing" for zombies (pirate zombies in particular). I was so happy she did such a good/ugly job with it! Yay Mom!

Dang. Today I was at work from 7:10 am to 8:00 pm! Ouch, almost 13 hours. Sigh. Tomorrow and Thursday I go to a seminar in Wichita. I had to make sub plans. Yich, that always takes me forever!

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Irene said...

Yes Nicole, without your suggestion and help putting my zombie costume together, I would never have looked so ... ugly. It was fun shredding my zombie clothes with your barbeque brush! You should paint one of your zombies to look like me! he he. I love you my creative daughter.

Love Mommy