Sunset Zoo-ed

Today I went on a Futures 2000 Grant with a student of mine to Sunset Zoological Park. We spent the whole day with the zoo keepers. We went into exhibits and dens, saw the commisary, and the student even got to feed one of the red pandas. Pretty neat. They have a new tiger and he has to be in quarentine for 30 days. We got to see him! He is pretty and big and when he was growling in the cinder-block room, you could feel it in the walls! Here are some pictures from today.

Here is one of the 2 hawks they have.

I almost forgot! These are monkey biscuits. They are okay to eat so we each got one. Yich. They are hard an monkey-like.

This is a red panda. He is really old. They said that he was also blind. Very cute! We got to be in the exhibit with him.

This is Brownie. He is the oldest Grizzly Bear in the USA. He is small for a grizzly though, only 500 lbs. He moved slow and just had dentist work so all he could eat was soft food.


Irene said...

great pictures. I'm glad you got to try the monkey bisquit and just tell me what it was like. I dont need to experience everything first hand. I've learned that over the years.

Braveharte said...

Isn't the top one a Peregrine Falcon?

The Math Ninja said...

sure. I really don't know.