Garbage Disposal Mishap

I've never owned a garbage disposal before. This was bound to happen one day. I'm just glad that no one lost any fingers.

Poor spoon though.


New Adventures in Stained Glass

Now that my mom's window is done, not installed yet, but done, I've begun working on my next project. Shannon and Rhonda have put together a series of pieces based on their family crests and I'm starting work on the first one. The small colored drawing in the book is what it will look like. The drawn white piece is going to be the size/pattern. The green glass rhombus is glass from the old First Baptist Church windows in Garden. That glass is going to be part of it too.

I also have a piece to make for Gary and Linda, but I don't know what size they want it yet, so I can't work on it. But don't worry, that'll come too!


Lunch Money

Lunch monies are high. White board chickens are low, but not zero.


Chocolate Covered Banana

We had some left over bananas. Instead of just eating them or baking with them or throwing them away I decided to freeze them. Then we covered them in chocolate and some sprinkles and pecans. Yummy!

That was a nice change from just a banana. Although just a banana is good, too!


We have a tomato!

Shannon and I bought a Topsy Turvy at Walmart a while back and got a tomato plant from Under the Sun. We planted it and asked experts Gary and Linda for some pointers.

After growing and watering and talking sweet to the plant for the past few weeks we have our first tomato!

The bottom is a little funky and he needs to be washed. But isn't he cute! It's about 2.5" in diameter. I can't wait to eat him!


Fourth of July

Thursday night we were visited by Shannon's sister Michelle. Then Friday, my mom joined the Independence Day Weekend Party (probably should have been the official name).

I don't really recall the order of things, but we played games, made fresh ravioli, made hummus, grilled burgers, played many games, watched a short fireworks show, had Sonic drinks, watched movies. Um, oh, went to Lowes, went to Fresh Berry, ate at Copelands along with some other places, and just hung out.

To further some of the above topics....

The fireworks show was odd. We went to the river (near our hockey rink) to watch the city's free display. We found a great spot on a hill and sat down to watch the show. It started about 30 minutes early for fear of a thunderstorm. The show lasted about 20 minutes. Why so short? Does Tulsa just skimp on the explosions? No, there was a malfunction and the show got cut short.
"What happened was a mortar that went off - exploded either really close to its container, or inside its container, and caused a fire on the trailer, burning over into another trailer nearby," said Captain Michael Baker of the Tulsa Fire Department.
You can read about it here if you'd like. It's too bad. But that's okay, no one got hurt and we at least got to see some fireworks. Plus, if we are here next year for it then we know where to go and watch it!

And about the many games we played...

actually, I decided I'd just write up a review post about the games, so stay tuned!

In conclusion, I had a nice weekend and I hope Mom and Michelle and Shannon did too!


A Visit from Jayme, Charles, and Nikki

Last weekend Jayme, Charles, and Nikki came down. They got in late Friday and stayed till Sunday afternoon.

We had a good time. We played games (Pandemic is still awesome), ate foods (including waffles and custard and Hideaway), went to a baseball game (where Nikki bathed in a snow cone and the Drillers lost 0-9), tried on a dummy wedding dress (fit pretty good), bought the fabric for Jayme's actual wedding dress (for 60$), bought flower centerpiece stuff for Jayme and Charles' wedding (also about 60$), and just hung out!

I had a really nice time. It's good to see family. Now, Michelle is here and my mom is coming in this evening! I'm excited! This will be possibly the first time my mom has come to Tulsa to just hand out and not do something to the house.


A Disgusted Customer!

When we first moved to Tulsa a I saw a car with this same magnetic sign. I don't think this is the same mobile, but it might be. I can't find my other picture to check. Anyway, I still think this is a really good way to get back at someone who I assume has done a crummy job at building your house.