We have a tomato!

Shannon and I bought a Topsy Turvy at Walmart a while back and got a tomato plant from Under the Sun. We planted it and asked experts Gary and Linda for some pointers.

After growing and watering and talking sweet to the plant for the past few weeks we have our first tomato!

The bottom is a little funky and he needs to be washed. But isn't he cute! It's about 2.5" in diameter. I can't wait to eat him!


Amber said...

I wondered if those topsy turvies worked... its too windy to have one on my balcony though.

Looks like your tomato has blossom end rot. A zillion things could cause it, unfortunately (just a few would be low calcium levels in the soil, drought stress, excessive soil moisture, and/or fluctuations due to rain or overwatering.). But maybe you could mess with some of those ideas and save your upcoming tomatoes from such a horrible end. (haha, sorry, blossom end rot. horrible end. I need to go to sleep.)

Tuba Queen said...

Sounds a little weird saying how cute something is then how you cant' wait to eat it.

The Math Ninja said...

Amber - We issues with wind every now and then. But we tried to put it in a spot where it wouldn't smack into things... like our house. Also, it's probably water fluctuations that are doing it. We coudl still use some more dirt in there, but is a pretty small environment to keep enough water for a full size tomato plant.

Tuba Queen - We have a second, and he's a cutie that's gonna get eaten too!

newgen said...

Congrats! Tomatoes taste so much better home-grown.