Only 73 Days

73 days until my due date that is. I know that there is a good chance the baby will be born before or after that date, but it's the best thing I can count down to.

I update that little slideshow on my side bar every week. But the pics are pretty small and hard to see (unless you actually click to go to Photobucket). So here is a bonus shot of what I look like now. Well, yesterday actually.

I definitely feel big now. It doesn't really get in the way yet, save for when I wash dishes. Our sink is kinda big and the faucet is kinda small. So between those two and needing to stand about 4" further away, I feel like I'm hunching over when I wash dishes.

But I've been feeling good. Still no real cravings. Still trying to work things out with work. Still making stuff for my Etsy shop, Nausicaa Distribution.

I'm totally enjoying the embroidery machine! I've made and sold one thing with it for my shop already. And Shannon and I have been working on more stuff. And we made a gift for Autumn, Julia's 3 month old. It came out pretty good. I'll post about it later, after she has time to get it (I mailed it to her on Tuesday).


Girl Scout Cookies

I haven't had me some girl scout cookies in quite some time. So when a coworkers daughter came around selling them about 1 month ago, Shannon and I bought three boxes. We got them today!

However, these three you see above weren't actually the correct ones. He accidentally gave us one wrong box. Guess what the only box we opened was...

Yeah, we should have had these three boxes. Luckily, the Dosidos were for his mom, and he said she bought like 20 boxes and wouldn't mind that 2 cookies were missing from one box. I still felt pretty crummy. How could we think we actually bought two boxes of peanut butter cookies... Odd.

Oh, and last night... another s'more. :) Gas ranges rock.


Indoor S'mores

Yesterday, around 5:00pm, eating s'mores sounded really good. But, I was at work and no s'mores were to be had.

After work we went to Target to find a snack, as we were both hungry. We left spending over 70$ on food (don't shop while hungry...) including meat, snacks, and stuff for s'mores. Just in case I got the urge back.

And you know what happened? Around 11:30 pm, Shannon and I decided we wanted something sweet, like s'mores! So we roasted some marshmallows over our gas range, which worked out really well, and had so


Falling Apart

My little lamp-shade smiley face at work was not looking to hot this morning when I came in. He's hanging on by the lamp shade rim and a piece of dust. Poor fella. Maybe it's for the better.

This weekend JoAnn started their new sale. Part of it included 1.49$/yard flannel instead of the regular price of 4.99$/yd. So, we bought a bunch. :) We bought about 45$ in flannel, instead of 150$ worth. :) How fun. Now I have a wonder 29 different colors to offer for custom plushies and bookends in my Etsy shop.

Speaking of which, I sold my first stained glass piece on Friday! Isn't that cool!


New Favorite Song?

If you've been watching the Winter Olympics, I'm sure you've seen/heard this commercial. It is for Sprint and has Apolo Ohno skating fast enough to move the ice. I love the song in the background. It's by The Xx and called Intro. It's short (an intro), but wonderful. And other songs I've heard are pretty good by them too.


Baby Moving

She moves around quite a bit now. I'm right around 28 weeks, about 3 months to go. :)

I get bored sometimes. And I've got a lot of family not in Tulsa (Shannon is the only one in Tulsa). So here is a video of her moving around. You can see the left side bubble a bit.


Sweet!! I've got an embroidery machine!!

You may recall that for Christmas, Mom and Shannon combined forces to get me an embroidery machine. We did some browsing/learning and made a decision a month later (last Saturday).

Welcome to my table Brother PE-750D!

How cool is this! I have 3 machines!! You can't see the serger very well, but it's back there!

Of course I had to make something.

And what better something than Snotiva.

Dude, I'm gonna have so much fun with this bad boy. I'm probably going to get Embird so we can make whatever files we want for embroidery. :) Sweet!


Congratulations to the Saints

I didn't think they'd do it. I thought the Colts would easily win. And besides that interception for a TD, I think the Colts probably would have won... but they didn't. Crazy!

I should have been going for the Saints. Some years back they were my second favorite team (behind the Denver Broncos). I had no reason to like them, I just did. And they were pretty bad back then. It was a pretty good game. We had a party at Andy's in Wichita. The party consisted of Andy, Rusty, Rhonda, Jenette, Chris, Mom, Maria, Jayme, Charles, Nikki, Shannon, Gary, and I. And a deep fat fryer! That deep fat fryer made some delicious hot wings!

Also in fun weekend news, I got an embroidery machine! Awesome!! And Jenette and I had a baby shower thrown by Jayme, Mom, and Rhonda, with help from Maria. :) It was a good weekend and I plan to post pictures later. I have some other things to do at the moment.

Also, it looks like quilt #5 is going to be the winner. Shannon and I like that one a bit more than the others, but no work has begun yet.


Another Quilt

A while ago we bought fabric to make a quilt for our baby. And now I'm ready to start it. Problem is, we don't really know what design we want to use.

Our colors are beige/tan, lavendar, and sage, as shown below.

I've been hunting on the web-web for ideas and here is what I have so far. What do you think?

Some combination of our three colors instead of red, white, and blue.

I like the fact that the colored squares are made smaller colored squares. It looks pretty cool. Maybe go buy some plain beige fabric and do the squares in the three colors.

Pretty similar to our colors, but with more sage then light blue and beige not white.

Not so sure our colors work for this, but it looks neat.

This is pretty similar to our colors, but the purple is too dark. Anyway. I like the classic clean look of this one.
Probably replace brown with beige and then use sage and lavender for the diamonds.

Not so sure, but I enjoy the simplicity and traditional-ness. I wouldn't do stars...maybe dinosaurs or distributions...

I like this one. The quilting itself is fun. As are the colors. But we'd replace the blue with lavender and probably the white with beige.

So, yeah, pretty much not so sure what we like. But if you have an opinion/suggestion, let me know!

Another Productive Weekend

Well, maybe not as productive as others have been, but I think we got lots done.

We played 10 games of Necromunda! Our campaign is up to 120 battles (we started it over a year ago). It is so nice to have a place that you can just set up the board and let it stay out without being in the way. At Jardine, if the board was up, then that was all we could do (basically). Now, we have an entire house to do things in, even with the board up! Awesome. I love having a game room.

We made bread and manicotti. Mmm. Pretty tasty. And we had enough leftovers for at least 2 meals. Wonderful! I am also pretty lame at kneading. I make super-sticky dough, then can't knead it well. Shannon though is a big help. :) So the bread came out fine.

We took pictures of the snow. Friday it took us 45 minutes to get home from work and there was no traffic. There was plenty of ice and snow. Luckily* work let us go home early at 4:15. So we left right away, knowing our car can be rather slippy in such conditions. Well, it looked really nice and Shannon drove well (as he always does). So after making into our driveway (a real bonus), we shut the garage door and left the snow to be photographed and shoveled the next day. Then Saturday Shannon shoveled the driveway (took about 10 minutes) and I took some pictures. Just about every house in our development has icicles. It's kind of fun.

Also, I finished some crafts and started planning some new ones. :)

This weekend we will go to Wichita for a baby shower for Jenette and I! :) And I should get my embroidery machine.

Holy Crap! This one lady in our office has been coughing all morning, seriously for 50 minutes she's been coughing the entire time! Her son has bronchitis and I'd much rather she be home healing herself and him! I would be so pissed if I got sick. Maybe I should take a sick day. :)

*That "Luckily" really was sarcastic. Shannon and I didn't take lunch so we could leave an hour early to avoid some bad weather. So, getting to leave at 4:15 let us leave a whopping 15 minutes early. That just mean that I went an afternoon without lunch, running on Goldfish, a fruit leather strip, and Clementine.