Only 73 Days

73 days until my due date that is. I know that there is a good chance the baby will be born before or after that date, but it's the best thing I can count down to.

I update that little slideshow on my side bar every week. But the pics are pretty small and hard to see (unless you actually click to go to Photobucket). So here is a bonus shot of what I look like now. Well, yesterday actually.

I definitely feel big now. It doesn't really get in the way yet, save for when I wash dishes. Our sink is kinda big and the faucet is kinda small. So between those two and needing to stand about 4" further away, I feel like I'm hunching over when I wash dishes.

But I've been feeling good. Still no real cravings. Still trying to work things out with work. Still making stuff for my Etsy shop, Nausicaa Distribution.

I'm totally enjoying the embroidery machine! I've made and sold one thing with it for my shop already. And Shannon and I have been working on more stuff. And we made a gift for Autumn, Julia's 3 month old. It came out pretty good. I'll post about it later, after she has time to get it (I mailed it to her on Tuesday).

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Irene said...

You make an adorable pregnant woman Nik. You look so happy and healthy. Even your skin looks good. You are meant to be a mommy in more ways than one! You and Shannon are going to be awesome parents. Little baby Lianne is a lucky baby... Little baby Melanie is going to be a happy baby, Baby Danalynn will have it made....