Sweet!! I've got an embroidery machine!!

You may recall that for Christmas, Mom and Shannon combined forces to get me an embroidery machine. We did some browsing/learning and made a decision a month later (last Saturday).

Welcome to my table Brother PE-750D!

How cool is this! I have 3 machines!! You can't see the serger very well, but it's back there!

Of course I had to make something.

And what better something than Snotiva.

Dude, I'm gonna have so much fun with this bad boy. I'm probably going to get Embird so we can make whatever files we want for embroidery. :) Sweet!


Anonymous said...

Ok, so I move back to Tulsa, get mugged and lose your phone number, AND THEN watch in freakish fascination as your belly gets bigger and bigger on your blog. I really wasn't expecting that! Anyways, call me PLZ on my new number when you get this! 407-9490.


Tuba Queen said...

That is so darn cool!!!