Congratulations to the Saints

I didn't think they'd do it. I thought the Colts would easily win. And besides that interception for a TD, I think the Colts probably would have won... but they didn't. Crazy!

I should have been going for the Saints. Some years back they were my second favorite team (behind the Denver Broncos). I had no reason to like them, I just did. And they were pretty bad back then. It was a pretty good game. We had a party at Andy's in Wichita. The party consisted of Andy, Rusty, Rhonda, Jenette, Chris, Mom, Maria, Jayme, Charles, Nikki, Shannon, Gary, and I. And a deep fat fryer! That deep fat fryer made some delicious hot wings!

Also in fun weekend news, I got an embroidery machine! Awesome!! And Jenette and I had a baby shower thrown by Jayme, Mom, and Rhonda, with help from Maria. :) It was a good weekend and I plan to post pictures later. I have some other things to do at the moment.

Also, it looks like quilt #5 is going to be the winner. Shannon and I like that one a bit more than the others, but no work has begun yet.

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