Another Productive Weekend

Well, maybe not as productive as others have been, but I think we got lots done.

We played 10 games of Necromunda! Our campaign is up to 120 battles (we started it over a year ago). It is so nice to have a place that you can just set up the board and let it stay out without being in the way. At Jardine, if the board was up, then that was all we could do (basically). Now, we have an entire house to do things in, even with the board up! Awesome. I love having a game room.

We made bread and manicotti. Mmm. Pretty tasty. And we had enough leftovers for at least 2 meals. Wonderful! I am also pretty lame at kneading. I make super-sticky dough, then can't knead it well. Shannon though is a big help. :) So the bread came out fine.

We took pictures of the snow. Friday it took us 45 minutes to get home from work and there was no traffic. There was plenty of ice and snow. Luckily* work let us go home early at 4:15. So we left right away, knowing our car can be rather slippy in such conditions. Well, it looked really nice and Shannon drove well (as he always does). So after making into our driveway (a real bonus), we shut the garage door and left the snow to be photographed and shoveled the next day. Then Saturday Shannon shoveled the driveway (took about 10 minutes) and I took some pictures. Just about every house in our development has icicles. It's kind of fun.

Also, I finished some crafts and started planning some new ones. :)

This weekend we will go to Wichita for a baby shower for Jenette and I! :) And I should get my embroidery machine.

Holy Crap! This one lady in our office has been coughing all morning, seriously for 50 minutes she's been coughing the entire time! Her son has bronchitis and I'd much rather she be home healing herself and him! I would be so pissed if I got sick. Maybe I should take a sick day. :)

*That "Luckily" really was sarcastic. Shannon and I didn't take lunch so we could leave an hour early to avoid some bad weather. So, getting to leave at 4:15 let us leave a whopping 15 minutes early. That just mean that I went an afternoon without lunch, running on Goldfish, a fruit leather strip, and Clementine.

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Irene said...

Someone needs to send that contageous lady home! what an idiot. she is around a pregnant woman, not to mention all the other people, her son sick with something that if you got now would be HORRIBLE. nothing you can take will be enough without the baby taking it too. I'm so angry. when I see someone sick here i SEND THEM HOME! love you. take sick days.