Skype and Ice

Well, the ice storm hasn't been as bad as forecast. Everything is covered in ice, save the roads. They are slick, but not too bad. Now it is snowing... not sure if that will help much. But it looks nice.

Also, last night Shannon and I talked with Rhonda and Michelle on Skype, for free. :) Rhonda and Michelle planned on using Skype, but Shannon and I didn't have a webcam/mic that worked. So, we bought one and now we can chat with Michelle in England too!

Having Skype is easy, and I'm going to advocate having it for family members who want to see our baby but aren't in Tulsa (Mom and others). So, get yourself a webcam and a free Skype account and going the party!


Julia said...

We love webcamming with the grandparents! If you ever want to chat with us... let me know!

Michelle said...

awwwwyeah skype!

Irene said...

I got one from Cody for Christmas and I'm so confused! He set it up but I don't remember how to get it connected. Someone needs to help me this weekend.

by the way, did you use that baby heart beat thing I got you guys a while back? YOu know where you can e-mail bytes of the babys heartbeat?