10 gone

This week at work, we have about 10 people gone for a company cruise/presentation trip. Shannon and I are not part of that 10. But that's okay. We get a nice week at home. :)

Good news... Tara and Dan have their baby boy! Isn't that awesome! You can see a picture of the happy family here. Cool.

Also, Michelle is in England!? Crazy. She left Friday from Garden and got there safe. I hope she has a super time there! When she comes back, Jenette and I will both have babies! Crazy.

And I worked on the quilt for Chris and Jenette's baby while they worked on the nursery. They painted it a muslin color (instead of the green that was in the room) and are putting up a blue and brown paisly/victorian/fleur-de-lis type border. We only recieved a phone pic, but it looks nice so far! Shannon and I plan to have Mom come up sometime in February/March and work on the nursery then. The later we do it the better, because it requires a moving of my craft room. :( But we will rebuild it in our bedroom!

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Irene said...

So how about I come down the first weekend in March? is that good for you guys? or do you want me to come down later in the month. YOU SAY WHEN! Love you. kiss by grandbaby belly for me.