24 weeks and 3 days

I'm just past half way with the pregnancy and I'm already missing my old clothes. I have so many t-shirts that I just love! And I can't really wear them now... or at least they don't look the same.

More than that, I miss my corduroy pants. None of them fit me any more and I'm really tempted to take an old pair and turn them into maternity pants. We'll see how ambitious I feel.

In other news, teaching is going well. It's always nice to come home from the money-earning and be in a good mood with happy things to say about what I did. It's great to feel reward from your job.

Oh, I also finished my Prime Number quilt for Etsy! Now I just patiently wait for someone to buy it (please!).


dailypiglet said...

hi mrs. snow, i'm here via your husband's blog and wanted to congratulate you too! having babies is about the best life experience (for me) in all the land. you are making a person :)

dailypiglet said...

p.s. that quilt is beautiful and i love the prime number concept :)

The Math Ninja said...

Thank you and thank you! It is pretty crazy that there is a person inside of me. I don't think about it too much because it's just a little creepy. But I'm excited!

And the credit for the prime number idea must go to my husband. I just made it. He thought about...:)

Irene said...

The quilt is great Nick. I love the picture of your belly. my granddaughter is getting so big. I miss you hon. I'll see you in 2 weeks.