A weekend at home

Shannon and I have been doing a lot of traveling and having a lot of visitors this past month or two. I really enjoy seeing family and friends but it's nice to be home sometimes. :)

This past weekend we were home and just did whatever sounded fun. Shannon got Final Fantasy from the Wii shop and played that almost all weekend. It was fun. He has an old guide from 1991 that he and Jenette would use to go through the game back then. So he got it out and I helped him some, since Jenette is 6 hours away. He got his characters to level 13 (I think).

I did some crafting (mostly sewing) and cleaning. I worked on the quilt for my Etsy shop. You can read about that on my shop's blog. I sewed together some plushies that I've had embroidered and stuffed 2 of them. I put eyes on the ninja I finished last week.

I didn't finish these booties this weekend, but they are the first thing I've made for our little girl. :) I used left-over yarn from the blanked I made Laura in 2008 . You can get the pattern from Saartje's Knits. She has a link on the right side bar.

I also fixed some pants and shirts of ours that had been sitting in a pile needing some loving for a while. Now, both Shannon and I have another pair of pants and another shirt.

Also, Chris and Jenette got me their colors! They are going to do brown with some light blue and a little bit of light pink. :) This means I can go buy more fabric!

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