A Visit from Jayme, Charles, and Nikki

Last weekend Jayme, Charles, and Nikki came down. They got in late Friday and stayed till Sunday afternoon.

We had a good time. We played games (Pandemic is still awesome), ate foods (including waffles and custard and Hideaway), went to a baseball game (where Nikki bathed in a snow cone and the Drillers lost 0-9), tried on a dummy wedding dress (fit pretty good), bought the fabric for Jayme's actual wedding dress (for 60$), bought flower centerpiece stuff for Jayme and Charles' wedding (also about 60$), and just hung out!

I had a really nice time. It's good to see family. Now, Michelle is here and my mom is coming in this evening! I'm excited! This will be possibly the first time my mom has come to Tulsa to just hand out and not do something to the house.


Tuba Queen said...

We had a lot of fun as well. Nikki wants to come back down. Good times good times!

Irene said...

Nikki always asks if Ant kickole & Unk Shannun are going to be with us. If we name someone we are going to see she'll add your names to the list. she loves you guys too!