What a bunch of driving and food that was! We spent Tuesday night to Friday afternoon in Wichita. There were some cute dogs and family. This is my sister Jayme and her husband Jerry's new dog Amber. Isn't she cute!
We ate food, tried Jones soda's Holiday pack. Yeah, don't. It's bad. This is the brusselsprout soda. First off, its gross green. Secondly, it smelt buttery. Third, it tasted like puke. The smell was enough to make you wanna barf.
We visited my sister's new house! Cool huh? They just moved in about 2 weeks ago. It's good for their first house. It's got a flippin' huge garage for the size of the house! It is pretty cool.

Friday afternoon we drove to Garden and stayed until today. There we had more family and a dog. Gary (Shannon's dad) drove down with his girlfriend and their doggie. We ate more food and saw Andy (Shannon's friend since ago). It was fun. Here are the pictures to prove it!
Brendan just can't get him down.

Fire from the land of Andy.

The storm Shannon drove through and I slept through. Blizzards, tornados, wind, rain...ah, Kansas.

Other activities included: Purchasing a Game Cube, playing said console, Grandma scoring the winning goal on NHL Hitz on said console, El Charro, and fun.

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