Boulder Encounters

Pearl Street was fun. Here is a list of note-worthy adventures.
1. Parking in the garage cost more than it needed to. From about 10 to 5, it cost us 12$ a car, and with 2 cars, a grand total of 24$ just to park!

2. I went to use the women's restroom (because I'm a woman) and a guy comes out... So what, he probably had to go and didn't notice which door he went in, no biggie. So I go in. Not only did he leave the seat up, he didn't flush! Iew!

3. So I's peein' (in said restroom). Someone knocks, I saiz "1 sec plez." So they knocks and rattles the handle. I repeat "1 sec plez," while trying to finish. Arrg. About 10 seconds later, I am washin' my hands and it goes again. *Knock* *Rattle* "1 sec plez!" (I'm frustrated now). *Rattle* I mean really if you hafta go, shaking the door isn't gonna make it go away or make me leave faster.
So I slowly washed my hands and then made sure they were good and dry. I put my purse back over my shoulder. Then I tied my long-sleeve tee back around my waist (all the while with spontaneous rattles). I checked the mirror and then I left. Ha, you rattle, I take longer.

Besides that, good day. Today we will go to FlatIron Crossing. Fun times.


Jamie Dawn said...

Parking is outrageous everywhere. It's getting ridiculous.
I don't like public restrooms. I call any toilet other than my own, a foreign toilet. But, nature does call, and I'm forced to use foreign toilets. I don't have to like it though.

Aaron Brown said...

I admire you Nicole for you patience. After about the 2nd or 3rd rattle, I mighta gotten a little agitated and told the person to wait their freakin' turn :)

The Math Ninja said...

I was glad to have gotten. We spent all day walking around and I took what I could get. If it happened again, I might have just stood there for a while and made them wait even more.