I did it. I painted 1,006 points for Warhammer and there is still a week+ left! Woo woo! Here's the list of what I did.

For Dark Elf:
8 Spearmen (150) with Leader (L), Musician (M), and Shields (S).
8 Bowmen (124) with L, and Standard Bearer (SB)

For Chaos:
4 Chaos Knights (230) with Mark of Tzeentch, Chosen, L, and M
Two Knights

And for my fave, Vampire Counts;
3 Ghouls (24)
3 Dire Wolves ( 30)
13 Grave Gaurd (225) with Halberds, S, L, M, SB
2 Bat Swarms (120)
Bat Swarm

5 Zombie Markers (30)
3 Zombie Pirates (18)
1 Necromancer (100) upgraded to level 2

Total Points: 1,006

Sweet. I don't have pictures of everything yet, but I'm kinda tired now and will work on it. So this completes Mission #18: Paint 1000 points of troops for Warhammer. +2000 points.

Total Thus Far: 19,150

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